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Original title: Fox plant is big torturous Piao Mao Xiaotong: On spring late insecurity expects to be mixed every time again ” Qiao Jia’s children ” main actor reunion is happy Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (Lin Zhen heart / Wen Mengsha / graph cliff cliff / video) recently, mao Xiaotong enters Hu Nianchun’s late arena first, brought start show for the audience. When accepting Sohu recreation special report, mao Xiaotong divulged to everybody she is ascended for the first time spring late mood, “Insecurity expects again ” , also hope to be able to trying other show form later. 2021, mao Xiaotong acts the leading role ” Qiao Jia’s children ” heat is sowed. This play also becomes one of the most satisfactory success in going one year for her. “” Qiao Jia ” outside the play in play, not only it is work, also harvested a flock of good friends, this is quite happy still. ” and while drama anthology takes next fabaceous piece 7.7 minutes, the audience is right of a few parts in drama love and approbate outside also continueing to drama. Tall home children people meet every time, can cause pay close attention to and discuss. To this, mao Xiaotong also responds to: “We very expect every time meets. “We very expect every time meets..

20220204000403 61fc6d7380ec2

Red of conversational wool dawn: The clothes of heat preservation of three-layer of book of heat preservation secret that takes sport in the winter, 8 warm stick Sohu recreation: Ascend this spring late, the mood how? Mao Xiaotong: The mood is insecurity expects again. Sohu recreation: These days the model that the road shows is very lovely, be to there are a few small designs? Mao Xiaotong: Yes, I a few days ago hold tight of that little pull is Hu Husheng limelight, it is the ear of two small tigers, it is actually. Sohu recreation: ” Qiao Jia’s children ” although kill blueness, but always can meet on all sorts of activities, program with everybody, can you speak each other ” how be you ” ? Mao Xiaotong: Won’t, we very expect every time meets. Sohu recreation: Do then you see every time ancestor very happy? Mao Xiaotong: Yes.

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Sohu recreation: Before paragraph time someone come across you are patted in Beijing ” the heart thinks the thing is become ” , have small recipe of what heat preservation, can you share? Mao Xiaotong: I am wearing clothes of three-layer heat preservation everyday, stick 8 to warm next stick. Sohu recreation: Everybody very expect ” the heart thinks the thing is become ” , can you share filmed conte? Mao Xiaotong: There still can be this plot that scatters candy of course in film. Sohu recreation: Cooperate with princely different, have conte to you can be shared? Mao Xiaotong: He is very serious, very bashful also, it is the feeling of the sort of very big boy. Sohu recreation: Film ” Yun Xiangchuan ” what fun happens? Mao Xiaotong: Interesting thing is us that play is knight-errant drama, all parts that make show are will finish by me, next Yun Xiang is in charge of resourcefulness, I am in charge of an armed strength, quite special still. Feeling a lot of theatrical work are general is the schoolboy wants a hero to save the United States, next we make fun of this even if I save him, next I want a princess to hold him in the arms, this is quite interesting. Sohu recreation: Does this kind of play have a challenge to you? Mao Xiaotong: Because make show much, meet dozen a string of 1 surely power inferior, not bad myself speaks to say, I am in this age everyday flitter.

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Sohu recreation: The put together that wants what to type try next art program? Mao Xiaotong: Can have, basically be oneself are full of curious metropolis to do. Sohu recreation: OK like the sort of honored guest part inside observation room Dream do you go? Because you have very much gold sentence logion. Mao Xiaotong: Be? Thank a thank, we also can look. Sohu recreation: You had a teleplay work that explodes greatly already 2021, again film writing also gets of everybody approbate, can you be a year when have results very much to you? Mao Xiaotong: Quite happy, also very be thankful everybody’s jubilation. Sohu recreation: The place with the regretful perhaps place of what satisfaction to have? Mao Xiaotong: Satisfactory place is quite happy, because this ” Qiao Jia’s children ” outside the play in play, not only it is work, also harvested a flock of good friends, this is quite happy still, seem regretfully to also be done not have. Because I am not,one imagines a lot of conventions to oneself, or the person of a specific target, I had felt each days of good instantly, it is good to had taken each step, very important.

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Sohu recreation: 2022, the thing that what was finished all the time on wish detailed list wants to finish? Mao Xiaotong: That can travel with respect to the hope. Sohu recreation: Invite the word that the friend goes together, who can you invite? Mao Xiaotong: Ancestor. Sohu recreation: What is there this year new expect? Mao Xiaotong: New the part that expects to hope to be able to bring everybody to like to everybody and work.

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