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Original title: Chun Wanming star wraps Bell: As a child parents leaves other, maternal posthumous papers makes him mature, it is good man now Click attention, everyday celebrity story touchs you!

20220203165715 61fc096b46598

The person such as the Er that wrap shellfish and Gu Bing in CCTV Hu Nianchun performs essay late ” aglow bag ” on January 31, 2022, the CCTV of the night of the New Year’s Eve spring late, the costar essay such as Er of shellfish of bag of actor of famous movie and TV and sanded excessive, Gu Bing ” aglow bag ” . This essay told about Gu Bing to lose money, do not have money to give a fellow worker aglow package, oneself the car of 200 thousand goes with selling 100 thousand yuan, the friend of means help with farm work with aglow bag discharges care to see bad thing, eulogize terrestrial the true. The bareheaded about that wrapping Bell still is foolish of a pair of foolish, special be pregnant feels. Add him not to show the cold humour of the trace, make an audience more hep and like this bareheaded little elder brother. The Er that wrap shellfish is graduated from Beijing film institute to perform class of three-year institution of higher learning, acted the leading role ” Gong Suozhu shade ” ” send us eventually will parting youth ” ” harbor ” ” my adolescence ” ” fatso action group ” ” jubilate nark ” wait for work of many 70 movie and TV, there is very tall person energy of life in the audience. The Er that wrap shellfish as a child parents leaves other, a lot of hardships is experienced in the process that he grows, a posthumous papers that is a mother lets him traitorous mature for an instant… 01

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The Er that wrap shellfish has had unpleasant childhood, boyhood, he is grown in parental brawl. Annals exceeds Yuan Mingai of the Er that wrap shellfish, was born in Heilongjiang to visit Harbin town 1984. His father is the agent of theater of Harbin children art, mom Bao Feng is illustrious and famous, it is China’s famous shadowgraph Great Master. 1994, the parents when Bell is 10 the bag years old divorced, he was sentenced mom. Bao Feng leaves other before long, troupe of a shadowgraph of Japanese asks her to became an actor in the past. Belong to in home because of shadowgraph small numerous, development space is limited, and the affliction that Bao Feng is bearing to act without play all the time again, agreed.

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In one’s childhood the father that because wrap Bell,wraps Bell went to Guangzhou, bao Feng the mother son him resign to, asked a housekeeper to them. Parents is not beside, grandmother age is old, literacy rate is finite also, the Er wrapping shellfish that lacks adult control resembles the small bronco of a bolt. Parents brings scar to him from different, it is to let him become self-abased more, indrawn, traitorous, grandmother knows what he did outside far from. Mom makes a telephone call from Japan, the Er that wrap shellfish also does not wish to say a word more, mom often is carried then in the phone weep. After elementary school graduates, mom lets wrap Bei Erjin to enter Harbin a private middle school is read lodge, double cease he just winds day grandmother home. Enter adolescence, the Er that wrap shellfish becomes traitorous and stubborn, whose word also does not listen.

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The Er that wrap shellfish he kips, quarrel with the classmate, let a teacher headache unceasingly. First 2 the first semester, include Bell and engage in a gang fight of a few schoolboys, will among them a classmate is hit into cerebral concussion, the result is opened by the school besides. The mother hurrieds back from Japan come, processing wraps Bell to enter the disaster below. Her compensate after medical expenses of brushstroke of the other side, turn the Er that wrap shellfish into Harbin again a public middle school. When Bao Feng is faced, advise in earnest the ground says to the son: “A person is in mom Japan is hit it is not easy to go all out, was the heart that does not let me again being hanged? Son, you do not know, every time the teacher calls to me, I had been not received listen, scalp with respect to pins and needles. ” strange mother of the Er that wrap shellfish did not give him a complete home, strange mother drops him to go to Japan, he enrages bosomy strike ground to say: “I am about to become that thorn in your heart, plunge into you all the time. Plunge into you all the time..

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The Er that wrap shellfish and mother and grandmother are plunged into like thorn of this word resembling go up in Bao Feng heart, she is tearful left Harbin. Bao Feng goes the 3rd year of Japan, remarried with a Japanese book man. The other side also has divorced, without the child, very good to Bao Feng. Bleached the Bao Feng that is in Japan to have an a home to return to eventually. However of the son traitorous, those who became heart of bag sharp edge is painful. After junior high school graduates, the Er that wrap shellfish takes an examination of Harbin a professional high school, learn major of tourist guide English. There are 4 boys only in this class, the others is the girl 46. The Er that wrap shellfish moves to expert, mouth is sweet, can fool the girl, several female classmates like him. The mother’s eldest sister that includes Bell is informed all these, call to Bao Feng anxiously, heart hold tight of Bao Feng became posse, the issue that she worries about to the son makes what exceed what is proper comes, oneself were destroyed to also kill others not only when arriving.

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Bao Feng of bag sharp edge is in the phone firm firm son , carry out economy to block to wrapping Bell next, give him pin money no longer. The Er that wrap shellfish before dawn sent milk at 3 o’clock, in enlighten in be born when the service, make pin money for oneself. 02 2002 year, high finish school of duty of the Er that wrap shellfish, the mother lets him go to Japan developing, he does not wish to go stoutly, want to work in Harbin. The son does not have professional skill, such going down that meet lifetime is low-down. Bao Feng will hurried back this year in June Harbin, take the son Japanese Tokyo forcibly. Stepfather is gentle and kind and kind-hearted, to wrapping Bell with a kind and pleasant countenance, had not said ultra with the word that harms him. Bao Feng wants to let a son stay in Japan to develop, stepfather is willing to make packet of Bell long-term live in not capacious home, this lets a bag there is a warmth in Bei Erxin.

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Bao Feng of the Er that wrap shellfish wants to let a son take an examination of Tokyo university art to fasten, she and husband go looking for the president of Tokyo university. Because wrap Bell to won’t perform dulcimer, a two-stinted bowed instrument with a lower register than Jingo to wait for Chinese musical instrument, also won’t tell Japanese, the performance that the other side suggests the Er that wrap shellfish takes an examination of Tokyo university is. Wrapping Beierjiao to get his is a Chinese, what outlook can the performance have in Japanology? He is shouting to want to go back to the motherland work, mother and daughter produces clash, both sides wept. Final mother makes step of sell one’s own things, er of requirement bag shellfish goes back to the motherland the performance that checks Beijing film institute is. Reluctance of the Er that wrap shellfish agreed. Worry about son break an agreement, bao Feng and little sister get in touch, the little sister is bearing two relation designedly, hurry to Beijing from Harbin. Wrap Bell plane, 3 people are worn with respect to detain he will to Beijing film institute attend professional exam. Next in large half an year, mother’s eldest sister will wrap Bei Ersuo to be in his home, force he reviews literacy class everyday.

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The Er that wrap shellfish 2003, the Er that wrap shellfish takes an examination of Beijing film institute to perform class of three-year institution of higher learning. He graduated after 3 years, carrying satchel on the back to go to a home everyday play staff Jian makes fun of. He goes a play staff gives resume, assistant director receives his resume, bell letting a bag comes home wait for an announcement. Just walked out of guesthouse, the actor that hires shellfish Er him discovery dish forgot to be in the director’s office, return search. In the doorway, he hears assistant director solilo-quize: “Grow such returning to want to become an actor? ” the resume that says the other side to will wrap Bell is lacerate, throw into ash-bin. The Er that wrap shellfish is bearing feel sad to will actor or actress dish take away, in corridor he wept. When after this wraps Bell to print resume again, let resume cross model. He thinks: Such assistant director are ripped did not move, perhaps the other side sees resume which days, can remember oneself.

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The Er that wrap shellfish and Bao Wenjing wrap Bell to rely on walk-on to live in Beijing in those days, he also wants money to mom again without face, hire. During the university, love of the Er that wrap shellfish, cummer wraps the classfellow that Wen Jing is him. She was born in Liaoning 1987, the Bell that compare a bag is small 3 years old. Bao Wenjing is graceful, appearance is beautiful, many schoolboys go after her, but she only alone Er of loving Bao Bei. Height of the Er that wrap shellfish has 1.73 meters only, grow so that also do not calculate handsome, but in Bao Wenjing eye, the Er that wrap shellfish Shuai Youyou ability, disposition is very good still. Bao Wenjing is read big temporarily, she 18 years old is as good as the Er that wrap shellfish went up. After the university graduates, bao Wenjing also does not receive show tardy, float to hold a group in the arms to warm oneself in Beijing to adversity sweethearts. For be economical, they are hired. There is central heating in the room, so cold in the winter that resemble ice house, two people often rely on convenient cover to live. The poorest when, the Er that wrap shellfish and Bao Wenjing cent take a bag of convenient side. 03

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The Er that wrap shellfish ” Oriental new moon ” the chance that stage photo takes sport to search, the Er that wrap shellfish is not afraid of supercilious look and cold face, arrive the play staff is covered with the person close to. 2007, he goes teleplay ” Oriental new moon ” play staff Jian makes fun of. Performance is good during university of the Er that wrap shellfish, what two graduation make fun of to act greatly is hero. In the process that waits for a director, the Er that wrap shellfish sees an old man sits in the room to read newspaper, as big as his Kan hill, say oneself are in the university how ox. Wrapped Bell to wait for a many hours, also fail to wait will direct, went. It is he does not know only, this old man is the director as man of virtual and ability small chase after. After a few days, outside wrapping Bei Eryi, receive ” Oriental new moon ” the phone of the play staff, let him be acted in drama ” Huo Qu is ill ” . His this ability knows the true identity of that old man, it is his guide and support oneself. ” Oriental new moon ” after CCTV broadcasts, viewing rate is quite good. This play shares 45 collection, the Er that wrap shellfish has the show of 18 collect. A man of virtual and ability small it is good to chase after acting of Er of shellfish seeing a package, to ” special mission ” the director of the play staff recommended him.

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The Er that wrap shellfish and bag article Jing such, the Er that wrap shellfish relies on guide and support of good intention person, add oneself outstanding talent, performing art group stand firm gradually calcaneal. After this in a few years, bag shellfish Er goes out again acted ” Yan’an eliminate traitors ” ” cloud sleeve ” ” comrade-in-arms story ” ” Ma Zhen of decisive battle Buddhist templeput on the brakes ” ” one the individual’s shadowgraph ” ” sweet-scented osmanthus works write down ” ” seize grain to suppress bandits write down ” ” I and old Mom, begin to cut a figure in circle of movie and TV. After economic condition improves, the Er that wrap shellfish and cummer moved the 8 small one-storey house of smooth rice, occupy in capacious and bright two bedrooms. Bao Feng feels the son hires a room to live in Beijing not be to one’s profit, still buy a house as oneself. Say son marriage also wants marriage house in the future again, then Bao Feng takes his saving entirely, the Er that wrap shellfish also collect brushstroke money, they made the same score an area to buy a villa in Beijing prosperous. Chang Ping area just is developed at that time, house price is very low, the Er that wrap shellfish and mom did not borrow money, but he also is decorated without money, still hire a room to live.

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The Er that wrap shellfish and mother in May 2012, the Er that wrap shellfish receives maternal telephone call suddenly, let him answer Harbin. What does the Er that wrap shellfish ask the thing, mom said to meet to say again. The Er that wrap shellfish and mom have estrangement, excuse is taking sport, do not be willing to go back. After two days, mother’s eldest sister tells Bao Bei Er in the phone, the mother that says him by fish cancer. The heart that wraps Bell has the ache of an acuteness to had been overflowed immediately, the same night hurrieds back Harbin. Original Bao Feng feels the body is unwell before half months, because Japan sees a doctor too expensive, she answers Harbin examination, the result is by diagnose uterine cancer. When the Er that wrap shellfish is excellent, mom gives the posthumous papers that has written beforehand he. He is opened look, mom writes so: “If I went, you should replace grandmother of my provide for. Your stepfather is Japanese, chinese says badly, also do not have the child. In case my be dead, you should receive him Chinese a future life is vivid. ” Bao Bei sees an edge drop tear by the side of Er, flashy he feels he is grown, tearful say: “Mom, you had been close friends, but all your requirements I can agree. But all your requirements I can agree..

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The Er that wrap shellfish thinks back to these year come, because of oneself traitorous with estrangement, brought trouble and anguish to mom, the Er that wrap shellfish already aching ashamed remorses. He is choking with sobs to say: “Mom, blame me not sensible before, increased so much trouble to you. You are at ease, I can become a heroic man after. ” maternal hot tear is filled with the socket of eye: “Son, you were brought up really, mom is very gratified. ” 04 subsequently, the Er that wrap shellfish and mother’s eldest sister contact a hospital for mom together, send Harbin a hospital her accept treatment. After a few days, the courtyard just carried out focus of a disease to excise an operation for Bao Feng. The stepfather that wraps Bell came from Japan, the wife is taken care of in the hospital. Because wrap Bell to want to take sport, he takes care of mom only a week returns Beijing. After a month, bao Feng answers Japan to recover along with the husband.

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The Er that wrap shellfish ” Gong Suozhu shade ” stage photo, be known as the most handsome small eunuch to wrap Bell to often call to the mother, ask her body state. Be informed maternal body one day is better than a day, the stone in heart of the Er that wrap shellfish fell the ground. 2013, because the Er that wrap shellfish acts the leading role the film ” send us eventually will parting youth ” reach teleplay ” Gong Suozhu shade ” , begin to explode in the whole nation red. Before this, the Er that wrap shellfish thinks love does not want to marry only, fear of marriage trifling, fear to assume responsibility. Bao Wenjing ever proposed twice to him, be wrapped shellfish Er excuse oneself from. A posthumous papers that is mom is ecbolic the maturity that wraps Bell.

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The Er that wrap shellfish proposes to Bao Wenjing in July 2013, the Er that wrap shellfish proposes to cummer, bao Wenjing heats up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye: “Are you open-armed? ” the Er that wrap shellfish says: “I am immature before, fear to assume responsibility, I feel I am a man now, want to assume everything bravely. ” 2014, two people are in Beijing low-key marriage. 2015, wrap Bao Keai of the daughter below Wen Jing birth (infant name dumpling) . After doing mom, bao Wenjing returns to a family, the career of husband of main assist a ruler in governing a country. Er of shellfish of after this bag is received patted ” the Yun Zhongge of reason of big fellow love ” ” big dream lives ” ” Gong Suolian city ” ” wildly 72 hours ” ” harbor ” ” my adolescence ” ” junior and flighty, active all the time encircle in movie and TV. More what Beierxin letting a bag comforts is, mom passes rehabilitation, illness all the time very stable.

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Include the route that Wen Jing and daughter live many times to let her, wrapped Bell and friend to open store of a chaffy dish in Beijing 2016, the mother comes from Japan designedly help his cut the ribbon at an opening ceremony. Er of shellfish of after this bag takes sport at the same time, do chaffy dish shop, take care of a family at the same time, accompany mom rehabilitation. Be in a field, the Er that wrap shellfish often drives night to make fun of to before dawn, but he never calls suffering. His nature is good, relations with people is good, particularly good-tempered to the person, everybody likes to cooperate with him. Want to be in Beijing only, he can go everyday chaffy dish inn is busy a little while. In the home, he is grabbing side wife to do chore, take care of a daughter, happy do ” the family boils a husband ” . The Er that wrap shellfish cares mom’s illness all the time, annual he should receive mom Beijing to reunite, to her collect recovers kind of medicaments.

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The person such as the Er that wrap shellfish and Gu Bing was in 2021 CCTV spring evening performs essay ” the happiness that leaves for spring ” affected because of epidemic situation 2020, the Er that wrap shellfish and mother parted large half an year. This year in October, he lets mother and stepfather go back to the motherland reunite. Because stepfather is kind to mom, the Er that wrap shellfish is filial also stepfather. 2021, the Er that wrap shellfish attends CCTV spring evening, wait for performance essay with Gu Bing, Ni Ni ” the happiness that leaves for spring ” , he returns the CCTV Yuanxiao evening party that attended this year, sing ” sell stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup ” . Mother and stepfather whole journey watch the show of packet of Bell, feel particularly proud. 2022 the Spring Festival, because of the influence of epidemic situation, the mother that includes Bell fails to go back to the motherland. He feels mom’s age is older and older, want to let mother and stepfather go back to the motherland the life. The Er that wrap shellfish communicates this thing with mom in small letter, bao Feng and husband agreed. Bao Wenjing tells the husband: “You are at ease, if our Mom and stepfather and we live together, I can be kind to them. I can be kind to them..

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Life of the Er that wrap shellfish is in slowly the bag spreads out good picture scroll before Bell, he feels he lives in millennium, encountered good mother, good stepfather, good wife again, still have lovely baby, it is the the luckiest, happiest person on the world. “Person of fine the name of an article ” comment on: The author once had favour to interview Bell spending a bundle, he had had his moment in the whole nation in those days, the person is enraged also more and more flourishing. This thinking that communication meeting has some of obstacle, but did not think of packet of Bell is amitable, need a person very genuine. In covering a process, the Er that wrap shellfish is returned often the speech adjustment atmosphere with humorous say a few words, appear particularly lovely and handsome.

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Include shellfish Er a photograph of whole family

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The Er that wrap shellfish and Er of wife bag shellfish are very true, do not conceal to the traitorous a bit when oneself are junior. The author also feels this never mind is good conceal, whose youth does not bring a tear? Who is done not have in growing process painful? The maturity that wraps Bell to say his results from a posthumous papers of the mother. Really, this is a chance of life of the Er that wrap shellfish, a watershed. After this he is mature, was brought up, had acted the many parts such as the husband, father, son. Commendable is, the Er that wrap shellfish is opposite not only the mother is good, and very filial to stepfather. In interview, he expressed a such point of views: Oneself are good to stepfather, it is good to the mother, filial stepfather is filial mother. The life that surrounds Bell some rise and fall, fortunately he grows eventually rose, harvested satisfactory career and life. – END- is achieved formerly not easy, nod assist attention please!

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