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Original title: She is ” Xu Zhu ” personate person daughter, yan Zhi of perfect and successive parents, god kisses the face that cross Mention drama of golden commonplace knight-errant, believe a lot of people had looked Huang Rihua edition ” day dragon 8 ” , this teleplay it may be said is very much the childhood in popular feeling is classical, almost everybody content is very classical, the Xu Zhu of little emperor personate fences in drama, goodness of a person’s mind, simple and honest and lovely, and military accomplishment excel in, because of an accident, let him obtain unique gest, the brotherly friendly feelings between he and Qiao Feng, Xu Zhuzhi, also be to let a person touch, his simple and honest and lovely in drama appearance, also be to gave a lot of audiences to leave deep impression, in those days the conflagration as this drama, also make Fan Shaohuang extremely red temporarily.

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Respecting Fan Shaohuang, also be an actor that has actual strength very much, review all the time he of military family background, having a single person the figure of be good at large, depend on ” force king ” this film, let Fan Shaohuang cut a figure gradually, he later begins to develop to moviedom, be in nevertheless ” day dragon 8 ” after conflagration, fan Shaohuang’s career is done not have however further, also filmed later a lot of teleplay, regrettablly not lukewarm not fire, the Fan Shaohuang later also faded out of recreation to encircle gradually.

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After fading out of recreation to encircle, fan Shaohuang also passes went up very happy life, his wife is Gu Xiaochen, also be a Yan Zhi’s very tall actress, since going out, of her main actor ” shiver ” , ” the legend of sword a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of record of Sichuan hill war ” wait, achieved good viewing rate, and ancient costume modelling of Gu Xiaochen also is very beautiful and moving actually.

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Two people married 2015, after marriage two years, two people were delivered of a lovely daughter, fan Shaohuang’s daughter is already fast also nowadays 3 years old, fan Shaohuang’s husband and wife names for the daughter cry ” small meal moves round ” , such name also is very Orphean and interesting, and she of discipline of small off year, had been embryo of a beauty child, fan Shaohuang’s daughter is almost perfect acceded parental advantage, the cheek of round circle, tall bridge of the nose, big eye, these are genetic the advantage of maternal Gu Xiaochen, and a pair of eyes of bright, genetic Fan Shaohuang, such Gao Yan value, let a person feel her face is not only like been kiss by god, be too perfect really!

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