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Original title: ” colorfully decorated lantern 3 ” will leave sow! In Feburary piece sheet recommends: ” first love ” renew leading edge, 19 ban hot come on stage

20220203165417 61fc08b9cf3c2

What theatrical work should be sought during wanting to spend the New Year? Might as well referenced Netflix2 month piece sheet is recommended! Was about to open sowed work in Feburary, almost ministry department is the topic is made newly, the person is angry ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” be about to broadcast the 3rd season, ” first love that bagatelle ” firebug act sweethearts renews leading edge, still have hot 19 ban, let a person must defend to the last opens the arrival that broadcasts day ah ~

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Piece sheet recommends 1: ” blind marriage tries love: Japan piece ” broadcast day: Will light be to chat to you can drop into the love net August Feburary? Sow at leaving on Feburary 13, 2020 ” blind marriage tries love ” , was about to roll out in Feburary this year ” blind marriage tries love: Japan piece ” , suffer fully expect! Japan piece maintain some the program is special seeing to be less than arrangement, let Japanese single men and women can chat in room and the other side only, the deepness that passes through content of sound, talk knows the other side, and the two people that have good opinion each other are in propose after the success, can meet, with be engaged the identity has honeymoon together ~ is right, the first time when meet even if having honeymoon, after all the beginning that this honeymoon can be amour, enter marriage, or. . . . . . Part company?

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Piece sheet recommends 2: ” men and women of lift a ban ” broadcast day: Will adapt in November in Feburary enrage caricature from the person ” men and women of lift a ban ” brand-new love film, gut tells about Zhi You of Zheng of beauty of duty field iceberg (Xu Xuan is acted the role of) , receive Zheng Zhihou by accident in the company (Li Junrong is acted the role of) wrap up, discover the special leaning of the other side accidentally. Think the Zhengzhi that can be mocked is thick formerly, discover Zheng Zhiyou did not sneer at not only, can make allowances for him instead, hearten say: The host that becomes me please! And the Zheng Zhiyou that never has had so exciting concern, promise to launch the private concern of 3 months with the other side! After all how can the feeling of S of bird of this paragraph of dish and ace M develop again?

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Piece sheet recommends 3: ” one hundred and ninety-five thousand one hundred and ninety-one ” broadcast day: Will look in December in Feburary 19 ban ” men and women of lift a ban ” the introduction, change pure and fresh Luo Man next history the story is in confused and queasy 1998, bai Li of 22 years old of teenagers is pressed down (Na Zhu conspicuous is acted the role of) with girl of 18 years old Luo Xi (Jin Taili is acted the role of) acquaintance, did not think of 3 years two people experienced in the future together however the process of traumatic, misunderstanding, mutual self-healing. 23 years old are mixed 19 years old they are mutual 24 years old of harm, their interdepend with 20 years old, and 25 years old love each other eventually with a years of that 21 years old two people, a music goes romance sweet green romance.

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Piece sheet recommends 4: ” the people of weather office: The love inside the company is brutal history piece ” broadcast day: What will be forecasted harder than the atmosphere of irregular change multiterminal in Feburary in December? It is love of atmosphere bureau employee probably! Weather office manager forecasts Guan Chenxia Beijing (Piao Minying is acted the role of) , one end length talked to amount to 10 years in the company, the office amour of treat of marriage, but feeling is not suitable part company finally wind up. Li Shiyu of this stylish subordinate (Song Jiang is acted the role of) report for duty, the duty field life that lets her appears queasy. This individual character and she disparate employee always lets her be perturbed, cannot help caring about again however, is it possible that. . . . . . Do oneself like to go up he?

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Atmosphere, it is to connect 1% change odds cannot of error forecast, and the love that happens in atmosphere bureau, the alarmingly dangerous that if 1 % machine is led,also appears changes! Because secret love concerns, old Xia Jing and Li Shiyu cautious be not discovered, but love how must Tibet live? The jealous when seeing the other side and opposite sex colleague get along, appointment within an inch of is worked in the same place to meet by chance, how should the love of two people undertake?

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Piece sheet recommends 5: ” AI love story ” broadcast day: In Feburary 15 months by ” first love that bagatelle ” Mao Ruier of Europe of leading role of male and female (Mario) , Ping Caina is happy Weisepabuen (Baifern) cooperate once more ” AI, be being confused to express by many first love is year sees work surely absolutely, can wait this with casing love after all full 12 years! A mistake 100, the AI much cloth that is about to wash out, in pull with the mankind graceful (Pingcaina is acted the role of) every day confabulate, the other side is fallen in love with after chatting, but does the robot want how to love each other with the mankind? Because of an accident, AI much cloth takes human man cling to cloth (Ou Maorui Er is acted the role of) in the body, the much cloth that becomes the mankind decides to use cling to cloth identity pursuit is pulled graceful, pull after all graceful can you agree?

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Piece sheet recommends 6: ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” the 3rd Ji Kaibo day: In Feburary from the first, 2 season lift discussion of the whole people ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” , the advent of the 3rd season was about to salute in Feburary! Gut is told about produced suspense homicide event one case 1988, and the victim is day type hotel unexpectedly ” smooth ” she in!

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By Luo Yunong (Lin Xinru is acted the role of) with Su Qingyi (Yang Jin is braw) manage ” smooth ” , be in going up is very famous public house, amorous feelings of the young lady below the banner 10 thousand kinds, the guest that has in an endless stream everyday calls in. Did not expect the happening of homicide case lets ” smooth ” not answer associate with, everybody has the suspicion of killing victim to be in, who is the murderer? Because what reason commits murder be because what reason commits murder,?

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Above is Netflix2 month piece sheet is recommended, suspense drama, love drama, 19 ban love drama to have to show of true person true condition, does everybody want to which chase after most?

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