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Original title: The key recommends now: CCTV 8 new teleplay ” old boudoir is sweet ” leave tonight sow On Feburary 3 at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 3 leave newly now sow teleplay: 8 tonight 21: 29 begin to broadcast ” old boudoir is sweet ” ” old boudoir is sweet ” it is by tall Liang Zhi is guided, the city affection drama that Wang Fu Li, Pan Hong, Song Xiaoying, Xu Di, Wu Mian acts the leading role. This drama told about 5 disposition is disparate old ladies that live in some block together, call false activity because of and be acquainted and form boudoir honey, after the joys and sorrows in life of all previous classics, final open searchs the old practice of the brigade of life new value.

20220203152908 61fbf4c4025ce

Gut introduction: Some block, 5 setting the old lady of each different, live respective old age life carefreely. Plum aunt is opening a cafe, of the son died of her heart brandish what do not go is painful. And the occurrence of clerk light snow, threw into confusion thoroughly her life. In the past few days of day of teacher of the Song Dynasty goes rushing about, his life arrangement gets full to the brim, often bring a trouble to the daughter however. Will arrive suddenly at the beginning of Dr Liu, try to be opposite the son’s life is puissant go changing, make a son bitter can’t bear character. Red elder sister is place aboriginal, although back and belly does not have care, but the marriage of children became the difficult problem with her the biggest heart however. Eileen is block in ” goddess ” , but it is the clearest that inner loneliness has herself only. 5 old ladies because one ” healthy lecture ” go, be in with cheater people after intense battle of wits fights brave, became ” old boudoir is sweet ” . From now on, together mutual, old die in one’s bed of opposite of collective and hopeful face is inscribed if those are heavy. To help each other and aid him, 5 old people decide to hold round provide for the aged in the arms, remove ” of old people Utopian ” . Although experience a variety of setbacks from this, but final, the attitude that uses take things philosophically however goes laughing to face the world, head for the lake of bethel Lu buy in the heart together hand in hand. Jiangsu defends inspect 08: 11 affection theater begins to broadcast ” ace army ” ” ace army ” love to surprise by Beijing art limited company of science and technology manufactures, nimble becomes limited company of group of century culture industry, victory municipal Party committee of limited company of medium of culture of limited company of medium of contemporary days of limited company of limited company of medium of culture of movie and TV of Cheng Xing epoch, medium of culture of movie and TV of times of the star that do not have stannum, Beijing, fine meeting, Changzhou publicizes a combination to manufacture, honor of ministry of job of politics of army of war zone of the eastpart part manufactures.

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” ace army ” be by playwrite of Zhou Zhifang, Liu Yan, Hu Jian, ji Daoqing holds the position of total producer, liu Yan always is directed, tian Yi is directed, huang Jingyu, Xiao Zhan presents as leading role male main actor, Zhong Chuxi presents as leading role female main actor, li Youbin, Mao Linlin does not go out especially act, the main actor such as a surname of Fu Chengpeng, Xu Honghao, Sun Xun, Hou Mengsha, Liu Xiaojie, Zhao, Zhang Jin, Mao Yi, Xia Houbin, the specially invite such as He Zhengjun, Zhang Zhijian, Bai Lu, Cheng Yu, Du Yuan, Zhang Shaogang, Qin Pei, Shi Lanya goes out those who act is contemporary army brigade is epic drama. Pass time span of nearly 40 years, tell about the travel before go through the mill of a flock of young classics of soldier all previous, act vigorously is entered, grow finally for army in the story of ace. Gut brief introduction: The recruit Gu Yiye of the recruit sorghum of collier children one’s previous experience and one’s previous experience of military old and well-known family, the one’s previous experience that be widely divergent and extremely emulative disposition make them antipathetic, together with respect to spark 4 splash. Enrollment the first day, be full of dramatic combat camp and field training they are thrown into entire division by in pairs most group, begin their army brigade career. The antagonism, argue, war, life that go through thick and thin together was experienced after after movement is mixed, their since adversary, each other is the enemy, it is awake photograph cherish, life and death and in all comrade-in-arms. They experienced removal of mines of war, Guangxi, garrison Hong Kong, the major event such as 98 fight a flood, also experienced my army from rub the impact that the pace changes mechanization to develop a series of new wars in evolving into a process to change to informatization again. Meanwhile, this also is full of to the feeling of enemy and domesticity mix zigzag conflict, graceless sorghum and literary youth Changjiang Delta are asked for, a of old girl of the Gu Yiye that the noble enrages and country is beautiful, disposition of two pairs of husbands and culture setting differential wide gap, emotional dispute, delicate, making the songs in a film or play below story masterstroke ceaselessly. Adjust bitterly interweaving with flaming passion, husband of two pairs of soldiers was harvested finally really pure the love that reachs the beauty. Hunan defends inspect 16: 18 youth sow a theater alone ” exploit ” Jiangxi defends inspect 10: 05 in the morning theater ” the name with family ” Sichuan defends inspect 08: Huang Rihua edition of Hong Kong of 42 love great theater ” day dragon 8 “

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” day dragon 8 ” be adapt from drama of Jin Yong’s homonymic love of ancient costume knight-errant, by Hong Kong wireless TV station is filmed, li Tiansheng hold guide, huang Rihua, Chen Hao civilian, Fan Shaohuang, Li Retong, Liu Jinling, Liu Yucui, Zhang Guojiang, Zhao learns and, He Meidian couplet sleeves main actor. What this drama tells about is to face troubled times, the career of all corners of the country that Xiao Feng, Xu Zhu, Duan Yusan’s person began to be different from common, encountered bright king, Ding Chunqiu, You Tan hill of such as day is child Lao, a surname answer, big rounds, 4 wait for ace of of all kinds greatly, enemy of affection of life and death, take leave of love hate, cardinal principles of righteousness is met in predestined relationship border in the story such as put to good use.

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Sichuan defends inspect 19: 33 close a joyous theater ” life home “

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” life home ” be by bang wave hold guide, dragon of Bin of Liu Mintao, Wen Qi, Qiu Ze, Liu Xinyou, Pan, Tan Quan, Di Xiaoxing, be how, the city female of the main actor such as Huang Sairui grows drama. This drama told about a pair ordinary ” go bankrupt mother and daughter ” use life wisdom, dissolve the story of angst and predicament. Guizhou defends inspect 08: 54 in the morning theater ” mule and gold “

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” mule and gold ” be build by Gu Jiming, Chen Ming hold guide, the warlike play that Fu Dalong, Huang Man presents as leading role to act the leading role. This drama told about mule of careless root farmer to be in the battle of Hunan river obtained a large number of gold to return home town accidentally, the company that tentativelies in the flower after plays follow Red Army man one case, remand the story of gold. Guizhou defends inspect 19: 53 ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” Yunnan defends inspect 13: 28 ” settle down ” evening party of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day broadcasts time: 1 14: 07/2 covers 12: 00 broadcast total stage of 2022 broadcasting television evening party 3 18: 25 broadcast 3 Shanghai east defends plenary meeting of comic dialogue of 2022 the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day inspect 10: 58 broadcast 2022 east Wei Shichun is late 1 22: 34 broadcast congress of 2022 poems word 2 20: 01 broadcast network of total station of 2022 broadcasting television spring late 2 22: 23 broadcast 2022 nocturnal meal evening party 1 12: 45 broadcast barback wishs Shandong a Happy New Year to defend greatly inspect 22: 54 happiness year Na Wei of Shandong Chun Wanhe inspected 2021 13: 28/23: 2022 Henan save unripe agitation of tiger of 51 rebroadcast tiger evening party Hainan defends inspect 15: 56 broadcast 2022 Hainan save evening party Jilin to defend inspect 19: 33 broadcast literature of 100 beautiful winter jasmine is artistic Shanxi defends a 2022 big get-together inspect 12: 30 songs come from the Yellow River 2022 edges Huang Jiu saves area folk song to exhibit sow Liaoning to defend inspect 09: 47/22: 2022 Liaoning defend 15 rebroadcast inspect evening party Heibei to defend inspect 12: 50 broadcast dealings of look forward to has opened good year 2022 Heibei network spring late ” Heibei defends inspect 19: 30 broadcast flourishing age the operatic circle spring Ningxia of evening party of opera of 2022 Heibei province defends inspect 12: 45 broadcast 2022 Ningxia are little Chun Wanqing Hai Wei inspects 22: 00 broadcast defend inside gam of stage of 2022 Qinghai broadcasting television inspect 19: 37 broadcast 2022 inside defend inside evening party of municipal article couplet inspect 21: 25 broadcast 2022 inside entrance guard of evening party mansion inspects 12: 00 broadcast ” happy chicken rice is beautiful ” 2022 mansion entrance guard inspects little spring late mansion entrance guard inspects 19: 50 stars sea is happy Shaanxi of concert of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day of island of 2022 strike wave defends the island that enjoy musical instrument inspect 21: 10 broadcast ” the song of Xi’an person ” aricultural of Shaanxi of concert of 2022 the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day defends inspect 15: 17/ Shaanxi 1 22: 27 rebroadcast Shaanxi defends inspect late Shaanxi of 2022 Lu Chun 4 22: 30 broadcast network put together art Shaanxi of big get-together of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day that amount to a person 5 10: 20 broadcast wintersweet winter jasmine is sweet name of full Chang’an a person of academic or artistic distinction paragraph opera evening party now movie channel card: Cctv6(movie channel) [now] on Feburary 3, 2022 on Thursday 00:26 recruit are passing 3: Frogman is passed (below) 01:403:5 of the 2 bid farewell that search dragon7 send you 06:4 of a small safflower4 day canal 08:41 music film admires 08:51 I and my home town 12:02 dance with me 14:15 King Kong plain 17:119:3 of 6 bright red bag6 now film review 2022-034 19:50 peaks explode 22:00 films report 2022-034 22:24 be out of shape King Kong 5: Final knight (go up) high-definition movie channel: 2022.02.03 Zhou Si 00:16 black the guardianship mission 01:4 that before noting, passes4 horn are touched person 06:0The ancient prose of 0 civilized gem changes devotional 07:52 south boxing hero rises abruptly 09:34 stream are billowy 11:3The 4 1 13:0 that do not have an island7 confuse 14:4 of town fierce case16:2 of 6 important matters1 cold blood pursues and attack 18:1Good 20:0 of 0 teachers ·4 fast me elder brother takes away 22:0The 23:2 of cunning wolf strange case of Bai Yutang of explore of 0 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conductThe channel of motion picture of big fist motion of fist of 7 a hunderd schools: 2022.02.03 Zhou Si 01:05 kill the 02:3 that do not have condone0 bridges 04:1Death of · of king of 0 King Kong saves atone for 06:0The 5 07:4 that lure a wolf0 boxing 09:210:5 of 5 Qiu Xiang of Tang Baihu dotThe key link of birthday of take by strategy of 5 water waterside 12:25 bare send 14:0 of ghost Liu TangThe hill fane 15:3 of Lin Chong of 5 panther head17:1 of the change when the flea on 5 beat18:5 of 5 targets battle20:3 of armour of 0 discharge seeing dragon0 we never character abandons 22:2Pass outside 5 strategic defense initiative: Pilfer of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct channel of movie theater of a family: 00:10 goddess walk along 01:3 with me5 special alarm 03:0 of crisis of mission whole town04:3 of 0 privacy safe05:5 of express of 0 the Song DynastyThe 07:2 of way way nature of 5 Zhang Sanfeng legend5 love face the sea: 08:5 of not fastfood guest5 love are rural 10:4The 13:0 saving atone for of 0 Xiao Shen grams15:0 of the 0 bid farewell that search dragon5 Long Zhu exceeds: 16:4 of cloth collect benefit0 favorite 18:25 chase after a tiger to capture dragon 20:10 sweep 22:0 of black · decisive battle23:5 of 0 thunder fire0 south boxing hero rises abruptly article picture stage photo all is collected at the network, TV broadcasts information is collected inspect net and TV cat and TV newspaper at search, if have tort,delete at any time. The TV station withdraws file likely at any time, change sow other item, broadcasted at that time that day with the TV station please to allow.

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