Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: ” first love this bagatelle ” men and women advocate of collaboration new piece ” AI love story ” be about to go up line On January 19, by ” first love this bagatelle ” what peace of abstruse · Mao Ruier collects graceful · Le Weise to send Boon to cooperate in horse of leading role of male and female is new piece ” AI love story ” release formal. Showed 2010 ” first love this bagatelle ” , basically told about Pingcaina because the urine that · Le Weise sends cloth favour personate likes to go up to learn handsomely to grow A Liang, the life produces the story of tremendous change. Of type of a Thailand only the sweetness that beautiful youth let an audience recall first love and acerb. Domestic audience has very high opinion to this film, fabaceous valve gives a mark 8.5, nearly 900 thousand person participates in dozen of cent. Because this is become,peace of Er of abstruse · Maorui collects graceful · Le Weise to send Boon to cooperate again in the horse roll out new a short while, a lot of audiences express ” father blueness is answered ” ! Say ” AI love story ” be 2 edition ” first love this bagatelle ” .

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About ” AI love story ” (AILoveYou) ” AI love story ” also be by interpret ” AI falls in love with you ” , by the big Safanate that defend A (” deadly time ” ) hold guide, basically told about a breakdown 100 artificial intelligence robot (· Mao Ruier acts the role of Maliao) the front faces the destiny that is washed out, hide because of falling in love with a woman into a human body of the man’s flesh and blood however, spent leave no stone unturned wins beautiful woman fragrant heart. Story content respect, with film of high public praise ” her ” (Her) some are similar.

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Besides premonitory besides, the government still released formal placard, because have the placard element likeness of very much element and number one player, also cause a netizen to spit groove.

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” AI love story ” will go up on Feburary 15 line Netflix, expect? # of #AI love story

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