Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: The wave of gold of broken bits dad of besmear cliff loose personate and fondling are like the Li Haichao of the life, different person sets acting top-ranking Recently, act the leading role by Zhou Xun, Huang Lei, Tu Songyan, Liu Lili ” small quick home ” heat is sowed, in drama Tu Yan loosens personate wave of former husband gold, this man is collect really ” broken bits male ” ” broken bits dad ” for an organic whole, the tooth of hate letting a person is crawly. Want him to come on the stage only every time, barrage is all sorts of rancorring, the utterance that all sorts of dead favor, it is lively very.

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But heated up sowed big play 2019 ” the name with family ” in his personate good father Li Haichao, he loves her daughter plum needle in drama, the child of others adopted in the meantime, to 3 children meticulously take care of, say he loves children to had been been exaggerative not at all, of firm firm harvested reputably.

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Broken bits of besmear cliff loose personate male not be two, for instance ” double-faced glue ” medium ” Mom treasure male ” Li Yaping, ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” in ” phoenix male ” Feng Chunsheng, very long period of time, everybody maintained him is ” villain in drama ” specialist. Every time he comes out, look at him to look like the appearance of obsequious, the bad firm in actually bottom of the heart, want to lying between screen direct fan of big shoe a copy kept as a record goes.

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The broken bits in play he male, act in a play public praise is all along pretty good. No matter be person of stand or fall or hellion, it is what part no matter, he can act to go in popular feeling it seems that, or be scolded miserable or the flower that be become by boast. Of the personate in two drama same the man as father, but broken bits of dad of a broken bits male, a fondling is like a life, the person sets huge of two kinds of contrast, by incisively and vividly of besmear cliff loose deductive, broken bits with respect to broken bits after all, good good in the end. Expect character of this kind of old show more films.

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