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Original title: Low-key those who receive an official ” pan ” , be worth more to pay close attention to the guest in Piao manage The member that mew a group of things with common features piles up a word: Old 920220203152843 61fbf4abd7142 ” pan ” imperfect, the merit is not little also. Resemble this year ” dense fog theater ” integral expression, faulty, but must not do not have. 2021 on September 28, ” dense fog theater ” regression, gregarious media ” scamper ” . ” scamper ” the good public praise that the reason issues besides save money of before one season, new a sheet of one season and advocate start a battle array also very rely on chart. Drama is confused people crying at the same time ” renaissance ” , at the same time ready bench, melon seeds, waiting for the first to make fun of to sow. 20220203152844 61fbf4ac2d9ae ” dense fog theater ” recursive placard — graph from fabaceous valve result, without giving thought to ” mist of anise booth mystery ” , or ” deadly desire ” ” who is a murderer ” , public praise and heat follow 2020 ” secret corner ” ” silent truth ” do not have law comparing. Spellbound Sigu, can redeem audience predestined relationship, with respect to remnant Jiang Zhuo Yuan hold guide, the person such as Liao Fan, Chen Feiyu, Su Ke acts the leading role ” pan ” . However on January 18, ” pan ” of quiet silence sow, on January 27, ” pan ” sad again the be over of silence, fabaceous valve did not open heat of cent, the corresponding period to squeeze before be not being entered 5… of dynamic come, sad again of silence go, ” pan ” hind, ” dense fog theater ” have bit of succeed really it seems that faint. 20220203152844 61fbf4ac74487 Graph from small gain but! If ” pan ” trace remaining part from the beginning, do not call loss very hard for him. The performance of the picture simple sense of this play, Liao Fan, mix absolutely ” poor ” do not take a side. Achievement short of anticipates, besides narrative a bit smooth, rhythm is a bit random, bigger question still may go was in on schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater. Taking the advantage of so receive an official, we dish dish by desolate ” pan ” . Defect has of course, but be worth to look. Resemble this year ” dense fog theater ” integral expression, have inadequacy, but ten million but cannot do not have. Go up century 80 time, the K country that teems with gold (arch horse country) , attracted many Chinese pan customers. Wu Jianchao (Liao Fan is acted the role of) be among them a small head, contracted partial reach. Dan Jianglong presses local villain hard, contract the arch horse local of another reach is old whisk (Su Ke is acted the role of) , think his annex all the time. The contradiction of two people resembles is ” Qihefu’s gun ” , labor force is waited for hair. 20220203152845 61fbf4ad87821 ” pan ” stage photo — graph from fabaceous valve the world bright bright all come for benefit, want to get rich besides grab territory under one’s control, working just is good sense. But the minerals company provision of arch horse country, the gold of pan guest can low sells a company, this is exclusive add up to compasses channel. And held water technically ” the team that protect ore deposit ” , superintend arenaceous gold to trade. To can make bit of money more, smuggling and crime are rooted and gemmiparous. However, the new regulation that crime creates is darker, the name is ” owl ” force, forestall gold smuggling. Pan guest wants to bring gold, be discovered to be to send by the company be imprisoned, but by ” owl ” discovery, possible direct kill a witness or accomplice. Be in so area of 4 lumberyard gold this small the boundary of a piece of land, wu Jianchao, old whisk is mutual clamp down on, “Owl ” the random bureau of darkling agitate bureau, rise to surface gradually…20220203152845 61fbf4adcf533 ” pan ” stage photo — the picture looks from concept and set from fabaceous valve, ” pan ” ambition is not small. Had patted for the trick, make advocate achieve left great merit husband really. The pan field with true for example, it is in remote, so ” pan ” the group that make did not build shed, do specially good effect, share of a lot of show is whole group true in Yunnan forest condition films. Take time is arduous the result of costly, was to enhance the generation of part and audience to enter feeling, especially the true essence sense that true condition brings, kill the respectful of virgin forest, of gloomy and cold expression reach the designated position very. 20220203152846 61fbf4ae1795e ” pan ” stage photo — the graph is in land of so good find a view from fabaceous valve, photography also developed higher level. It is to be in virgin forest firstly, light passes through close grove, mirror in bottom, formed depress already, hazy aesthetic feeling. It is mine secondly inside or at night show share, although the environment is extremely dark, but hit light to be paid attention to very, not only distinct, unapt see face of not clear person. Still carry aureate light source, the character facial the veil that cheated a mystery. Especially the mortuary ceremony of the 5th collect, photography and mix colors can rise to aesthetic discussion even, in the can be counted on one’s fingers in homebred drama. 20220203152846 61fbf4ae59eca ” pan ” stage photo — graph from fabaceous valve of course, the performance of Liao Fan, Su Ke, Lv Xiaolin need not worry more. With shadow of Berlin of outback first place Di Liaofan is exemple. This home top class film Ga, in ” pan ” in attended vivid one class to young actor. Be in makeup go to after reaching the designated position, liao Fan not only the man flavour pan guest, firm is powerful acted to come out. With the milk of human kindness that when brother, woman interacts, bursts forth, also accentuated the administrative levels of the glamour of the part and performance. The mainest is intense ” hormonal ” . Piece in Wu Jianchao and A Qiu have a paragraph ” the bed makes fun of ” , of Liao Fan ” graceless ” and ” sexual tension ” , as if natural burst forth in the primitive environment that has darkness and gold only. So called ” desire ” of explanation quite perfect. 20220203152846 61fbf4aea7cdc ” pan ” stage photo — the graph has from fabaceous valve afore-mentioned when to add hold, ” pan ” calculate the 2nd season ” dense fog theater ” masterpiece, obtain present result only, indeed regrettablly. But the problem of the film is not little also, these flaws, be probably ” pan ” even ” dense fog theater ” after regression, show a bit low confused reason place. Suspense theater horizontal stroke was born for nothing 2020, feeling of strong the plot of a play, fast rhythm, suspense is 3 big roll booster. For example is the hottest ” secret corner ” ” silent truth ” , open a murder case that is a fast rhythm, the sentiment that arouses an audience for a short while, help the person in gut. 20220203152846 61fbf4aee9acb ” secret corner ” stage photo — graph from fabaceous valve but it is to hope to more art is conveyed probably (” mist of anise booth mystery ” ) , it is to want to widen probably new view (” deadly desire ” ) , ” dense fog theater ” a few work of regression, desertioned almost the advantage of Lai Yicheng name. ” pan ” Yi Ran. Even if leaves piece simple sense and suspense sense are good, but story at the beginning, narrative begin ” rupture ” . It is term and annotate above all too much, affect the experience that watch a movie. Because of pan this thing leaves the life too far, understand detail to make an audience fast, drama anthology appeared many pan technical terms and annotate. To content itself, these since are right the esteem of actual pan guest, also be the idea that communicates an audience the most quickly. But the audience to seeking theatrical work, if want to make clear Hunan, be about to suspend looking carefully, view shadow is abrupt. If ignore, sequel may give an issue again to the understanding of gut. 20220203152847 61fbf4af50ff4 Intercept self-love is strange art it is to come on the stage next the character is too much, and editing and rearrangement is too broken. Although the level making light of drama anthology is very high, but because early days is narrative the line is more dispersive, come on the stage the character is more. According to not complete count, the person that before two collect come on the stage does not issue 10, and every are hiding unbeknown secret. Often the audience has not remembered person and character concern, arrive with respect to switch in below one setting, influence generation enters feeling and the understanding to the character. In the meantime, 3 masterstroke, many characters make a round trip switch, also be not little test to editing and rearrangement. Look from the result, the person that create is done not have join accomplish fluent, not small to impressions influence. Finally is early days lack explodes dot, do not leave an audience. Drama is made on, ” pan ” the construction of two paragraphs of type that is a standard. Before half paragraphs action is to tell setting, character and character concern. Again with the middle area of 4 lumberyard gold is washed for turning point, bring to the climax of sister mountain. Take a way with the tradition of teleplay, this rhythm does not calculate have a problem. But suspense subject matter, the body of 12 collect is measured, till the 6th collect ability matting good story is mixed character, early days is done not have too much explode dot, make body segment play music or appear slow. Three-phase is united in wedlock, ” pan ” appear give a kind of rhythm to be unhappy, but information is extremely secret, walk along a god to give the wonderful impressions of play easily a bit. Do not calculate to average viewer friendly, it is the cause that causes drama anthology temperature to go up not to go probably. 20220203152847 61fbf4af8a137 ” pan ” stage photo — the advantage that the graph mentions besides above paragraphs from fabaceous valve and inferior position, actually ” pan ” theme, same value must be taken out for. The person that create carries the world of reductive pan, the framework gives a complex social model, what cause with gold is concupiscent for the center, discussed human nature the be apt to in and evil. Drama of movie and TV is like this deepness to convey, calculate go up to innovate and ingenuity. More important is, although new one season ” dense fog theater ” grade is average, but a few work all carried show of good simple sense and language of outstanding seeing and hearing, character. In the meantime, ” pan ” human nature tries refine field, ” deadly desire ” fast concept, ” mist of anise booth mystery ” the life feels character, still developed the new likelihood of suspense subject matter respectively. So although superhigh expects, with nervous creation cycle, bring about 2021 ” dense fog theater ” did not achieve anticipate. But Chinese teleplay market, still need ” dense fog theater ” will unplug of high quality and audience aesthetic. Believe as the audience aesthetic with the requirement taller and taller, the quality of drama of Chinese movie and TV is met necessarily rise steeply. – END – recruit makes tea of star of domestic head archives kind large newsreel recruit makes story article stay away from home dig narrative of real tea person, newsreel of tradition of slam the door is drab, make newsreel true take close youth star guest of new old tea heads a group, chinese net whole journey reports, cast high quality newsreel IP series is made invite sincerely business of the brand that has relevant demand, government, tea, organization of relevant business affairs, individual is joined among them!

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