Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: He announces to go out perform new edition ” like-minded Yi Fan’s person ” beautiful theatrical work! ? ? ? ? In new edition ” red hears the girl ” score revolutionary success, become HBO Max head sow close inspect highest start theatrical work formerly. Maintain high temperature in gregarious media at the same time, sow a day to achieve push sheet of especially popular a list of names posted up the first. And in new edition ” red hears the girl ” after making the drama part that most person watchs on HBO MAX history, many drama anthology announce to want to restart. 20220203160941 61fbfe4586e6b New edition ” like-minded Yi Fan’s person ” beautiful theatrical work is announced formally also, sound of the image on the line that will roll out in American NBC round-the-world group next year is strung together shed service platform Peacock to broadcast. 20220203160941 61fbfe45ae086 At present Guan Xuan, ” Quan Meichao model ” champion male model, this year Nyle DiMarco of 32 years old (Nai Er · Dimake) ginseng perform important role. 20220203160941 61fbfe45cd207 The deaf-mute exceeds out of modular Nyle DiMarco program of put together art ” contest of Quan Meichao model ” the 22nd season, also be the champion of this season. 20220203160942 61fbfe465ec97 I feel he is ” contest of Quan Meichao model ” the pride of this program, also be Tyra Banks (Taila Banks) picked so old champion, eye is best, no matter be appearance or disposition,have successful latent capacity very much. 20220203160942 61fbfe4697048 Nyle height 185cm, have eye of a pair crystal clear blue. 20220203160943 61fbfe4713f13 60 degrees do not have the tall Yan Zhi of blind angle, the figure is more spotless! Can says perfect. 20220203160943 61fbfe4755c89 But god is right ” beauty ” too envious, he is congenital deaf-mute, do not hear any voice. 20220203160943 61fbfe479019c Nevertheless god always is so facetious, give you some something, can take away additional something. 20220203160944 61fbfe4807f8f when of parents from different, it is to let his childhood appear more suffer many mishaps in one’s life. 20220203160944 61fbfe4880016 He is fortunately active cheerful, yan Zhi tower above ordinary person, although deaf, he never abandons himself however, contrary he should try hard than anybody. 20220203160944 61fbfe48b71b1 Took champion, he bonus all alms is deaf-mute association. Not only such, he still established his deaf-mute sign language to teach channel, to give Everyman study sign language, let them can follow deaf-mute communication better! 20220203160944 61fbfe48ebe54 20220203160945 61fbfe4916086 He still got after this the support of American president, became social distinguished personages. 20220203160945 61fbfe4975cce Expect this drama market broadcast. There are many deaf-mutes really in like-minded group actually, there is a boy friend before me is. 20220203160945 61fbfe49e69a3 20220203160946 61fbfe4a75fe6 ? ? ? ?

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