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Original title: Delay changes subject matter teleplay to be banned, the netizen makes a noise overturn the heavens, the opera that has reduced blueness does not have the day that come forward Everybody is good, I am feline father has joy. Before long the government was given out before ban recreation to change nurturance kind program, and ban delay to revise play, look in order to look antecedent condition comes actually, prohibit abandoning oneself to revising play is a trend, especially rice group random elephant should be administered more. This feline father talks to change the view of drama to delay. Ban delay to change

20220203165213 61fc083de397d

The program on the network is very easy now make misdirect to adolescent, the circumstance cat father that the meal encircles is not to understand very much, only clear inside the each other of vermicelli made from bean starch that is a few make a fuss about an imaginary illness rips occasion. As to this ban delay to change, also be to maintain teenage mind, safeguard a network to purify. To this decision, feline father supports very much, after all present teleplay blindly for discharge, revise the plot of a play with respect to demon, return disclose to cross a lot of shameful means to come sale is very disgraceful. The opinion is differ

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Indeed, prohibit this abandoning oneself to vermicelli made from bean starch of some revising play is grouchy, because had killed green teleplay,have many, this child prohibited in the round, the star that sees less than jubilation. Indeed, chase after a star to look in me without the fault, but also should have degree, do not know from when to begin, pat delay to changed teleplay to become the shortcut that male star have a skyrocketing rise sheds into the top.

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Some play staffs are more disgraceful, the sale of abysmal line this work, the key is a try to palm off sth. inferior to what it purports to be, think to want only recumbent a work can eat old. I saw the play staff of a lot of have ulterior motives however here, to earn money the bottom line did not want. Some A makes is a typical case, I am right view of it doesn’t matter of these two actors, after all I am very good-looking also their teleplay that two people perform.

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Also be from this department theatrical work begins of course, very much male star found famous method it seems that, squeeze those who break a head to want to perform this play, imagining have a skyrocketing rise. Esteem origianl work

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Will look according to home market, this kind of teleplay just attracts one fraction group to look, a good theme can give this teleplay to add a lot of window really. Regrettablly is impossible hundred reductive origianl work, increased to cross careful so a few do not have necessary show share.

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The delay that did not broadcast now changes drama to have a lot of, feline father believes to have the teleplay that pats very well, regrettablly the opportunity is incorrect, anyway feline father begins to had not seen teleplay from last year. A lot of people that seek a star are saying true regrettablly the elder brother’s acting, feline father wants to say only here, do not sympathize with a day of star that can earn hundred thousands of, you still are inferior to sympathizing with your more.

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Calculated the sport that this a certain actor takes to be hidden by snow, he also won’t is short of miss other opportunities, some actor natural resources are very substantial still, you should believe to be able to be become have sth used to one’s own advantage in the home of the member that perform, at least in their home all one’s life not anxious food and clothing.

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Feline father did not understand, obviously talk feeling drama also has very good scenario, why to want a sword to go unluckily slant sharp edge choose this kind of subject matter to serve as teleplay, you are patted pat still join a few indescribable female advocate feeling makes fun of, this whose meeting show respect for. To this ban delay to revise play I express very agree, it is recreation of small numerous circle originally, why hold tight is worn do not put, I remembered seem even if be being worn, the each other of vermicelli made from bean starch that appears even rips a circumstance to also be concerned with this. Say so, it is so difficult to set his mind at to pat a good-looking teleplay to have? Must choose this kind of theme why, directors are in charge of learning to learn other play staff to go up and choose in dress much intention went above the actor.

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