Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Wang Can basks in bud of dumpling of daughter small egg to illuminate, why is explanation of tall affection business basked in the face is illuminated On January 8, can of king of Du Chun wife basks in a bud of dumpling of daughter small egg to illuminate two pieces, and match civil say: “Now welfare, small grandma child, ask sign after receiving sth ” . In the photograph, small egg dumpling is worn contain ” China ” of two words spell the lubricious garment that join system, sit on the sheet that is ground connection gas very to control look around, curiosity explodes canopy. What the small egg dumpling with 8 big months has sat is very reliable, the hair is opposite for shocker, the skin for nothing, side face very resemble father Du Chun, the crus that fleshy toot toots and the head bud with round circle were changed.

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The netizen leaves a message the hope sees small egg dumpling face, wang Can replies: Wait for her big be willing to give lens nature to come out. Must say, this answer simply full marks. This is king Can Du Chun’s husband and wife of two protection child reflect, also be the show that they are respected and loves the child at the same time. Although the child is small, but also be independence is individual, they respect the child’s individual character, protect the child’s privacy. Whether to give lens to give when there is absolute idea after the child is grown again write one’s own ticket.

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Still the netizen leaves a message call small egg dumpling this tonsorial, still say to be cut frequently allegedly, the hair will be thicker. To this, wang Can has different view, path of her popular science is not such, the child’s hair is concerned with gene and heredity. Look Wang Can learned many scientific Yo really for the daughter knowledge, it is a good mom of competent intention absolutely.

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