Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Is Zhao Liying received with phoenix travel by ridicule ancient occasionally Ga? Does tall Wei Guang Dili heat up Ba Lian to love? Yang Ying Huang Xiaoming concerns Does tall Wei smooth He Dili heat up Ba Lian to love? Simply unusual, gao Weiguang how is Dilireba likely Where is love? It is same that two people just say a relationship of the company is better just. What is present black pink really dare start a rumour. Dilireba is a career rise period, she is very sensible now, won’t talk about love easily. And Gao Weiguang there have a boy or girl friend, just Gao Weiguang is more low-key, do not want to be exploded to come out just.

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It is particularly good that Yang Ying of relation of Yang Ying Huang Xiaoming and Huang Xiaoming concern now, yang Ying has returned to a family now, huang Xiaoming there also be jump at. Everybody also knows, yang Ying basks in those who gave she and Huang Xiaoming to marry in attending newest activity plunge drop, show 2 people feeling restores good relations, everybody need not guess their marriage to change again. And sequel can give birth to 2 embryoes likely really, actually these two people do not have the question with big what originally, just say who does not have bumpy between husband and wife, always a lot of various problems appear, etc is Yang Ying for some time in front want to become independence daughter strong person, the likelihood is wanting to break away from Huang Xiaoming’s bosom, oneself go entering a career one time, discover later really little not yellow help, didn’t this come back, how does everybody look?

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Is Zhao Liying received with phoenix travel by ridicule ancient occasionally Ga? ” with phoenix travel ” Li Ying of Zhao of drama square contact is very long, zhao Liying there also came down surely temporarily. But future has probably fluctuant also perhaps, because entire now network has many people to sneer at to said 85 flowers to go up age, what to still receive ancient occasionally? But small make up feel, should star 85 flowers only condition of Yan Zhi acting is online, can be received, this age has nothing to do. And you change someone else to receive, do not have discharge and temperature certainly, also can not attract an audience to look certainly. Said again, zhao Liying here not be to have only ancient occasionally drama, broadcast before ” who is a murderer ” , ” fir fir came ” with etc contemporary theatrical work also has a lot of, and still have what the line should go up on the horse ” go to 10 thousand happily ” , not be to say to have only ancient the masterpiece that is her occasionally, and if Zhao Liying receives this next films to see later period even male advocate comfortable deserve to spend, if do not have appropriate male advocate also won’t receive

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