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Original title: Liang Xiaosheng ” between the world ” : You want to know ” Zhou Rong ” all one’s life, all was here Serve as year of big play to broadcast ” between the world ” , by clique of numerous actual strength ginseng of old show bone acts, became close inspect highest also most a when let a person expect good theatrical work, adapt from sound of dawn of bridge of award of literature of aegis of the 10th cogongrass homonymic novel, 1.15 million word, zhou Jiasan’s acting person hasty years of 50 years, in the ups and downs in times tide, worldly everybody content destiny, depend on of the times change, each person, resembling is to be in in the ocean wave of the times like thump. The novel that reads Liang Xiaosheng in me ” between the world ” when, actually everybody is having their flashy place, zhou Bingyi and Hao winter plum make a person this pair envy the husband and wife that taking a pity again however, zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan’s deep feeling and give aid to each other below do not leave do not abandon, what love is when Zhou Rong is junior is stubborn, of Cai Xiaoguang spoony… to Zhou Rong from junior arrive a few years aged, namely her lifetime, had had dynamic, also had had others dare be not done and her courageous and resolute however behavior, have a regret, also have sadness, having a lot of people to want to do more do not have the courage to think all one’s life however she is living in that way free and easy with boldness, to her, I admire. See Zhou Rong’s lifetime, with her daughter, you can discover, “Metempsychosis ” this word, use on her body, it is too apt really nevertheless.

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Zhou Rong’s lifetime ” big 3 lines ” worker Zhou Zhigang has 3 children, as record of formal schooling highest the exclusive 2 daughters Zhou Rong that has talent most, natural disposition is traitorous and courageous and resolute, her disposition was destined her destiny, how should the route of her lifetime go. Go and work in the countryside and mountain areas that year, the package since decisive back went Zhou Rong out-of-the-way Guizhou, saying is to go father there, it is to look for that actually big she the place of transfer to a lower level of abjection Beijing poet, girl period likes literary Zhou Rong particularly, be obsessed with went up Feng Huacheng of this dissolute poet. Be in the place with the poorest Guizhou, zhou Rong is willing to stay there for the poet, two people live in cave and was delivered of daughter week . After the university entrance exam restores, zhou Rong and eldest brother Zhou Bingyi are taken an examination of together went up Beijing University, zhou Rong chose a Department of Chinese Language and Literature, zhou Bingyi read the history to fasten. At this moment, the husband also returned Beijing afresh, the identity of regain poet, harvested a flock of vermicelli made from bean starch in Beijing University, and of the poet tasteful change naturally also answered nature, zhou Rong bumps defeated the one act that can’t bear consequence is broken and Feng Huacheng divorced, the choice after the graduate student graduates returned home town an university teachs, assiduously study a doctor.

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The Cai Xiaoguang that discusses literature together with Zhou Rong as a child is adoring Zhou Rong all the time, week Chengdu divorce is taking a daughter, maiden all the time Cai Xiaoguang succeeds to week Chengdu courtship, but after two people marriage not again parturient. Week was brought up slowly, however the each other of nursling Zheng Nan of Zhou Bingkun of 3 younger brother gives birth to a sincere feeling, witting hind, zhou Bingkun be furious, right now, zheng Nan also of sink unripe father seize child in the plan, nan of rich Zheng of unripe father promise can go abroad, a medium interference resents in week heart, run to Beijing to look for unripe father, father daughter two flat run in order to apply for to France for asylum. After Zhou Rong is informed, abandoned checking gain, far go to France to find a daughter, be like look for a needle in the ocean however, go half an year also did not find a person, but came up against abjection father daughter in Chinese market eventually two, two people are daily bread to be anxious, former husband gives the daughter leave after Zhou Rong, also be cast off one great burden, after this has never been heard of since. Daughter week sees kin and classmate without facial farewell country, then determination stays in French take an examination ofing to learn, zhou Rong stays in France to work, but if what wish,also be not a heart the ground has good job good salary, also can work hard only raise mother and daughter two people. During France, the Zheng Nan that already recommended to study abroad to Ha Fo heads for France to had visited them, zhou Rong sees at the moment so outstanding Zheng Nan, regret at the outset block the way, permitted week and Zheng Nan’s contact. Parting when, two people exuding tenderness and love through eyes, ground of be reluctant to part leaves, week Chengdu happy event is on the heart.

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After the daughter learns graduation, appear mother and daughter two already stayed 12 years in France time, after going back to the motherland, domestic case produced tremendous change. Zhou Bingkun is released from prison, zheng Nan is in by shoot dead, two people of mother and daughter apply for a job to encounter difficulty, talent of tall record of formal schooling is everywhere, competition is intense. Zhou Rong became mathematical teacher in school of a run by the local people, week interacted more than 50 years old of married other people shed company boss, on epigenesis result became a proprietress, managing the market to go up just the other people with an arisen rich actual strength sheds a company, also manage so that the model has kind. of old the Later Zhou Dynasty ran company of an international travel, organized family travel going abroad, zhou Rong is emeritus wrote a novel to be called ” children of my this generation ” , still adapted teleplay, cai Xiaoguang became a director later, after retiring, do a few 0 medicinal powder come loose film, the income after he does not think he is emeritus is lower than Zhou Rong, profitable meeting brings achievement sense to him, the life after two people are emeritus is sweet and interesting, it is literate person, the photograph intermodulation Kan that be together also is taking literary tint. Two people of Zhou Rong and Cai dawn light are not good at managing Zhang economy, do not be willing to manage domestic saving, cai Xiaoguang has been been in charge of after period of time is farfetched, zhou Rong take-overs come over, not as good as Cai Xiaoguang also, quite much be in what national debt issues to queue up to buy a few national debt early into moment together with a flock of old man old ladies namely, the result discharges a team to come back to still complain he was mixed with a flock of old ladies unexpectedly, who knows Cai Xiaoguang to come back to say, yourself not also more than 60 years old, also not be an old lady, this ability begins Zhou Rong the state of mind that adjusts oneself, this group of old ladies can follow when going the next time talk freelyingly together laugh at rumour.

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The Chengdu of general character week of week Chengdu mother and daughter is in of Liang Xiaosheng ” between the world ” in it is a main character, have an idea, literate, however traitorous and courageous and resolute, the disposition of daughter week resembles extremely she, however the natural disposition unruly that confluence entered poetic father. Two mother and daughter were married big oneself very much husband, one is ability, one is money. It is under different social environment, the person’s choice is admittedly different. Week returns as the sea come back to face the awkward situation that cannot find the job however, this content was known to shed a boss under the introduction in the classmate, everybody persuades week of to need not work hard apply for a job, found a backer to have everything. Then, week just succeeds on, also learn to be used alive alive, manage company and man well. Face week of actually this paragraph forgets year love, as the Cai Xiaoguang of stepfather, saw reality however, a cold door children that has talent searched really when with its week arrives, without money unmanned arteries and veins does not have setting without the room, how should do in those days? Compared with present week , estimation makes a person headache more, it is the man can not have appearance without ability really no matter the age, want to money goes only, enough was solved too much society and live vexed. Do the company bigger more when week , after establishing international travel company again, family person touched her light, taking one everybody child go abroad freely travel, enjoy life. Probably this is reality. Zhou Rong rejects the concern of Zheng Nan and week at the outset, because two people are touched,just do not kiss, because two people age is small still,cannot see prospective about and progress more, how determine this paragraph of sealed impact again. After Dan Zhengnan is grown outstanding persuaded Zhou Rong, was destined again however two favor close predestined relationship is easy, go without blessing. The destiny of week also included the sign of maternal Zhou Rong it seems that, although classics of emotional all previous is rough, but ending also calculates hopeful happiness. Liang Xiaosheng entered a lot of real environments in the confluence in the novel, for instance the sea returns also may not is very popular, record of formal schooling becomes no longer costly, marry old man to do small 31 tangential the atmosphere that money sees, but in these social phenomenon backside, still also have however a flock of hold to ego from beginning to end, kind-hearted and laborious the person of this portion, although they live in social ground floor, but however Shu Xin is dependable, resemble having affection justice Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun, the eldest brother Zhou Bingyi that still has justice such good official.

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Sum up ” between the world ” whole book in all 1.15 million word, liang Xiaosheng created 8 years of time, by ” people’s name ” director Li Lu took 60 collect TV series, another classic theatrical work is made will raid. The novel that this let me think of A of noonday sunshine basis is able to bear or endure adapts filmed times big play ” great river great river ” , on time line two work are similar, distinguishing is, ” great river great river ” descriptive is state-owend enterprise and illicit look forward to, belong to commercial category, and ” between the world ” the life that performed official circles, college and rock-bottom person however. ” between the world ” with Zhou Jiasan the perspective of son Zhou Bingkun spreads out, tell about around a series of close affection beside him, friendship, love. Gift cannot catch up with the Zhou Bingkun of brother elder sister, producing the change of destiny world-shaking again however, commonplace ground is living, just be the life with most real people probably. The person’s life, it is by oneself each pace the kill that makes a choice. Zhou Rong dashs ahead without thinking his safety for love, but once Feng Huacheng crossed a body, had wedding day, show nature, zhou Rong thinks to immerse the love with foam, in the end is abjection poet nevertheless of trough period comfort an agent.

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As the Cai Xiaoguang of spare wheel, however all the time affection has justice ground to defend beside Zhou Rong, even if Zhou Rong is far in France 12 years, he never also marries, waiting for her to come back all the time however, these 12 years during, the Cai Xiaoguang that serves as a director also has interacted 4 girlfriends, had not wanted to marry however nevertheless, and the exclusive marriage in his memory the object has Zhou Rong only, zhou Rong just is the affection a home to return to of his this all one’s life, he does not care about the idea of anybody, also do not have be afraid of call lay in man must pass ancestor receive era, he is waiting, wait for a love that the likelihood cannot get responding to all one’s life, and this love, just is him in the heart most tender feelings, be worth a cherished Sukhavati most. ” between the world ” time line arrives from 1966 2016, these 50 years an affairs of human life that produces on this land is transitional, popular feeling, pursuit, devotional, ties of friendship is waited a moment, produced change, want how to get used to social development between this the world, should defend so that live again this heart, this is a profundity that sound of author bridge dawn leaves us probably ponder over a topic. [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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