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Original title: Wang Lihong divorces: Feminine arousal, affection suffers achieving is the biggest shove a hand These two days are full of in all sorts of Wang Lihong’s news, still one swarm does not have confirmed underground amour, dan Tan says in vain, those who circle in my heart is two problems however:

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If 1. comes again again, before returning 8 years, can Li Jing bud still choose marriage again? Although I am not her, but compare the heart the heart, if be the object that adores all the year round with me, although I know he has incomputable woman rear, although even if we marry,I know, this paragraph of marriage also can not calm certainly, even we also can not go final certainly, I understand all these, can I still make same choice? Hit in my heart cold quiver, I feel inclination machine is tall like rate. The reason depends on, wang Lihong and Li Jing bud in their all and open photograph, the affection of the admire admire in eyes of Li Jing bud is without cloak.

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2. Wang Lihong and Li Jing bud also gave birth to a daughter. If your daughter grows an adult, made my fault in the past, choose same target with you again, charming, busy, attractive, amorous, have ability, ego, so can I prevent her to be together with the other side? I think most person is of the meeting, but also the heart knows most condition next not holding back. Of this kind of metempsychosis perform, to a few females, it is the harm that cannot avoid. Be brought up in the family that lacks father when a girl when, they can arise to be being taken oneself ” lofty on ” of male aureola admire. This kind of feeling is not close affection or mother love is OK of cram. This kind is short of breaking is unique, always need the man give, ability lets the cram longing from inside caution. The arousal of female self-awareness, all along is not to come from achievement, come from defeat however. This is the female’s distress. The female ases if to be met give more feeling by set natively, as if most person seeks the target that can allow him affection put forth effort in effort all one’s life, but substantial, the female’s backside is the expectation of whole society. The sort of: “You did not come or want those who have a good a home to return to to expect ” , those to ” lone it is social effects of pollution ” curse and evaluation. The cross that Li Jing bears on bud body, perhaps be social collective consciousness is projectile, it is social collective is added to place of outstanding and single woman all a variety of panic and angst. If be inevitable by affection harm, this also is not kind of distress only certainly, the likelihood also is a kind lucky. The sensation that becomes them gets hurt, the affection that realizes oneself when them cannot rely on someone, after they lose exert oneself to nod, pay all the year round, suffer, be destroyed, the deathtrap that is buy gives birth to the price that place should pay after that. They can borrow this to obtain with the renascence like bath fire phoenix, the heart that can feel oneself again what admire oneself afresh is Jiang Ren, distinctive, and this kind often can last sturdily all one’s life with independence.

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