Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: ” that year of summer, halcyon sea ” : Good beginning foils tragic ending This thinking ” that year of summer, halcyon sea ” so beautiful name can be a very good movie certainly, but how is directed ” play a heart big cases ” , arranged to movie ending only beautiful tragedy, although let a person set one’s mind at it seems that, but after-thought rises, still can feel to feel distressed.

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The film related the love story of a pair of deaf-mutes, male advocate it is a cleaner that loves surf, a surfboard was collected when work, there is a girlfriend to arrive everyday after foster cordial relations between countries seaside surf, after the exercise that passes period of time, male advocate also be the chance that got playing the game, but however because of cannot hear voice and lost match qualification, nevertheless finally still is champion got in other game. When seeing here, small make up think their meeting admirably gives birth to subsist, come finally a happy ending.

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But things go contrary to one’s wishes, there is much happiness in front, there is much chilly beauty from the back, in male advocate ordinary trainee is returned to to live again after getting match champion, and female advocate also because occupied be late to be able to not see male advocate the moment that gives an accident, in those days small make up see female finally advocate male advocate the photograph is stuck on surfboard, when remanding surfboard to the sea next, small make up true tear to die, how the director is OK so cruel-hearted, arrange the ending of beauty of such a chilly, if this film looks in the evening, small make up regular meeting to sleep to be not worn become aware.

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