Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Xie Na new song is premonitory two hours are broadcasted exceed 3 million result very be proud the person leaves ” fast this ” heat is not decreased Xie Na gave his new song recently, hear the participation that this song has husband and daughters more is made together, thank graceful Guan Xuan oneself new song is in song is firm premonitory the Xie Na after a few hours still also announced song Mv.

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Very may much person thinks as fast this sign off, xie Na may be unemployed, but did not think of Xie Na however stealthily transcribe new song and Mv ” fast this ” be Xie Na advocate, but this program near future announces to sign off, transformed new put together art program. But new put together art the Xie Na in the program disappeared however, leave He Gui only a person is chaired, ordinary members of theatrical troupe of will other compere battle array undertook switch entirely. Let a person regrettablly while, to fast this other the what course to follow of a few compere believes a lot of young associate is of special care. He Gui Xie Na is chaired with the stage, did not know to you still can have in the future? Although regrettablly, but Xie Na still was returned to however, although cannot regain is fast this, dan Xiena gave new only music below Zhang Jie’s help however. Xie Na still has certain effect in the position of the musical circle. The song that gave many win universal praise also is before, achievement also is very satisfactory. Several years are lain between to move again when Xie Na nowadays, still suffer an audience to love to reach admiration fully.

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New song is not only say very bright able to read aloud fluently from melody or libretto, those who go is warmth cures a style. Heard this new song of Xie Na, I am OK only music circulates 10 times, listened not to feel you also follow be bored with am I same? This song says with Xie Na’s word, keep 3 oneself baby namely. There is Xie Na to be mixed to the daughter’s desire in the daughter’s libretto expect, at the same time Xie Na also hopes daughters are OK well grow, talk about a good boy friend. Although can part but feeling the daughter resembles is small kite, hope daughters want to do what to do, the development of too won’t diversionary daughter. In light of the experience that comes over with Xie Na, believe before long the daughter of prospective Xie Na is met surely and adamancy is brave and lively like mom optimistic. This song besides deserving to sing producer is Zhang Jie outside, of the is someone else partly write words compose of the others. Although the regret is not the music that Xie Na makes personally, but You Xiena is sung, the implied meaning is extraordinary. Of this song manufacture the company cooperation that the company also is Zhang Jie makes, chock is Zhang Jie is favorite.

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This song was releasing two hour hind nowadays, the individual platform by him Xie Na broadcasts sheet the quantity exceeded 3 million, near 4 million, still do not calculate go up otherly line platform broadcasts a quantity, this is worthy of is Xie Na’s force, catch up with quickly the special of other singer is broadcasted was measured. Actually in the Mv of this song 3 daughters of Xie Na have a lens, not be oneself give looking glass, of the choice is a lens of additionally one kind of means. All pictures that appear in Mv are made, it is the work of two of Xie Na big daughters actually. The family gives lens to help strength with his means this song, can achievement be proud person? Does everybody feel? A when have love glow so child can you support them all the time?

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