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Original title: ” bright sword ” in, li Yunlong destroys with 3600 grenade groups hill Qi group, on tactics feasible? Nowadays, various ” fight Phoebus theatrical work ” emerge in endlessly, crotch Tibet thunder, hand rips the demon unreal setting such as devil a lot of, do not respect the picture with true history so, cause misdirect very easily also to the audience. If say in last few years, still calculate fight day well to fight theatrical work, ” bright sword ” can discharge absolutely on renown. Above all, the actor acting of this one teleplay is very online, major gut is more reasonable also, male because this teleplay has his moment,a Li Youbin also is. Nevertheless, ” bright sword ” although very classical, but also have trifling ” similar god drama ” picture. For instance, li Yunlong destroys with group of 3600 antitank grenade hill Qi group, after a lot of people looked excited unceasingly, however in reality feasible really? Today, we talk about this topic.

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Li Jiapo’s battle, word of group of annihilation hill Qi says, li Yunlong because from openly break out of an encirclement, return conveniently smash slope cropland wing, but command because of defy however by discharge duty, went to factory of bedding and clothing becoming a factory director. Later, although returned troop, also did not return former unit, went becoming independent however round. Meanwhile, another Japanese army began big clean-out, just discovered the armory of my army, army of this Japanese army is hill Qi group, immediately, both sides began big fight, hill Qi group does not have backtrack not only, still removed fortification in be stationed of Home Li slope instead. Will look according to the war situation at that time, hill Qi group wants to be bait with oneself, draw more the Eight Route Army, then full wipe out my army. In the hour of such crises, my army launched violent attack immediately, but early or late a few aggression was beaten back. Fight war period, the equipment of the Japanese army wants excel my army, the landform plus Li Jiapo is advantageous to the Japanese army, want put to flight this group of enemy is very bad, and if cannot sudden put to flight, the big unit that waits for the Japanese army arrives, cause chain very easily ” harmful response ” .

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Right now, headquarters thought of Li Yunlong’s independence is round, strictly speaking was to think of Li Yunlong, because his wicked idea is more. Li Yunlong arrived after Li Jiapo, begin to ponder over tactics according to local landform immediately. Li Jiapo’s landform is: The place that place of hill Qi group occupies is ” high point ” , all around although widen, but landform is lower, assault when very adverse. Nevertheless, local soil is exceedingly loose however, this gives me Li Yunlong cuts a point. He lets army look for a few shovel, center completely round grenade together entirely again subsequently, after that to big guy say: “The assault of my army is apart from near 80 meters or so, if the word of take by storm causes huge casualties very easily, so we should adopt a tactics. ” Li Yunlong’s tactics is: “Under the high point of group of preexistence hill Qi gouge 50 meters entrenchment, one step by step outspread to the distance ” center ” 30 meters position, want only right now 3600 grenade a head is tossed entirely go out, hill Qi group can be sufferred inflict heavy losses on ” .

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Below such circumstance, when independent group is attacked, won’t encounter not only inflict heavy losses on, still meet instead relaxed a lot of. What the fact also plans like Li Yunlong in that way, entrenchment is dug after appointing the position, 3600 grenade lost the position of hill Qi group entirely, become independent after that round direct assault, one is attacked broke down hill Qi group. Behavior feasibility of Li Yunlong has how old through afore-mentioned introducing, perhaps also say to had looked ” bright sword ” the person of this teleplay, special to tactical strategy of Li Yunlong admire, can’t help sighing with emotion in the heart: “How can this boy think up so good idea. . . . . . ” just, if put Li Yunlong’s proposal,arrive among reality, where is the feasibility that how many has again? Above all, we will be analysed, li Yunlong’s tactics is divided roughly for two phase, the first phase digs a tunnel namely, the 2nd phase is cast grenade. Digging a tunnel is work of one individual strength, and channel also is controlled 50 meters namely roughly, this job not very is done hard, they also are arranged with respect to what achieved a thing to plan first easily really finally, what do hard is later ” 30 meters ” .

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According to analysis of existing a few data, now nowadays the distance of cast grenade, it is 30 meters are qualification probably, 35 meters are excellent, 40 meters are admirable. Go up from theory for, li Yunlong cast does not have what problem 30 meters, but have a lot of however actually ” doubt ” . Above all, military living standard is relative now better, body ability also can follow go up, just be can achieve 30 meters or so. But, in period of War of Resistance Against Japan, dietary situation of the soldier is not too good, want to maintain this interest to, have a few difficulty indeed. In the meantime, li Yunlong army is attack from next upgrade, and the position still is in the tunnel, the way of cast grenade is more painful, want cast 30 meters appear some are impossible, remove one condition for, although Li Yunlong can cast can be controlled 30 meters, hill Qi group is belonged to from go up to be attacked downward. So, 30 meters are told to them is easy to do more, why hill Qi group need not does grenade strike back? Altogether, 3600 antitank grenade destroy the tactics of hill Qi group, come true very hard in reality, it is mere also can in consist in TV.

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The battle of Nao closing the home if if you understand the history when the War of Resistance Against Japan somewhat, the prototype that discovers battle of Home Li slope not hard is ” the battle of Nao closing the home ” , is the battle of so true Nao closing the home how a kind of circumstance? At that time, front army of Japanese China north undertakes revengeful a gender to the Eight Route Army ” sweeping ” , too travel mountain base area sufferred serious blow, in October 1940, group of Qi of Japanese army ridge is to lead 600 much people more irruptive outside yellow cliff hole, armory of the Eight Route Army in hole of serious minatory Huang Ya is safe. Right now, peng manager gives orders to be at war with ridge Qi group immediately, before long hind ridge Qi group is below my army blow, escape to fortified point of afore-mentioned Nao closing the home that say. Subsequently, peng manager gives orders: “129 division are all army launchs total attack to closing a Nao, eliminate ridge Qi production brigade ” . Nevertheless, nao closing the home is located in too the center of travel area, relief strategic place, Yi Shounan is attacked, and the Japanese army is commanding still. Besides, interior of Nao closing the home still has a lot of cave dwelling, can make firepower point already, can mutual and as covering as other cave dwelling, assist.

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In that one battle, to gain the victory of final battle, my army and group of Qi of Japanese army ridge execute battle of assault fortified positions, position battle, hand-to-hand combat, casualties of the Eight Route Army is very heavy. According to the account of a few data, can realize Japanese army loss roughly 200-400 person, but my army however casualties 2000 much people. Can be imagined, so called ” Li Jiapo ” actually playwrite sums campaign, how many have a ring of light of a few leading role, the real battle in reality is archetypal, want to compare hardship far however, say none exaggeratively ” twice the battle presents contrary state ” . Additional, period of War of Resistance Against Japan, compare the martial force at the Japanese army, the actual strength of my army has very large insufficient part, 3600 grenade are the warlike goods and materials with very big brushstroke, to a group character also is more extravagant, the battle of Home Li slope is much so some rarer ” dream ” . In the meantime, from the point of battle of Nao closing the home, also can experience in those days Chinese soldier has how not easy, each inches of land is seized afresh with each blood, respect letting a person, admire. To this, what view do you have?

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