Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: The Si Evan in gram of header of 41 years old of United States is loved on small 16 years old of female stars, ever was sealed to be new generation goddess The Kelisi Evan that is 40 years old (Chris Evans) by right of personate ” American header ” and have one’s moment, more become global ladies the perfect target in memory. On Feburary 3, be known as Hollywood ” diamond Wang Laowu ” Kelisi Evan was loved to go up by media coverage Nai flying heat sows drama ” nun soldier ” (Warrior Nun) heroine A Er Ba Bapudisida.

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According to media coverage, kelisi Evan releases nearsightedness frequency on gregarious platform at the beginning of this month, be identified by attentive netizen his body is in A Er home town Portuguese Lisbon of Ba Bapudisida. Media points out, kelisi Evan antedates to began advertent A Er 2020 Ba Bapudisida, paid close attention to gregarious Zhang date of the woman after be worn on drama anthology, and A Er the gregarious Zhang that Ba Bapudisida will begin to pay close attention to Kelisi Evan in June last year.

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The netizen figures two people date in Europe constantly meet, ever was in before the man is early Prague, Czech and France film new show ” The Grey Man ” , and A Er Ba Bapudisida films in Spain drama anthology the 2nd season. More the photograph that somebody estimates to woman New Year is released in gregarious media, film at villa of man los angeles hind garden. Additional, a Er the gregarious Zhang number that Ba Bapudisida also was discovered to pay close attention to person of Home Kelisi Evan, those who let this paragraph of amour is true degree promote greatly.

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The Ba Pudi of · of A Er Ba that is 24 years old Sidabikelisi Evan, age is in gently Portuguese film ” Miami ” reach teleplay ” Jardins Proibidos ” in hold the position of heroine, more no matter appearance appearance and figure follow the Ai Lue that goes out first,be shown Te Peggy is very alike in spirit. Perfectness Pu, heart, law, flower Ba Bapudisida is in the A Er of 4 mandarin character first ” nun soldier ” in with English show, the accord that obtains drama confusing and netizen is approbated, be sealed to be new generation goddess by the netizen.

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