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Original title: ” familial honor ” than miserable contest, “Wash white ” Gu Luo appearance can be discharged only the 3rd “Li Caihua says Gu Luo appearance is complete theatrical work the most miserable ” ascend hot search a list of names posted up, this is being taken those who avenge a play is female match, she just halfway is washed white, after that the label that suddenly change one’s identity stuck life conqueror.

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Such luxuriant life, if also can say,be gloomy, that also too madam Fan Ersai! Do not cross in all fairness, the childhood misfortune of Gu Luo appearance is a fact, her ideal life relies on luck and his effort completely, because this is in ” familial honor ” in comparing miserable contest, “Wash white ” Gu Luo appearance still can be discharged the 3rd! The 4th, meet a person not kind and gentle Ma Yaozu, it is good skill that he succeeds the successor that Ma Yaozu of card batter down is Martens group, because his bright life marries a fault the person stops abruptly. Final, he uses the price of life, realize oneself error.

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Ma Yaozu is in Home Ma originally in 3 sons, he is to be paid close attention to a most, want him to follow the prescribed order to work and live only, he wins easily on the scratch line. Regrettablly, beautiful beautiful big little Ma Yaozu one situation is bad step by step wrong, his miserable life all chooses a mistake because of oneself, accordingly, he can be discharged only in comparing miserable contest the 4th. Fact of the 3rd name, childhood of Gu Luo appearance is miserable, the appearance of Gu Luo winning the home that also is finally however is the child of a bitter life, because of her birth, her maternal Gu Guilian steps Ma Jia’s entrance door without the qualification from now on, she a can ceaseless blame she with abreacting the heart resents mediumly.

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Later, gu Guilian dies, she is sent toward orphanage again. Cherish her rancor is grown, plan to avenge all the time, for this, she is married by hook and crook Ma Jia. Ma Yaotang trusts to hers and include, melted her icebound heart, she puts down animosity to embrace happiness. When ending, she conceived a boy-girl twin, her happy life from this formal sailing. The 2nd name, horse exhibits grand avenge Ma Zhanhong of all in vain (Zhang Zhilin is acted the role of) it is a clever person, in Martens group, he all the time very influential force.

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because of such, the horse exhibits Hong Congming to turn over by clever by accident, he just hears ” Mr Ma kills Mr Ma ” , he maintains uncle Ma Shihong is the murderer that kills his father dead, then, the vengeance that he begins himself a major programme of lasting importance. Till ending when, he just realizes he is wrong, he immediately wake up to and avoid danger at the last moment, however as before cannot the palm accuses overall situation. His love also is a jest, zhen Xin is used only to him, he still is waiting for him hard, he urges life to Bei all because of have one’s view of the important overshadowed by the trivial! Kind of clear of the first name, horse thinks married love, the result is used from A to Z

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Ma Zhaoci just is the girl with complete the most miserable theatrical work, because she is outside the daughter with unripe room, she is in Home Ma as a child is small transparent. At the father of the career, take care of her without energy, because she is daughter body, she is in Home Ma is to be without a position more, for familial business, she is married even finally impersonal, such it is complete theatrical work undoubtedly most wretch. The Long Wenbiao of return to the fold, he marries Ma Zhaoci to be wife, because,not be love, expand further for familial career however.

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As Jin Long collect steers a boat roundly person, after he knows very well Martens group loses Ma Yaozu and Ma Shihong, group interior does not have outstanding controller. Then, he had the opportunity that take the advantage of empty and enters. Marry Ma Zhaoci, let Long Wenbiao can enter Martens with the identity of husband, the even if in his hand has the share of 5% only, he also can have certain speech to counterpoise.

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The Long Wenbiao with dark idea, can you mother to equestrian clear how again absorbed? This girl fact is miserable, she thinks can turn the 2nd Gu Luo into appearance, on actually pace the follow of her mother, she feels very weak also in the existence of dragon home in the future!

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