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Original title: Feel really ” between the world ” Zheng Juan’s time is too hard, zhou Bingkun still is arrested, really bitter ” between the world ” this drama just leaves year explode money theatrical work, viewing rate also is taller, at present this drama also sowed 10 much collect, the life that has a part among them is really too cross anxious. She is the Zheng Juan of personate of abundant peach place, the experience that this part sees her wants to sigh for her at a heat, because she is really,pass too painstakingly.

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Basically was to tell about Home Zhou namely actually the story of 3 children, and He Zhengjuan contact, the Zhou Bingkun of the 3rd child that is Zhou Jia. To Zheng Juan, she is very unfortunate on feeling. But she likes Zhou Bingkun again, the condition in her home is bad, emotional experience is bad also, saying to Zhou Jialai so also is not to look to go up her. What so she can pay is all sorts of labor, and her itself also does not seek get one’s own back, because she just wants,pay a debt of gratitude.

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Actually, him Zheng Juan is bringing the child, in Zhou Bingkun give financial help to can make short-term work to her when, she also is OK originally live independently go down, but she still also wants to return loving-kindness to Zhou Bingkun. Let her endure not little hardship again with Zhou Bingkun’s feeling so. Because this times with located part is,go up century 70 time, think at that time widow this identity is not quite good. And this part still is bringing a child, to her so this lives go down more hard, she attends even the person of own home. The time also spends very painstakingly really. But this part itself is full of a hope however again, because she looks after children to still can hit chore to do odd job raise the home at the same time at the same time, she also is very tough. So this also lets a person is to feel distressed very her.

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After but be in on her feeling,experiencing a paragraph of test, also was to have certain positive result really. She was paid really really so much, the approbating that ability obtains gradually after labor, although she had a bit development, but she is too tired really. Because this part wants to pay a debt of gratitude, after be arrested in Zhou Bingkun so, she patronizes the person of own home not only, patronize Zhou Jia’s person even. Time platoon of a day is exceedingly full, can saying is all-round housework hotshot. The drama of this drama still just was arranged designedly she should work one day, accumulative total rises there are 26 on schedule, really adv unimaginably, the workload that this is her a day.

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There still also are a few hopes on this part body, although her time passes painstakingly, but she still also is taking one everybody child, continue to going forth. Also be special so not easy, to this part, she is too bitter really. And this kind suffers from her to also be recounted without the place, the day live well that she just thinks to use the means that work to let his a few. When having the gut line that the audience is watching this part, it is to feel distressed exceedingly really she, say to want to helped her work. Actually this part is in origianl work the day also is gradually cross those who had jumped over, but this suffering may last for some time even.

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To this part, she can get Zhou Bingkun’s feeling, also be to be opposite a kind her to approbate actually. Because this feeling also is of Yue of two affection photograph, but this feeling also brought more housework to her without doubt. Because Zhou Bingkun is arrested after put in prison, include all things the thing of capital respect resign to she. This accredit also is held out actually heavy, because of her with respect to a person, should take care of one everybody not only child, take care of one everybody again even child. Look actually from the perspective of the audience, also hope this part need not want so overworked sometimes, it is better to also can be crossed on the day, such ability do not lose her so laborious.

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She can be mixed on feeling if the 3rd son of Zhou Jia can give aid to each other, also was to finish she of a wish. It is Zhou Jia only this family itself also very it’s hard to say, because this human relation also is more complex, if she wants to join this family, can produce new challenge again to her.

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