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Original title: ” lens twin city ” cast origianl work to make romantic love theatrical work, li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi are very firm ” lens twin city ” drama anthology opens sow, the freeboard person that acts the leading role as a result of the men and women is enraged and gained the attention of slue, broadcast after more than 10 collect, be shown because of the wonderful confused of gut again and make heat goes high continuously. 2022 year the first large strange unreal drama, ” lens twin city ” did not make a person disappointed.

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This is a drama anthology work that adapts by novel of origianl work of dark blue month, from the point of the content that has broadcasted, adapted rate is older, especially male advocate Su Mo’s figure and gut central issue, having apparent difference with origianl work, pink of your origianl work spits groove ceaselessly. But cast origianl work to look, this is a very good romantic love drama, men and women advocate personate person the performance of Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi is very very marvellous, steady.

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Leave piece it is a snow-field, the crowd wades in snow ground, also somebody solitaries go alone, and compare with crowd photograph, the form that goes alone so appears very vicissitudes of life, let a person see there are a lot of stories on his body. As sleep lightly in a dream, a prattle after helping Ji up, camera lens turns, returned immediately centenary before. Centenary before male advocate green vigor, as clever as same youth female advocate encounter, next predestined relationship border is met under, slowly dark strange sincere feeling. But antecedents of respective one’s previous experience, make their back has different mission, not only for familial, still for a group of things with common features group, country.

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The two people of cannot help doing sth, miss each other with respect to such first time. Although there is the home in drama state-owned a group of things with common features group war, but apparent focusing is in masterstroke over the love experience of Su Mo and Bai Ying, simply sweet cruel heart, it is nevertheless under the setting foil of black unreal, often appear very romantic again. Say a men and women again advocate personate person Li Yifeng and Chen Yuqi, in light of whole, the performance of this two people is very steady, it is a part completely this some appearance.

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Before this drama, li Yifeng has performed many roles, figure each different, have junior and lively, have sober and ad cool-headed, the Su Mo of this personate, still can unplug again actually tall, already composed, courageous and resolute, do not break tender feelings again however, feeling of your National People’s Congress admires. And of Chen Yuqi rise more apparent, she before the part is much with clever and nifty give priority to, this personate is dignified tough Bai Ying, it is a very big challenge undoubtedly, did not think of to be maintained by her unexpectedly.

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In drama, two people love each other obviously, always be ground of a strange combination of circumstances however cannot be together, although severally fate pesters a body, face love to remain the same however sturdy, plus span of time of this paragraph of emotive very ages ago, let a person feel a kind of romantic beauty. Although cruel, very sweet however. So, look ” lens twin city ” drama anthology, should cast origianl work, this is a very good romantic love theatrical work.

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