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Original title: ” rustic love 14 ” : 4 villages flower gets offline, ivory hill on 5 beauty successful, honest love became farce Civil | The amusement that bake ” rustic love 14 ” sowing in heat, this long country subject matter that accompanies an audience to be as long as 16 years is macrobian drama, become the Spring Festival already ” sound of the strongest background ” . ” rustic love 14 ” had gone up at present line 18 collect, drama anthology passes immediately half, the general gut trend of whole department theatrical work also rises to surface.

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Ivory hill hutch art the contest becomes masterstroke, at the same time 4 everybody a group of things with common features also facing brand-new problem — Home Xie Ankun causes contradiction because of employ baby-sitter, because Song Qinglian makes evil spirit and Home Song Xiaofeng is done even fowls and dogs are not left in peace, because home of king person with power is old intervene why and overturn acetic jar, home Liu Neng is entered redly because of the net also produced a chain of misunderstanding.

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” rustic love 14 ” in, wang Xiaoli is returned to again, the show share of the Liu Neng of its personate also follows much rise, and king is old 7, lubricious scene of isogon of Xie Da foot is less and less, already negligible not plan. ” rustic love ” two directors of series pay and Meng Lingyu to add drama to oneself again, because large size Li Cheng becomes to be lovelorn sullen, also begin to misunderstand between Pi Changshan and teacher of severe winter winter ceaseless.

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” rustic love ” broadcast 16 years, bearer of the person in ivory village is gone to, some people as a child costar becomes protagonist very quickly, some people are changed by the brim gradually, some people disappear in the eye shot of the audience directly. ” rustic love 14 ” in, in former days 4 villages spend ivory hill all gets offline, the name that is less than them has sought in cast. 1. Wang Xiangxiu. The person such as she and Wang Xiaomeng, Liu Ying is ” rustic love ” the leading role with absolutely series, in Li Daguo and Ma Zhong adventitious wanders between two men, marriage all the time very rough, performed cent cent to add up to the code of dog blood play that close. Wang Xiangxiu looks be like the cleverest, dan Congming is turned over by clever by accident, final final result is the most miserable also. Whole part begins to reduce foil from the 12nd, the 14th is abandoned directly. Two people became Li Daguo and Ma Zhong instead good friend, and Wang Xiangxiu’s final affection trend is ambiguous.

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2.Su Yugong. The appearance of ivory hill takes on, a barbershop is managed on the town, wu Di, Xiaoliang, large size likes her, also take care of even person with power of Wang Changgui, king her all the more. ” rustic love 10 ” in Su Yugong and Xiaoliang’s lover become spouses eventually, xiaoliang now and then in ” rustic love ” a face is shown in series, and Su Yugong did not have show share thoroughly. The village flower with this ivory the most beautiful village finished Su Yugong mission, leave an audience infinite regret.

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3.Chen Yannan. The goddess level figure in memory of ivory village male youth, xie Yongjiang and she passes Guo Fei to hear, because small Shenyang and Zhao jade cropland had stick to one’s position for him, because she abandoned Li Yinping,Bai Qingming is more. The person sees the Chen Yannan that the person loves, be in the condition of half concealed body basically after marrying with Bai Qingming, divorce suddenly in drama with Bai Qingming, after this part disappears directly disappear. Very apparent, chen Yannan’s part is replaced already completely by Li Yinping.

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4.Huang Yizhi. This part is to follow Huang Shiyou comes on the stage together, grew a piece of typical net blush, her occurrence also activationed the backwater of ivory hill, thank beetle-crusher to want to introduce her to the Gao Nan of service station, and Huang Yizhi heart is belonged to somewhat, she liked to go up Liu Yishui. As Xie Da foot of this one masterstroke disappear, huang Shiyou also exeunts accordingly with Huang Yizhi, her final feeling a home to return to cannot is informed likewise.

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As ivory hill 4 villages spend Wang Xiangxiu, Su Yugong, Chen Yannan and Huang Yizhi disappear, the show share of 5 beauty increases ivory hill gradually, become ” rustic love ” the Yan Zhi of series takes on. 1. Yang Xiaoyan. Differ with other part, all show shares mix Yang Xiaoyan almost Zhao Benshan is concerned, she also becomes protagonist gradually from a vase. ” rustic love ” in series, show share of Yang Xiaoyan is increasing, also exist from beginning to end with Zhao Benshan’s contradiction, arrive from Song Xiaofeng Laohu, the red beside Yang Xiaoyan hears an object to was short of had broken, the affection of she and king person with power is in unsafe condition all the time in, the war erupts likely at any time.

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2.Li Qiu song. Shanghai girl, young and fashionable, after coming to ivory hill, liked to go up unluckily full mouth runs the Wang Tian of the train comes, two people become sweethearts finally. Regretful is, get offline as what Wang Tian comes, long the follower that the Li Qiu song that did not appear makes Li Daguo. Two people were without omen ground to go one case, li Qiu song takes a house to do mortgage loan to help Li Daguo even, so only playwrite can make up the gut of dog blood to come out, the relation of two people was not made public from beginning to end, this paragraph of feeling can the element that satisfactory wind up also exists not to decide.

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3.Li Yinping. It is originally ” rustic love ” a of series small part, but Zhao Benshan gave her enough much chance. Emotional play of Li Yinping is the richest, involved person is most also, include Bai Qingming, Founder, Zheng Yu 3 people had gone after Li Yinping. Li Yinping’s biggest drawback is to treat love vacillation, always hesitate, do not reject to also be not conveyed, also let oneself lose a lot of chances so. Will look at present, li Yinping is probable with Bai Mingqing reunion of husband and wife after an enforced separation or rupture, but Li Yinping can capture an opportunity to still remain to observe.

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4.Du Xiaoshuang. The village official with ivory airborne village, also be whole ” rustic love ” the heroine with airborne series. Zhao Benshan gave her enough much expressional space, but Du Xiaoshuang’s person is set do not denounce happy event, acting also appears very puerile. Du Xiaoshuang and Liu Yishui destroy window paper without disclose from beginning to end, but ivory hill service station came again new leader, liu Yishui much a competitor, emotional line of Du Xiaoshuang becomes ambiguous rise.

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5.Chen Shuang. Net of ivory hill new advance is red, come on the stage make large size Li Cheng complete fall into enemy hands, the Wang Mu of concatenate marriage is born to also cannot help making up to to her, playwrite was to give her a lot of show shares more. Chen Shuang to large size from beginning to end pussyfoot, two people are in ” rustic love 14 ” in part company directly, large size whole individual is depressed, chen Shuang is final whether change one’s views still is put in variable.

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Taking one with another, ” rustic love 14 ” in ivory hill on 5 beautiful successes, there were more show shares and affection dispute in drama, but their love line is randommer and randommer also, the audience is felt completely do not wear brains. ” rustic love ” the faithful vermicelli made from bean starch that series has so much, those who lean is honest and true love and the role that fill glamour, nowadays gut more and more fantastic and not ground connection is angry, good and pure love also became the divorce, farce that resume marriage, want to feel regretful.

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