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Original title: ” familial honor ” the part has real person! What Zhang Zhilin Yang Yi acts is them! ” familial honor ” complete an acting is online, invite an audience people the mania that seeks a theatrical work that chase after harbor. The story in drama is told accuse the emotional dispute between familial member mixes home of horse of rich and powerful family inside bottle. Home Ma is familial spirit with uniting all the time, but unluckily waists-coat a person of extraordinary powers curtilage each personnel inside runs in the opposite direction to this spirit concept however. Have gain advocate the analysis goes out ” familial honor ” the real story that mastered Hong Kong rich and powerful family completely, still list the true and archetypal story of each part in giving familial honor and person one by one. Collusion of businessman of official of # horse home, newly-married night is arrested

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” familial honor ” field of name opening play, luxurious century wedding firm end executes the law the branch comes to catch person searcher business collusion embezzles incident. Rich of movie and TV advocate before listing temporarily Guo brother and Xu Shiren case are sensation ” familial honor ” renown field is archetypal. # daughter advocate change tessera of rich and powerful family in order to choose the United States

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In drama female advocate Zhen Xin paves a road with choosing the United States, had jumped knowledgeably to recreation encircles this passageway and choose to pass lord of Majia of working bring into contact with to get acquainted with its son Ma Yaozu when the reporter. Actual version is shown to be Guo Jiawen of harbor elder sister, had jumped to recreation encircles big dye vat and choose clear to shed a course to get acquainted with Hong Kong head thereby when reporter of finance and economics of rich Li Jiacheng child. A thousand pieces of gold of Yuan of name of # rich and powerful family, have star dream

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Be in ” familial honor ” in although sister-in-law Xie Caiwei is an acerbity fool beauty, but two daughters are kind-hearted but person. The dream that big daughter Ma Zhaodi has him likes to rock and roll element, the dream becomes recreation to encircle actor. Archetypal character of Ma Zhaodi is shown to be to bet the female He Chaoyi of king, the old and well-known family of rich and powerful family with same out celebrated position however not heart department enters recreation to encircle pursuit dream alone however at familial business. # Ma Zhanhong observes condition to Zhen Xin’s photograph

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Although Ma Zhanhong is the villain in drama of bright face in drama, hitting the name that avenges for father to destroy Ma Jia, but the heart still has a tender and kind-hearted place. He is loving in drama female advocate Zhen Xin, but the other side chooses Martens however 2 it is less marry object, but Ma Zhanhong still is being guarded aside female advocate. Rich of movie and TV advocate call-over the archetypal person that Zhu Lingling of harbor elder sister defends affection for this paragraph, luck brings group author also was to wait 27 years, after the woman divorces, go together eventually. Another painted eggshell is, many netizens show drama is medium small of 3 Mandy map is big Ma Zhi name beautiful a general term for young women is young 3 Mandy and content of characters in a play still was put homonymic. Knowing this is the resemblance that the history always has dreariness, still be coincidence, anyway ” familial honor ” it is rich and powerful family takes a Hong Kong completely held! Had not chased after the little elder brother of drama and little elder sister, this one is chased after surely! Be good theatrical work of a year!

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