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Original title: Broadcast the most pleasant stage is entered gradually after 16 collect, gut is compact, female advocate show real features, be worthy of is Yao Jinling Offended the woman that ought not to offend, direct still face-off. Huang Hao like that the boast ancestor of personate just was released from prison do not have two collect, died. Yao Jinling is Yao Jinling really if really, firm rises everybody is let off!

20220203165350 61fc089e6aa12

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” familial honor ” the Zhen Xin in for in one’s hand fame and gain does not disappear, continue to sit firm company CEO and the seat of room old old woman, look for a person to control the lover of boast ancestor and daughter, inopportune, two people are at large in leaving pilot course, actually lose one’s footing falls downhill and dead. This also came up against the bottom line of boast ancestor, core of even if discriminate was about to produce, he still wants to divorce with her face-off.

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Zhen Xin can not be stubble of be apt to, does the thing that gave me still think recapture goes? So, when traffic accident happening, she a person walked.

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And boast ancestor dies at spot of traffic accident explosion. The plot of a play of this a few part begins to be quickened suddenly, boast ancestor is released from prison resembled changing a person like, impolite to everybody, do not hear father word, do not study brotherly situation. Of one mind should start a career, redeem ascendancy. Suspect when him good brother Zhan Honghe loves wife discriminate core to have especially after having an affair with, it is the make a decision that reduce attack more. How, grand like that elder brother, you offended the woman that ought not to offend… Zhen Xin’s preexistence can be the Yao Jinling with method hot firm. Say so, in daughter-in-law of Ma Jiasan height, those two are added had not fought core of 2 daughter-in-laws discriminate together, because she is sought,move after that surely, and went up boat by hook and crook.

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Ma Zhanhong (Zhang Zhilin) the love to her, she is early with respect to be clear at the bosom, it is her the castle of OK and solid position just. She everybody does not love, love the child in oneself and abdomen only. After boast ancestor is dead, she looks at the photograph of boast ancestor, say coldly, your hardship is hit spell everything what come, be destined leave me darling!

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Boast ancestor just cooperates Zhen Xin to go up so tool person ah, pitiful. And core seeing discriminate continues to perform the true, performance reason has a principle, see her evildoing be done again, final how wind up.

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