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Original title: ” this life has you ” the dirty night parts company repeat again, ending is disparate, because of these 2 difference Ever thought romance comes extremely a word, old hind, however Jing becomes aware among them regretful. After all, the person that can renew leading edge truly, very few, most ending, be from this the remotest corners of the earth, do not have be mixed again. Teleplay ” this life has you ” medium Nie Yucheng peace talks is static, bag bag turns, encounter again however. 7 years ago, took Nie Fu 5 million ” heal is expended ” Tan Jing, said against one’s will sentence ” I never had loved you ” , definitely leaves; But after 7 years, because of traffic accident ” psychology is retreated row ” Nie Yucheng, again straight face the pain of that dirty night.

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Just this, tan Jing chose to occupy solid already accused: “This project is your father, of my pa matter with your father to death. ” and the word of door leaf of heart of that painful thorough, also changed words from heart: “I had never stopped to love you. “I had never stopped to love you..

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It is to part company likewise, ending is disparate however, after all why? These two reasons, just be crucial. The first, experience. Junior the love when, always be full of the romance of wind,flowers,snow and moon: Two people eat a bowl of dumpling soup, can with pleasure; Red rope of a handiwork, can fondle admiringly; Bridal even, need two people only with ” air ” for Buddhist monastic discipline, can agree this is unripe.

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Just, that momently sweet, have many clear, the pain later, have many complete. An accident, let Tan Jing lose father not only, also let her bear the debt of a huge sum that its leave. Once she also thinks, oneself can enrage the ground forcedly to refuse ” take money to part company ” , can find father ” back boiler ” evidence, but in the end, her puny, how can you contend with powerful Pi far photograph again? So heavy reality, she is carried did not move, then, cast all self-respect and next face, took Nie Fu’s money, abandoned the love with him precious all the different kind. She thinks, without oneself be a burden on, nie Yucheng’s life can be mixed more easily successful, after all, his family circumstances is very good, his father very ” powerful ” .

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But absolutely did not think of, get Tan Jing later, want every year to pay ten cure fee to the son, live extremely embarrassedly with hardship, and Nie Yucheng’s unfavorable situation is bad also, the whole thing undertook psychotherapy 40 times. Be informed the truth that momently, two people photograph is embraced and sob, aching unceasingly.

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If return at the outset, can be oneself choice changed? Won’t. Lack experience, decided she cannot carry a the sea great change; Be at a loss, decided make a decision of her do sth without authorization; Self-righteous, decided she does not wish to become a burden. Fortunately, the her true opportunity that had reelection. 7 years snafu, what she was not irrigated to destroy opposite lives by cross is enthusiastic, much instead composed, with some of a maternal spy tough.

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She right now, no longer self-righteous, no longer brave of one antrum Gu, no longer true true and false is false, chose however honest everything, face jointly. That momently, all overcautious and indecisive, become so not heavy, all self-righteous, became one’s own wishful thinking. Original, this ability is to give aid to each other, best explanation. Make much time, the regret is brought up, because,just be, at that time we guard love without sufficient capacity, go resolving conflict without enough wisdom, go discerning without enough confidence true and false. The 2nd, do not know love.

Later, I was known eventually how to go loving, regrettablly you are already far go, disappear in the sea of faces.

People often says, situation is difficult not birthday. But investigate its germ, often be ” do not know love ” . Junior when always think, love even if think oneself best give him, often forgot however, best not be him certainly most want, and love each other, of need is the way that likes with the other side will love.

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In those days Tan Jing, think oneself are be a burden on, if let this love continue, nie Yucheng’s life broke down. What she does not know is, look in Nie Yucheng, facing ability jointly is love this some appearance, and the sort of new student that did not have her, just be to break down really. Junior the love when, be impulse, puerile, always think, the heart of one antrum a newborn baby is OK ” one husband should close ” , always forgot however, love be two people to love each other, not be one the individual’s thing.

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She thinks to leave absolutely definitely, their life from this cut, yu Cheng of even if Nie should experience a paragraph of provoking days, also can find new life very quickly. But her oversight, him have not has forgotten Nie Yucheng one day, how can Nie Yucheng forget him easily again? And she, aux would rather face everything alone, also want to turn two people to disparate life orbit with one’s own hands, not of expect is however, the destiny gave them the 2nd times the chance. And this, even if flinch of her all the different kind, nie Yucheng’s blazing love unexpectedly a bit was not decreased, can she use a facial expression how? If say, at the outset leaving is those who have no alternative, be cannot help doing sth, so nowadays, what reason does she still have to reject the thick love of the heart that jump out? Besides, blamable go, fault passes, had had anguish, just more let her know nowadays such happiness, be how hard-earned.

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Days, it is a kind of powerful force, it is OK and diluent pain, let love stay between the heart however, also can cast aside go buckish, leave the most important thing only. The Tan Jing in those days, sensitive proud, as if to have only enough equality and dinkum, ability not let sb down remembers to the end of his life this. But old hind she just understands, accept the kindness of other appropriately, do not have not not be a kind of make the best of both worlds. Write finally why treasure because ” if there once was that on the world,the individual has appeared, someone else can become put up with, I am not willing put up with. ” the love that made those who make myriad girl heart yearning. But often, more god-given is Nie Yucheng, also give all indulging among them woman, carried wake:

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One, do not read aloud associate with, not Wei will come. Person, it is perceptual animal, the happiness in the past and pain, always be at ease hard. Can make much time, wallow in when us among them when kink of all the different kind, probably, the individual is already then cheesy face about, do not take away one cloudlet colour. So, no matter ending how, let off oneself, go with memory everything of associate with of hold a memorial ceremony for. 2, love oneself, it is romantic all one’s life beginning. After the Tan Jing in drama can be sufferred from first sweet, because two people can encounter again,be, and Nie Yucheng is lone still, in can living, often be however ” the remotest corners of the earth, respective happiness ” , or, if Cheng Fangting’s mother is general, it is the hardship of orphan few mother. Time, enough change is very much, and we need not be pressed for this on all one’s life.

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