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Original title: Adult child loves to look, “Domestic group is built ” need not anxious

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Civil / ministry of news of entertainment of ovine wall evening paper this edition illustration: Collect collect this edition to plan as a whole: During Hu Anxin spends the New Year, besides have a meal, ” blow water ” , dozen besides mahjong, watching TV also is one of fixed activities that domestic group establishs. Nevertheless, “What to see ” still be a knowledge really. The taste that how satisfies family person are you and a manner of anxiety or happiness? After whether you worry to open a work casually does awkwardness letting a person appear to get the picture of ground of toe dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed? Whether do you vacate act against one’s will the palm of the remote controller controls right, can you lower his head to play a mobile phone only? The wave of small companionate wave of ministry of news of entertainment of ovine wall evening paper, mustache, small fishing, 2 balls, kelp takes out collect carefully to add up to the home for years joyous a sheet, see your a pressing need! 2 balls are recommended ” parental love ” ” small take leave of ” ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” ” the person that pretend ” ” thing of domestic be pregnant ” series is in my home, the person that the palm charges a remote controller is my Mom. My Mom is happy, also with respect to the family happy. So, can satisfy the drama of movie and TV of my Mom be fond of, namely ” add up to the home joyous ” drama of movie and TV! What I think of first most is ” the person that pretend ” — my Mom likes Jin Dong, this drama is she and Jin Dong begin. Have a holiday a few this years when accompanying my Mom to see rebroadcast, she always is the edge sees edge open be opposite ” coat elder brother ” boast boast mode of Jin Dong. Since ” the person that pretend ” later, always the theatrical work that Jin Dong performs, my Mom can pull my pa be chased after together, from ” surgical wind and cloud ” ” my before half a lifetime ” ” amative gentleman ” to ” elite lawyer ” ” break out of an encirclement ” … I still accompanied pa Mom to look countless times ” parental love ” . This drama satisfied the memory of older generation person to love, also can satisfy young generation at the same time to love yearning — in this drama, love a person, it is one’s whole life. I also am recommended ” small take leave of ” . In fact, no matter be ” small take leave of ” ” small jubilate ” , still sowed last year ” little be willing to part with or use ” ” small quick home ” , its kernel is the mutual understanding between domestic member. Parents does not force children to hear their word, children does not ask parental Dai Jicheng bears responsibility, may be each other is lucky. My add up to the home joyous the last drama anthology with a medium sheet is ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” . Be in my home, not only my pa, my Mom loves to look, my uncle and aunt also are chased after stop no less than coming. The likelihood is the person because of our home very ” in 2 ” , but because the element of a lot of my home town appeared in drama,may be more, let everybody feel kind fully. Film respect, what I recommend is the gramophone record that can make a person happy. For instance classical comedy piece ” thing of domestic be pregnant ” series, the solution with the harbor type true comedy of the head that do not have li is pressed, still have inside disregard figure to do laugh Zhang Guorong and ” Bo Bo is fragile ” Zhou Xing gallop. Small fishing is recommended ” day dragon 8 ” ” on the west travel notes ” ” red Lou Meng ” ” Shui Hu is passed ” ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” ” hind of palace · discriminate is passed ” ” name detective Ke Na ” series ” boast swims on the west ” in my heart, suit the Spring Festival to combine a joyous work, must have a few characteristics. Want for instance enough long, after all Spring Festival holiday is so long, sitting room TV wants basically from morning till night ” mount guard ” , collect is counted enoughly, ability sees a satisfy a craving. Additional, had better be ” national drama ” , everybody has to gut be familiar with certainly degree. Such, no matter because pay a New Year call,you are, ” blow water ” , bag dumpling, because grab red bag,still be, dozen the game, stroll that string together the door is bent and broke away from gut temporarily, irrespective, come back at any time, at any time on add. Finally, the content of work is best the masses a bit, a bit more festival. The work that does not do those suffer bitterly and nurse deep hatred at this moment, the kin friend that can invite different age, different job and educational setting spreads out to gut together friendly and kind discussion, best still can breath out Ha Yile, just be to add up to the home joyous of an odd before last anthology. for instance ” day dragon 8 ” wait for teleplay of Jin Yong novel, it is almost ” go up ninety-nine, go to firm meeting below ” the person has looked, perfect accord with above to asked at 3 o’clock. Remember watching classic version nevertheless, of the last few years new adapt version to calculate, not be that flavour. I am recommended strongly still ” on the west travel notes ” ” red Lou Meng ” ” Shui Hu is passed ” ” historical novel of the Three Kingdoms ” series of 4 big famous book, not only old little Xian Yi, and still can contain teachs Yu Le. 4 names write the one part that is Chinese culture basis already, the character inside, literary quotation, gut, be a Chinese is exclusive communication password. ” hind of palace · discriminate is passed ” the screen that comes as nearly 10 years closes inspect carry handle, also want naturally selected my sheet. If leaked it, reckon the aunt of A of mother mother-in-law aunt in the home won’t agree! My Mom is for instance right ” hind of palace · discriminate is passed ” almost OK know sth thoroughly, but the figure that once be in TV,sees , still do not turn eye. I feel, this drama did not allow to still can hold her heart 10 years again. ” renown detective Ke Na ” I give the child in the home provision series. This 1996 head those who sow ” grandma class ” cartoon had accompanied a few acting people grow. I begin to look from elementary school ” renown detective Ke Na ” , did not think of to still do not have be over now. In addition, small Lan Hexin still fails up to now ” pull bury scuttle ” , this also has bit of cruel sincerely! Feel suddenly, ” renown detective Ke Na ” or deal with urge the good excuse of marriage: If the parent urges you, you can do not have lobar ground to reply with doing not have a heart: “Small Lan Hexin still does not have a knot, I am not urgent also! ” as to the film ” boast swims on the west ” , speak of title to already one is plant ” do laugh + touch ” the feeling emerges mind. I feel, zhou Xing gallop all work can include add up to the home joyous a sheet, happy, lively do again laugh. The study of language of another name for Guangdong Province that feels me plans to be able to raise arris again! Kelp is recommended ” Xie Wen ” series ” storm of with a soft yolk ” series ” toy general mobilization ” series ” arousal time ” ” live familial ” Zhen Zidan acts the leading role ” Xie Wen ” series resides the Spring Festival in my heart high all the time piece odd No.1. When a person looks, the likelihood still can cold-shoulder gut too set road, part is too simple, but the family looks together, ” Xie Wen ” series says to go up absolutely sweep the deck of male and female, old little all appropriate — 7 great aunt the good man one side that 8 mother’s eldest sister can discuss Xie Wen to visit the home, cousins ask for the leaf ” I should hit 10 ” burn with righteous indignation. Still write down so that a year of my pa looks ” Xie Wen ” look arisenly, all along the buttock ” stick ” he on sofa actually occur for the first time stood, remove him than delimiting on the spot so-called ” had learned a few years ago ” fist of Cai Li Fo… that momently, I was stupefied with my Mom. Spend the New Year greatly, be unavoidable to kin will string together the door in the home. Right now, youth most the care that is afraid that they are abrupt: Do what work? Salary how many? Marry when what? Want clever the problem that has avoided these attack the soul continuously, might as well the old drama that preparation can divert their attention, for instance ” storm of with a soft yolk ” series. This kind of rich and powerful family is contended for produce ” big Long Feng ” already nervous stimulation does not lose tender feeling again, kin people can look cannot help doing sth, do not have naturally sky is torturous your life. Add up to the home joyous an odd nature is little not cartoon. What cartoon can be dealt with already ” ursine child ” , can you let oneself also look happily again? ” toy general mobilization ” series is right choice. From 1995 ” toy general mobilization 1 ” to 2019 ” toy general mobilization 4 ” , this series accomplished Tong Zhen each times but not babyish. Many already of parenting ” 80 hind ” and ” 90 hind ” also be to look at ” toy general mobilization ” series is grown, the childhood playmate that sees oneself when you — bull-puncher Hu Di and cling to this light-year, also get nowadays the jubilation of oneself child, be touched? Of course, have a holiday besides idle away in seeking pleasure, also can go up knowledge, for instance the family looks together ” arousal time ” . ” new young person ” how is the magazine born? What effect did Beijing University have during new culture moves? Why does Lu Xun draw up ” maniac diary ” ? The knowledge on these textbook is nodded, in ” arousal time ” in ” vivid ” came over. As fashionable the heat 2021 sows drama, ” arousal time ” quality already need not verbosity. Anyhow, did not look fill rapidly, had looked look again! The disaster that recommended to tease my pa Mom again finally is comedic piece ” live familial ” . Piece in, because the city is abrupt the big power cut between is immersed in break down, home Lingmuyi that lives in Tokyo to live, the decision goes to countryside by bicycle, a variety of fun happen in road. The domestic concern depict to bell wood home gets film exquisite and humorous: Most begin, old father is trashy be concerned about face-saving again, old Mom is without definite idea, two sister younger brother is lying traitorous period, but they became oneself and better better family finally in the crisis. Family, should be such do one give aid to each other, the harbour that grows jointly? Mustache is recommended ” assassin 567 ” series ” Luo Xiaohei battle is written down ” ” violet plain ” most looking forward to those who celebrate a festival to spend the New Year is a child of course, it is OK happy accept red package, 2 it is to be able to be loosened watch TV. Resemble annual Spring Festival archives is sure have ” bear appears and disappear ” ” be fond of Yang Yang ” this kind of big motion picture is same, suiting what for company child looks to Your Excellency most must be cartoon. These a few years, “The country is overflowed rise abruptly ” not be a catchword any more, the animation work with a lot of good quality appeared on big screen small screen. These work besides make set of even more excellent, world outlook even more reasonable besides, in aesthetic gout respect more also the taste that considers adult, no longer low young, but maintaining childlike innocence again. Serve as ” second dimension ” , my sheet the animation an excellent work that intended 3 adult child to love to look. ” assassin five 67 ” roll out 3 season, fabaceous valve grading is in 8.8 minutes of above. The chickling island dweller in animation very ground connection is angry: Leading role five 67 it is a barber that the part-time job sells Niu Za, his best friend chicken is protected greatly is barbershop boss, still one look bad to get along of Director Jiang, bolus selling a cattle defend the dozen of Liu Wan, A that sells orange those who do security personnel is mother-in-law, big spring… look at very common, but actually each be modest about one’s skill, accord with a Chinese to ” big faint at city ” imagination. Be worth what carry is, ” assassin five 67 ” and ” male lion teenager ” same, containing many Guangdong native land element, guangdong audience is enjoyed rise can have fun more. ” Luo Xiaohei battle is written down ” those who tell about is the name is small the story that black feline bewitching takes a risk in human society. This Flash animation leaves from 2011 sow, be every collect 45 minutes ” bubble surface time ” , but 8 years of ability more 27 collect. Although crop exceeds low, but attracted by right of fine quality however a flock of not dead from what do not abandon faithful pink. 2019, ” Luo Xiaohei battle is written down ” roll out film edition eventually, fabaceous valve grading achieves 8.1 minutes, more output is shown to Japan, expression perfectly. If you had read film edition but had not watched original animation, take the advantage of fill now rise — but the fabaceous valve grading of Flash animation is as high as 9.6 minutes! This shows, the technology is not to measure the exclusive level with a whether outstanding work, even if is antiquated Flash animation, also can have enough expressional power, show the beautiful world with a strange lovely unreal for the audience. ” violet plain ” it may be said ” the tear of the times ” . Origianl work is strange unreal kind network novel, begin serialize from 2002, 2009 be over. The author is written write stop, the force by oneself made a great world, about a hundred character that appears in the book vivid, quite fascinating. When the author announced to kill blueness 2009, the reader plaints: “When going to school, read ” violet plain ” , I have the child when be over. ” last year December, ” violet plain ” gave animation edition eventually, tone is right still. Resemble ” a poetic name of China ” series that ” armour still is in ” same, ” violet plain blood is not cold ” the heroic complex in still can arousing man heart. Wave wave is recommended ” haing Li Bote ” series ” glacier times ” series ” gust world ” series ” the dream transforms the home ” series ” guard liberate on the west ” series ” annual comedic contest ” Spring Festival family watchs TV, state branch is planted, one kind is a family discharge what the platoon sits to be enmeshed style experience, another kind is each busy each but can join at any time ” freestyle adds up to the home joyous ” . Be enmeshed type watchs a movie, I am recommended ” haing Li Bote ” series. Last year, ” haing Li Bote ” thematic hand swims in home very popular, a lot of people reviewed 8 movies of this series technically for this, 20 years are lain between to still do not have outdated when discovery. Regard game as the player, I often needed when blackart history class attends in game last year ” referenced ” the answer of adjoining desk. To be in new school year is so not humiliating, I should pull family person to look again with me ” haing Li Bote ” . Object disabling! The pa Mom that saw espionage war play one year also can change next taste now and then! When spending the New Year, pa Mom estimation has half the time to attack everyday in the kitchen, that comes to ” gust world ” increase a bit inspiration to them. Need not sit down technically look, TV is being put go when setting sound. Nevertheless, see this cover newsreel avoid by all means to vie, after all the food that the family makes is again delicious, for the boy far away from homes to putting in the home ‘s charge, also not as good as ” mom’s flavour ” will get warm popular feeling. Time of the leisure after the meal, I can suggest everybody looks together ” guard liberate on the west ” series, the constabulary uncle that lets police station takes you to experience a society 100 condition. This newsreel is taken sometimes look when comedy, pa Mom likes for certain. Their rich life experience is met probably at this time the expression with surging melt into desire, I will be darling listen comment on, satisfy their all the year round to be not worn quite I ” lesson ” regretful. The home installs a program ” the dream transforms the home ” the individual hobby that is me. Feel dirty chaos is poor in the home all the year round, always want to change declension bureau, change a perception, that looks ” the dream transforms the home ” , for new a year ” break abandon from ” seek bit of inspiration. In the meantime, the aesthetic difference just in time between the two acting people in the home also can be in holiday the material that brings a few communication. ” glacier times ” series movies is be kin home ” ursine child ” of preparation. Taking the child to come when close friends, how can just let child people rapid and quiet to come down, give old people a chance that talks well? Open TV, find ” glacier times ” series, the world is met immediately quiet to come down. Finally, ” annual comedic contest ” be my near future love most! Work at ordinary times too busy, can see a few when have a meal only ” pure enjoy edition ” , spend the New Year this year I want satisfy a craving! This put together art is healthy festival, suit the Spring Festival to add up to the home very joyous. Divulge my individual is in incidentally of this match ” love Top3 most ” : Potato, Jiang Long, Shi Ce!

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