Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

Original title: ” between the world ” cause audience affection resonance Report from our correspondent (reporter Liu Guifang) old structure, big theme, big make, teleplay ” between the world ” leave one set in CCTV the epic temperament that go out is shown after sowing, captured the eyeball of the audience successfully. While this drama is presenting changes of Chinese type family, the processing that detail changes was full of warmth and warmth. Teleplay ” between the world ” with the Zhou Jiasan in Chinese northern city the life contrail of sibling is a general name for arteries and veins, depict the enormous changes of Chinese society and the change that common people lives, showed the great history episode such as reforming and opening. In drama, of nearly 100 people true group of mutual like the depth feeling with social changes shine upon, dark and exquisite smooth shadow pledges feeling and the actual strength that are full of screen glamour send an actor, give sumptuous dinner of a vision for the audience. The director holds total producer Li Lu concurrently to say, the hope is passed ” between the world ” let young audience understand, the good life nowadays is how hard-earned, how does our country move toward prosperity step by step from poor prosperous and strong. ” between the world ” story from 20 centuries 70 time are told case, the setting environment in drama, prop is furnished, include the actor’s dress, very much time feels. Actor abundant peach often grasps 3 weeks in the personate in drama the wife Zheng beautiful of elder brother, outside and effeminate, the heart is extremely firm however. She expresses, ever gave the appearance of show of time of a few practical subject matter that act to compare with its, ” between the world ” medium common people figure more realistically. This drama slam the door the expressional gimmick of civilian character romanticize, hero people without halo, do not leave ” outside hang ” , go all out in work dependably, live lightly flatly. “There is the life of a lot of Everymans in play, and the life condition of Everyman is told to pat or acting is the most difficult. ” Yan Tao says. The group that make is in sense of reality of special to kissing the depict respect of affection, character pursuit, just had so present ” ground connection is angry ” . Zuo of sea of king of this drama playwrite expresses, she is being created ” between the world ” the do one’s best when the play adopts simple line drawing technique, real the trifling matters of everyday life that shows a person and tough heart, kind-hearted character, the feeling that causes an audience is resonant, guide people to be apt to, up, already the person beside warmth, also become better ego.

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