Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Battle of long ferry lake has not ended, add piece ” floodgate bridge ” breakthrough 1.5 billion, whether surmount classical? First day of the lunar year ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” renew forehead classical, at 3 days of time already below behead 1.5 billion booking office, although want relatively at ” long ferry lake ” 5.775 billion box-office difference still has a lot of, but the archives mouth of the matting of early days film and first day of the lunar year makes this film has controversy power very much. A lot of netizens think this won’t surmount forehead classical, just served as the ending with classical early days to make two film got a final final result just, when does the reason have, be epidemic situation of the end of the year firstly is small erupt threw into confusion the interest of shadow of view of a lot of people, for film of guard the threshing floor, green code becomes angry is segregation even much rarer dot is undeserved. It is fare problem next, last year the average fare of first day of the lunar year is 49, average fare reached Spring Festival shelf this year 58.9 yuan, some places are more expensive, 3 two people go this price consumption is possible still, can be Spring Festival holiday, going out is to press a family to calculate, raise cost much rarer dot is improper, this price enough ate a good family to dine together

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We say the quality of film then again, did not move on cast, grow ferry lake what tell about to fight namely and did not end, the 7th thrust deep into the enemy forces is in repeatedly new job was received after razziaing to leave position of the U.S. Army in stone tablet border, this they should go to the place of pharynx and larynx of on-line of road of U.S. Army backtrack — floodgate bridge, arrive after here task of executive blast bridge. Come on the whole say film and actual substantially conform to, but little ” long ferry lake ” those old scene, can see more or less in begin only a few, what tell about from the back is how to use tactics to answer a group to fight, little the soul-stirring of old scene, much the occasion below the tear that urge a person. A person in terminal Wu Qian hides to go up in the hillside, slip all the way below, slip to go up to the bridge directly… a bit too exaggerative, highbrow. But the tear of heat letting a person with the true monologize of 1000 royal seal is filled with easy finally melt the socket of eye, corners of the mouth is vibratile, held Wumoli to serve as the feeling of survival well. This boy should fire, must fire!

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Finally, there is a gut that did not show in the film is: Floodgate bridge altogether by scamper 3, the 3rd scamper bridge is by commander of the Song Dynasty personally commanding. And in this in scamper troops of two bridges U.S. Army had come. Bridge of the 3rd blast is very successful also, but the U.S. Army at that time can shift resource arbitrarily in the whole world, build a raft of pontoons of a water afresh with a day of time of half only this ability makes the U.S. Army escapes be born day, although say what can be likened to to real miserable intense rate is not the film, but as coda what can accept still is for the film

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