Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” cruel cat follow-up, drama just gives out statement to say to already called the police, again to turn over or into real hammer into shape The theatrical work of conflagration is very much recently, resemble depending on great power to cloth cover Yan Zhi gives a group ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” , before still having joyous luck the new theatrical work of Yang Zi of one elder sister ” female psychology division ” , still have what mount hot search again and again because of cruel cat incident at Mom of course ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” . Actually ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” this drama also cannot say malformation, but cruel cat incident, the fractional loiter loiter of this drama glides.

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A lot of netizens that believe now have little pet in the home, dog dog is in feline cat not to pass normally, and ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” hire from home of a netizen just about come a cat cooperates to act in a play. And between gut, it is need kill with poison of this cat, work of a lot of movie and TV are met probably a few puppy come to hire cooperate, but general between dead clue metropolis uses specially good effect.

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But ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” what between this drama the cat dies is too distinct, after this cat been havinging a thing, drop table, and be back touchdown. After dropping the ground to go up, the expression of the kitten special ferocious, opisthotonos, apparent right now it is very painful.

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Very apparent see kitten corners of the mouth returns oozy bloodstain, the eye also begins show the whites of eyes, the play staff kill with poison that many netizens oppugn Yu Zheng this kitten. Nevertheless drama just basks in a titbits later, call a kitten work well, and the bloodstain with oozy corners of the mouth is eatable syrup actually, and attach cat Mi licks the video of lap. Nevertheless, video is too false, have apparent P graph mark, netizens will n/COL the head of a family advocate the mother serves hot search. Today before dawn, the play staff issues statement eventually, say to had called the police at present, the person to start a rumour can have severe punishment. We hope feline Mi can be living of course, after all each life is to have clever.

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Very fast, this statement to turn over, netizens discover, above the statement that issues in the play staff, do not have the official seal on the lid, also state this statement does not have legal effectiveness. This namely why, netizens are oppugned again, the cat is dead really, have some of gain that raises a cat even advocate the reason that returns an a few reasonable suspicion.

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The cat is in touchdown when, metropolis 4 legs first touchdown, why to no matter adopt,plant pose, what kitten of this profit from develops is motorial. And ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” the cat in the center, it is the instinct that reacts without the body apparently, so ability back touchdown. More the netizen points out, if the kitten is conscious still, won’t appear absolutely opisthotonos.

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Really, if this cat is not true,encounter risk, either true afflictive, depending on cord to be able to make the motion that person of sell one’s own things astonishs merely, the acting of this cat is too good also, the acting that compares a main actor is fierce still. The issue that mishandles puppy in work of movie and TV actually is more than had appeared, by the dog with dead blast, be waited a moment by the parrot of kill with poison. Do not know everybody feels whether feline Mi still survives really at the world, the welcome leaves a message.

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