Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: ” treasure lotus lamp ” should break up again pat? Netizen: Who was thrown toward my childhood ” atom bomb ” ? ” treasure lotus lamp ” be 90 hind the memory of generation person, although the character inside, looking like is COS, but acting and gut are very good, once fashionable spends period of time. Talk Yan Zhi, agalloch eaglewood, 8 emperor child, spirit of small fox, 2 man, it is 3 goddess this very small part, also grow very beautifully. Even if is now, she looks at this film, also one kind takes the place of strongly to feel.

20220203165229 61fc084daf365

Beyond everybody’s expect, ” treasure lotus lamp ” be in when after lying between several years again retake, not only such, in a series of stage photo that announce in the government, caused the in an uproar of countless netizens more, among them the modelling of a few main actors simply ” hot eye ” . Come 10 this years, break up send the tidal current that had made whole entertainment group, a lot of classic movies, can be in when lie between old later, be broken up to be patted, and still appeared several, but however neither one is better than original, because gut is not quite touching,not be, because the actor’s acting is not quite good,also not be, however because piece the deficiency that just goes up in creation. A lot of people feel, have an off-the-peg scenario, want to have sufficient financing and actor only, can overtake, surmount even, after all present movie and TV is made and later period is made, better than before too much and too much, can realize when them, clown is him, did not compare with original photograph not only, be scolded so that dog blood drenchs instead first. The most important is, her oversight a few detail, be about to show for instance ” treasure lotus lamp ” , this film invested many capital, the actor inside also is brilliant and cheesy, but make up to be done not have so exquisite, originally although small jade looks very simple, but very lovely also. But now?

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What look above all is avalokitesvara, resembling is dress ancient costume, wearing a suit ancient costume, multicoloured, without the flavour of bone of air channel of the least bit celestial being, mix however ” red Lou Meng ” in Liu grandmother exactly like. Sun Wu sky is more exaggerative, not only hair grey, and still besmearing on the face the dye of a wine, resembling it seems that is a horrible film. Pardonable also netizens are scolding: “Be who plays the nucleus cast me in one’s childhood? ” besides make up and the contrast of the hair, the appearance of hero also did not make a person satisfactory, besides ” Chen Qing makes ” medium male one extra, of the others is look unfamiliar, come compared with Cao Jun, the hero of this new theatrical work, little a few minutes of spark, much a few cent scholar are elegant.

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As to ” 2 man spirit ” , that is more miserable, in origianl work, jiao Enjun can be the first person of be worthy of, not only acting is good, and grow very handsomely still, the 2 man that act in the film are magical, the limelight that is a leading role Chen Xiang more gives pressed go down.

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