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Original title: ” roam about the earth ” the acting that be approved is poor, ” germinant ” regression makes a face, latent capacity of Zhao Jin wheat is inestimable The playlet that a time circulates recently ” germinant ” heat is sowed, men and women advocate peace the heart that the murderer that carries bomb fought to hold an audience closely in the life-and-death on the bus, let netizens be urged in succession want to see below one market more. The new theatrical work that this noonday sunshine manufactures, go up often hot search, do not have new theatrical work to be able to be rivalled to it with schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater, to the half succeeding for this drama.

20220203165509 61fc08eded6ac

Female advocate personate person Zhao Jin wheat entered masses field of vision again, unlike the part of high school student before her, what this she acts is the female undergraduate that encounters time circulates, prevent bus accident hand in hand with Bai Jingting, save everybody, in medium adventures, the passenger that boards with the bus gradually produces more be mixed, final unlock finishs sth the truth of affection. Accurate for ” germinant ” be with female advocate the drama that is a center, the first person that encounters an accident and the greatest power that solve an accident are female from beginning to end advocate, because,be such, this drama gave the space with Zhao Jin quite large wheat to let her reveal her, when gut begins, a person experiences Zhao Jin wheat what behave circularly the sort of indissolubling, confused, flurried, have the play of appropriate. Among them the 7th, 8 market men and women advocate peace of the murderer fight, it is the 2 market that blast of the acting that be called cracks more, female advocate the anguish that faces death lets person sense be the same as experience.

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Very small age begins the Zhao Jin wheat of the performance, let the masses remember for the first time or ” roam about the earth ” in traitorous girl Han, han Duo either demand happy role, she works not plan sequential, love cries, actuation and capricious, let an audience very hard like, among them Han Duo broadcast part assumed the whole world to wash white man content and the responsibility that shift gut to the climax again. This has higher demand to acting and force of actor’s lines work, the expression that is wheat of that moment Zhao Jin regrettablly very is like person meaning very much, in ” roam about the earth ” after conflagration, a lot of people spit groovy daughter advocate global broadcast resembles reading aloud textbook. The film the acting to the actor is more severe than teleplay exacting all the time, wheat of still small Zhao Jin still cannot produce age freely is understandable also. After the film, the acting of Zhao Jin wheat is spat more miserable intense of groove, this also lets her be in ” roam about the earth ” did not get after the end too much attention.

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The Zhao Jin wheat later progresses in ground of all sorts of do a job with skill and ease of part of high school student, from ” the teenager is sent ” medium Lin Miaomiao arrives ” fast take away my elder brother ” medium Miao Miaomiao, ” first love that bagatelle ” medium Xia Miao vasts, can see producer and audience are defined to her figure, adjacent home, clever, beautiful, when having, the leading role because of teleplay is ordinary girl is gone to even ugly dress up, zhao Jin wheat resembles is student times tastes the goddess that learns double actor, showing spirit of a scroll, this also was in her confine above student part.

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But wheat of ambitious Zhao Jin is not a bureau be confined to this kind of part, ” exquisite ” another kind of attempt that is her, play of ancient costume idol, this drama did not lift too big spray, the figure of Zhao Jin wheat too too contemporary, her appearance slants lovely suit ancient costume not quite.

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Zhao Jin wheat is in ” germinant ” in had behaved, it is female undergraduate and conform to of her oneself figure, 2 it is female advocate disposition is idiosyncratic without what highlight, 3 it is force of actor’s lines work has progress. Female advocate state of mind is sturdy and hopeful, disposition goodness, although be the tool person that urges the plot of a play, but developing a space to the actor is some, and those who regard suspense as drama is female advocate, the job that should assume above all is to take an audience to enter gut, wheat behaves this Zhao Jin very outstandingly.

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The first concentration awakes on the bus mistily, bringing pair of experience indissoluble and show resourcefulness in an emergency pulls Bai Jingting to get off, constabulary inquiry is faced in the hospital, hesitation still has the doubt to oneself, can draw the audience in gut. And the performance of Zhao Jin wheat is to those who jump over nature arrive more from the back, also can explain why the 7th collect the 8th collect comes out netizens say acting blast is cracked in succession, many audiences feel to be admired by Jing of Zhao Jin wheat, someone says she will be the successor of little girl film even.

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Really in last few years perform art circle to appear rarely like Zhao Jin wheat is so medium the actor of the quadrature in compasses, although 00 hind what floret has actual strength to have name more more than her is not little. Several work and weight award the Zhang Zifeng that adds a body, endowment player Wen Qi, even the Liu Hao that national division Zhang Yi seeks force to hold in both hands is put, compare at other a few figure and work, the figure of Zhao Jin wheat more in according with audience heart, be opposite 00 hind the expectation of floret. The part that she receives is more unified, it is adolescent child almost, although acting does not calculate masterly but all the time actual strength is online firm in have litre, her figure and the part that she selects have more sufferring numerous.

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Present acting returns Zhao Jin wheat have promotion space, especially she just is read now big 2, in in before the performance method of the system that play study reachs is correcting her act in a play means, the acting that also can let her more essence of life is entered. And besides appearance, she is having the temperament with a comfortable feeling letting a person, her performance even if so not perfect also let a person have the desire that sees. Be opposite from her nevertheless on the choice of play road, want the likelihood that take prize to a paragraph of longer way wants, the little girl image that she fits, the actor of OK and referenced same show road has red of Luo of Bai Baihe, king, Zhou Dongyu, their acting is very outstanding, but do not encounter have the part of deepness or do not have a predestined relationship with large award.

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This ” germinant ” gave female advocate play space, the part that admires Jing of Zhao Jin wheat showed the public before, set is outstanding but meaning of play within an inch of, female advocate male advocate the Npc that just urges the plot of a play, be in to the character’s mining stay in more easy to read and understand part, the action person that performs the figure of people of such a tool likes the glamour that also is Zhao Jin wheat to be in. As at present 00 hind in can carry most one of 4 floret that have booking office, hope wheat meets Zhao Jin more him training acting, give an audience a satisfactory exam paper.

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