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Original title: She once was ascended spring late 9, marry at the outset big oneself husband of 37 years old, became nowadays such Have so a songbird, she is ascended spring late frequency is as high as 9 times, she is Zu Hai, famous singer, be graduated from Chinese music institute, she or teacher of golden iron continuous heavy rain love one of person, and won the award of national level for many times, also attend the large show such as culture ministry for many times. Her song also is special invite an audience people like, zu Haiben’s person also is called 4 floret of the ” after day of ” new folk song dawn one of, and also be enthusiastic all the time at commonweal career, because this also won very much ” impression for oneself,divide ” .

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Zu Hai is in small when show came out the endowment that oneself sing, be in 9 years old when by right of ” come in Feburary ” became famous in home town, zuhaiyin was surpassed to attended Qing Ge 1998 after winning a prize, be signed to make an appointment with ” by CCTV ” . Subsequently because ” for who ” this song fire alls over great river north and south, this song is the jubilation that got authority not just, also be to let her walk up formally to act art road. Sang again subsequently ” lucky come ” , ” Tian Zhu’s girl ” , ” my home is in China ” wait for classical song, zuhai is in by right of his organ at that time also is to become the most prosperous singer, and went up 9 times continuously spring late.

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Although Zu Hai is on the career flourishing, but her feeling is however very not suitable, it is reported, zu Hai is in mix in those days big she Zou You opens composer of 37 years old, their two people with the passing of time lays condition, although Zou You leaves to have talent very much, but he himself goes up in fame and so big without Zu Hai. Family is disregarded to object at that time, married him, and two people also are very conjugal love, because,knowing nevertheless is what reason, two people are passed had divorced, plus Zu Hai at that time also is exceedingly low-key, know without the person Zu Hai had divorced almost so. Zu Hai of 42 years old is illuminated nearly nowadays also is exposure, the temperament that can see Zu Hai in the photograph still attractive, be over all unlike appearance of 42 years old, the schoolgirl that resembles 24 years old instead, it is beautiful really all one’s life, although Zu Hai is so outstanding and outstanding, but the Zu Hai after the divorce up to now maiden and unmanned marry, also can feel exceedingly regretful for her only. 20220203161430 61fbff665d584

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