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Original title: ” special battle acts ” especially diligent the 8th group of hard nucleuses come to female soldiers piece, still have dark the vengeance that loves v/arc drillmaster makes fun of code CCTV sends big move again, this days of 0118 new theatrical work are sowed again and again, absolutely is to return the network with can smooth different booth to sow platform, than what if this evening leaves 9:30 now,sow ” special battle acts ” , surprise in Tecent video, love art synchronism broadcasts; And first half leaves sow ” this life has you ” broadcast in actor cruel synchronism, is it possible that is this is fokelore medium ” is bounty all touched ” ? Coincidence must make a person admire!

20220203174043 61fc139b56d57

From drama name ” special battle acts ” the subject matter that can see this play has bit of warm blood indeed, also be this year head send theatrical work of army brigade subject matter, interesting is this or a contemporary armed police fear drama of army brigade subject matter instead, that is to say its story framework / more or less may setting conform with reality, little feeling of massiness of a few minutes of histories, watch drama a few minutes less to cut apart probably feeling. But actually this is planted a bit actual to slant drama of type subject matter still takes a prize quite hard really.

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And from ” special battle acts ” these 4 words also can see this play advocate those who hit is ” warm blood ignites passion ” , interesting still is the years burning passion of female soldiers type, so-called ” especially diligent the 8th group ” , this namely another alias of this drama. Plainspoken especially diligent the story of female soldiers still is not much really see, also can look from latter reach this is one grows model story.

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The story is actually such: Physical culture school gives birth to lemon (Hu Bingqing is acted the role of) although bodily form is petite, have a suit good skill in wushu however, get an armed police greatly especially diligent Qin Guan (Gao Weiguang is acted the role of) appreciate, in its impel fell to join the army together with the classmate. After who knows enrollment, qin Guan changes body devil v/arc drillmaster, after all previous trains via layer upon layer and Tartarean type, be entered by choose eventually ” especially diligent the 8th group ” , from now on open spy battle acts the first gun!

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Artful is especially diligent the header of the group still is Qin Guan, the lot that must say this two people is really deep still! But feeling warms up is to be in in the move that tracks terrorist actually, the lemon that enters desert big desert by accident and superior lose connection, but the behavior that him sacrifice of would rather of view of the Qin Dynasty also does not wish to abandon a comrade-in-arms makes his suffer quite touch.

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Of the likewise dim view that love the Qin Dynasty still have together the female Bing Liuzhen of enrollment is true, so this still is female soldiers of a hard nucleus people dark the play code that loves devil v/arc drillmaster, regard subject matter of an army brigade as drama nevertheless, dog blood triangle is loved is not a kernel of course, later period evolves into the hot-blooded play that avenges for the comrade-in-arms to pile up instead! Made hard nucleus female soldier thereby grow history.

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And two main actors of this drama also are old friend — male advocate Gao Weiguang, female advocate Hu Bingqing, this collocation also is pretty is magical, body form of Gao Weiguang has an unyielding man truly of v/arc drillmaster drive a foot, ever personate yuan the Hu Bingqing of Qi Baicao of fierce path girl once more a suit good skill in wushu, suddenly the set in a two people and drama still is held out those who build.

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Although this is a female soldiers,grow history, but especially diligent the 8th group can have female soldier not only, also have many male soldier of course. And there also is a near future inside this group of male arms the old friend Ding Jiawen of homebred drama, the boy is fierce, open trilogy first months year!

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From above a few choose horn to see integral erroneous tendency not hard annals of Yu Qingchun encourage, have a setback grow have results, 3 view up energy, the value place that this also is this drama to. Special winter vacation comes, also can be imagined why does this drama leave right now was sowed?

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