Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: It is to speak open-armed word eventually, it is Feng Jia Is am sorry Zhao Liying, zhao Liying reacts your vermicelli made from bean starch feels distressed Everybody thinks Zhao Liying can be encircled in recreation bright red big violet, go all the way very hard, back of girl of a country also did not have powerful connections, not be one’s previous experience of regular professional training, it is to rely on him work steadily to take the place that daughter of a gleam of stars now,

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Since Zhao Liying and Feng Shaofeng marriage later, the netizen gives a blessing, the public praise that Feng Shaofeng encircles in recreation is not very good all the time, but the reason because of Zhao Liying, the good impression that gives birth to an unripe Feng Shaofeng forcedly is spent rose many, feeling in a lot of people is Zhao Liying make friends with a man of higher position Feng Jia when, the commercial value that also does not consider Zhao Liying should compare peak height of Feng carry on much,

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Feng Shaofeng just is one is gnawed old a group of things with common features rich 2 generation, it is to rely on the home in, it is early before the divorce Feng Shaofeng speaks open-armed word, it is Feng Jia Is am sorry Zhao Liying, did not give Zhao Liying a home that owns safe feeling, can say Feng Shaofeng lives very to fail only, because get together,leave less finally however much and divorce, subsequently Zhao Liying appears when attending an activity first, vermicelli made from bean starch calls her name aloud below the stage, clever treasure does not control his emotion eventually, tear cannot oneself fall down,

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Wipe a tear at the same time, bow at the same time for everybody express one’s thanks to, too let popular feeling ache, feng Shaofeng is bag of a Song, beloved woman does not protect even oneself, so to this you have why view, the welcome leaves a message comment

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