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Original title: ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” what is Li Xiaonan ending? What does Li Xiaonan have in computer Jiang Zhaoli bright this drama is true too belt feeling, one is plant complete of an evil person inspect already feeling, and what is the river of Ma Saichun personate reflects final result of matutinal Li Xiaonan, what Li Xiaonan has in computer is to want to know very much really.

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In drama, the horse thinks of the heroine Li Xiaonan of pure personate, have a happy family originally, but she does not know all these,be presentative only. Some day, plot and betray of the husband be opened, what she just knows she is accompanied day and night is an egoistic devil. Although Li Xiaonan loves his man greatly, but she was not loved becloud, face harm, she regains consciousness in time, save oneself bravely, final and recumbent oneself wisdom and effort, left to go gloomily, received new life.

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Be in before in domestic drama, a lot of females that betray and are harmed, was to choose self-surrender, even if is driven beyond forbearance revolted, still can reconcile greatly forcibly finally, let a lot of audiences feel to indissoluble gas. ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” did not press a road to give a shop sign, this drama did not wash the husband of Bai Lixiao Nan painstakingly, weighed stipple to draw heroine to Li Xiaonan’s psychology changes and grow however.

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Jiang Zhaoli what is ending of Ming Lixiao Nan, think Li Xiaonan is the sort of effeminate female really at the beginning, but actually otherwise, what does Li Xiaonan have in computer, the thing that Li Xiaonan knows actually became much went.

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