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Original title: ” lens twin city ” : Li Yifeng goes out again perform ancient costume theatrical work, this not what hotspot does drama have? ” lens twin city ” : Li Yifeng goes out again perform ancient costume theatrical work, what hotspot does this drama have? Li Yifeng is in recreational condition almost in recreational group in last few years, the ancient costume teleplay that acts the leading role by him recently ” lens twin city ” begin to broadcast. A lot of people think of because of this couplet Li Yifeng is in ” annals of high official position ” medium expression, aroused a full memory.

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The Li Yifeng expression in drama is very wonderful. When although be in,this drama early days is publicized, somebody offerred different view to Li Yifeng. A lot of people like Li Yifeng, be connect because of his fully, and his do not show the vigor with not roric hill. Be in before Li Yifeng’s acting also is to get for a time the doubt of the audience, a lot of people think she is in the expression in drama is too inflexible. This kind of his censure to the outside, a bit was not done piece any response, promote oneself deduction ceaselessly capability however, use another wonderful work will move audience. As Neozoic actor, li Yifeng always can promote his acting ceaselessly, be communicated ceaselessly to oneself elder and learn, do one’s best brings new show and new role for everybody.

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The Li Yifeng in drama also is Yan Zhi take on, a black gown special Jing is colourful. A lot of people saw on Li Yifeng’s body ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed ” shadow, because he demonstrates style and trait always,this also is. The Su Mo in drama and white Ying cruel love it may be said was to draw up the height with new love of ancient costume drama. ” lens twin city ” this drama uses a kind of exquisite brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy, showed lead of male and female to us ceaseless between worldly metempsychosis the process that each other help atone for. A lot of people have Li Yifeng to pass medium act in strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword, of brandish do not go, a lot of more pardonable also the person calls it the national male god in ancient costume drama.

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The feeling of Su Mo and white Ying is a hotspot in drama, although two people each other love each other, but hinder to cannot be together at real pressure. There is good the plot of a play already in drama, also have a men and women advocate the animosity between. Although all these is misunderstanding, but of the gut in the heart in the audience or special cruel. Although allegedly clue of a lot of stories is fiction, but with the respect that make in the design of later period special esteem origianl work is mixed to the part the description of the clue, strive to show a kind of true atmosphere and scene to the audience. Female advocate the home in seeking oneself to dream all one’s life, that is one does not have chaos caused by war and dispute, the place of special peace.

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Men and women advocate between mixed feeling and rough affection road, added new hotspot for drama of this ancient costume. A lot of people like to go up to the book the reason of this drama, the likelihood is the part itself because of Li Yifeng. But develop as the gut from the back, each person in drama left very deep impression to the audience, became great master the does not go part of the brandish in the heart. This drama avoided the pain spot of drama of a lot of ancient costume very well, communicated a kind of different experience to the audience.

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