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Original title: ” the city of time ” ” on Rong Jia ” : Make screen dominant position of Wei Zhou, how to highlight? You Jingtian, Xu Weizhou acts the leading role ” the city of time ” leave tonight sow. As 2022 drama of legend of first the Republic of China, avenge + cruel is loved, and Jing Tian from ” Si Teng ” hind power of had net drama appeal, ” the city of time ” it is early at the beginning of this month when announcing to decide archives, be valued by the netizen. And the hero that regards this as drama ” on Rong Jia ” , xu Weizhou whether with personate heroine ” Feng Shizhen ” Jing Tian cooperates tacit understanding, become 2022 CP of first pairs of screens, become naturally can make vermicelli made from bean starch people the focus of attention.

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” the city of time ” Xu Weizhou, Jing Tian from 2016 net drama ” addiction ” hind, successional output includes Xu Weizhou ” dear hemp foreign market ” , ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” , ” honorable ping-pong ” inside work of movie and TV of much subject matter, and achievement not common. Domestic waist is small in be born, make screen dominant position of Wei Zhou, highlight already. 01 at present, on domestic teleplay circuit, divide explode greatly drama rolls out Xin Jinding to shed incident of this kind of small probability, small crude structure stabilizes the head basically, the waist is small unripe want to maintain value of the commerce inside luminosity exposing to the sun and promotion line of business, consequent need looks for combinative oneself characteristic to seek the fixed position that follows his quickly.

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” the city of time ” Xu Weizhou is on personate Rong Jia with discharge, famous degree for first, much contact is relatively easy go up idol play; Dedicated still work earns public praise, in the mainstream helping up slowly on drama road. Small to be the representing’s waist in order to make Wei Zhou unripe and character, it is to need those who accept or reject to make, and the addition that two roads needs oneself actual strength and trifling fortune. In the Neozoic actor that rose abruptly 2021, of meaning of Bai Yufan, Zhang Wan strong go up, also release a signal: Relatively flow times, instantly audience is right aesthetic standard of the actor no longer onefold, and the chroma of essence of life that values a part more. Environment of such market public opinion, apparent also more benefit at the waist small diversity recruits actors of unripe, new personality, need not blindly confine is in in getting numerous God theatrical work to mark female vermicelli made from bean starch.

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” honorable ping-pong ” Xu Weizhou 02 return Xu Weizhou, his largest screen dominant position is firm, and this kind is firm, reflect in each respects. On the appearance, although ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” in skin of the chamfer that be spat is too black, cannot enter ancient costume male god. But also must admit, outfit of ancient costume, the Republic of China, contemporary outfit, xu Weizhou all can control, slant especially the male attire of hale wind. This also is the Xu Weizhou on the screen, already can the partner is young the Song Qian of wind of elder sister of pure and fresh Tan Songyun, drive, can admire with Jing again model Gulina is plunged into, the key that the Jing Tian of classic wind matchs one face.

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” skirt of the Neon since wind ” graceful plunge into, Xu Weizhou performs a style to go up, although work measure is not at present much, but expensive in coessential change rate low. Preamble mentions ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” slant annals of ancient costume encourage, ” street of dear Ma Yang ” advocate hit the life to change, ” honorable ping-pong ” belong to green athletics, plus legend of the Republic of China ” the city of time ” with city love subject matter ” everybody knows I love you ” . Can say, the show that Xu Weizhou receives is fewer but better, and each suffer numerous somewhat difference, this for him to showing level, it is a first-rate begin.

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” dear hemp foreign market ” Tan Songyun, Xu Weizhou sums up Xu Weizhou, calculate absolutely on a lot of domestic waists are small an unripe epitome. Acting nature does not give play, although be not done,be in a surprise everywhere at present, but stable and superabundant, plasticity is extremely tall. Have not by some kind screen part place is fixed, can have the opportunity of the attempt many times so, center in drama of each subject matter more acting of can farther burnish, mode of unapt occurrence performance turns an issue.

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Xu Weizhou the article judges Bai Xiaohei to be achieved formerly by amusement, welcome to pay close attention to, take you to grow knowledge together!

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