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Original title: Does the flower open a month did round Shen Xing move to be together with Zhou Ying? Does the flower open a month who is round main actor? The flower opens a month round Shen Xing moves and Zhou Ying was not together. Actually Shen Xing moves fall in love with Zhou Ying before Wu Pin, just as a child of coddle since childhood himself he was not aware of, zhou Ying is a very special existence all the time in his heart, zhou Ying is different from the servant girl of the resign oneself to adversity in the home, meeting backchat can revolt, the childe that Shen Xing moves to stand high above the masses as, want conquer Zhou Ying all the time, how does this kind of hard strength meet Dan Zhouying to submit oneself to the rule of easily.

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at this time Wu Pin appeared, the Wu Pin of gentle adn cultivated saves Zhou Ying at extreme misery, those who bring Zhou Ying is to include completely with warmth, zhou Ying plunges into the river that take love directly, did not come out all one’s life, even if be later,Wu Pin dies, zhou Ying faces the Shen Xing that goes after her all the time to move, still did not nod to agree, even if be Shen Xing moves all sorts of bright in dark the help in gives aid to she, until lose life for her, perhaps be in that momently, zhou Ying likes Shen Xing to move, after all the person is sentient, but was being missed is to miss, of Wu Pin good let Zhou Ying be defended all one’s life, and Shen Xing moves accompanied Zhou Ying half a lifetime, fail to change Hui Zhouying’s heart thoroughly as before however, most propbably this also is Shen Xing moves this gives birth to the biggest regret.

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Does the flower open a month who is round main actor? The flower opens a month round main actor is grandson couple, chen Xiao, he Rundong. Sun Lijiu did not need me to say more, the fame of empress or imperial concubine of the first rank and acting most propbably are nobody do not know nobody not dawn, go out this act ” the flower opens a month round ” female advocate, of character depict still be not haunt. The fame of Chen Xiao and He Rundong also is those who comparative is tall, two people are performing art circle to also having decisive place, this 3 people are strong strong together, enemy of affection love hate is daedal, intrigue against each other covers Lu Manman.

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The young associate that likes actors of these 3 actual strength clique and this the story of a play or opera is at ease chase after.

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