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Original title: Fox plant is big torturous | Deng Chao: Shou Dengchun is late already excitement has pressure grandson couple to enjoin me to take a place less again

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Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (concoctive coverage group / graph article) this year is Deng Chao ascends CCTV spring evening first, his speak bluntly ” very excited, pressure is very great also ” . Will this attend spring late couplet platoon, can keep Deng Chao very busy, it is to mix group act chat, it is with other actor friends all sorts of interacting — with Li Yu Chun Jiawei is believed, arrange a meal with Han Gong, make an appointment with a ball with Xiao Jingteng, make an appointment with a song with Li Ronghao. “Everywhere Lao crack with teeth in mouth, to enter the court lose voice. ” Deng exceeds joking say. And madam Sun Lize enjoins Deng Chao to take a place less repeatedly. Early the golden pheasant award before, deng Chao chairs next arena, got the picture that Sun Lifa comes to immediately, she spelled a piece of plan, it is Deng Chao illuminated with the contrast this year last year, make hill of Deng Chao pressure big, “Fat. Come down to prepare to go back from arena (take a place) , (still plan later) bear. ” arrived this spring late, cannot loosen more, “Actually I know she is good for me. She says so main arena, prepare so much second, you should have a good spiritual outlook, show great master. ” nevertheless, grandson couple supervises the good convention that also let Deng Chao have preserve one’s health for a long time. Early before be in ” Hahahahaha 2 ” the assault check-up that go up, deng Chao is measured to give body age to be 27 years old, be in all over originally he what defy check-up body and mind is immediately smooth, “Respecting 27 (year old) when, I am very satisfactory. All angst, in that flashy vanish completely, first-rate. Thank a madam, and thank an audience, acknowledgment so include I. Acknowledgment so include I..

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Conversational Deng exceeds Sohu recreation: It is the arena that enters CCTV spring evening for the first time this, experience how? Deng Chao: First-rate, arrive one day this eventually. Very excited, pressure is very great also. Sohu recreation: When receiving an information, is that flashy mood what kind of? Deng Chao: It cannot say is an evening party, I feel is complete Chinese, in including memory of whole world Chinese, most an evening party that represents our Chinese. Sohu recreation: Have the feeling that a kind of dream comes true so. Deng Chao: Yes, because there also are a few opportunities before be, also be all sorts of good luck coincidence next (missed) , so today is right first time. Sohu recreation: Because everybody knows, you appear on the stage even if very hey the sort of style. That this, you are to plan to show your to the top of one’s bent, still say to be behaved a bit more cleverly? Deng Chao: The temperament that I feel that I must look according to the section above all (will perform) . The Chun Chunhe that includes to still we like most 1000 royal seal, we often also have below a little, they are (spring late frequenter) , I am frosh, geographical environment is not quite familiar still. And old friend is too much, this mouth does not come down with respect to idle. Everywhere Lao crack with teeth in mouth, to enter the court lose voice. Sohu recreation: With who to chat? Deng Chao: Han red elder sister, arranged so long meal, what must get this time. Next Shao Han, because Shao Han is,with me wife always talks about the thing of respect of preserve one’s health. Next Chun Chun also is, I discover later, I just add small letter this with Chun Chun. We two feel mutual to have small letter, feel understanding is very long. Next you think 1000 royal seal, we still are sung at the same place with their three from 2015 ” inapproachable ” , sing ” left hand right hand slow-motion ” , he now already, wow, blossom big boy, and film achievement is done very very much club. Return Youronghao, had written a song to me so actually, I say that I must carry that song. Next Xiao Jingteng, estimation also made an appointment with ball of 56 years. Exceed elder brother can be we hit? I say to be able to be hit, I just follow the day before place he hit a ball. Sohu recreation: Be the sort of feeling that a lot of Zhang is returned so? Deng Chao: Yes, it is a friend between, because,also may be this two years next epidemic situation, everybody is no-go flow, everybody gathers special excitement is glad. Sohu recreation: Before pass on family member Sun Liye spring late, does she have impart with you a few experience? Deng Chao: She imparts even if, do not eat more. Sohu recreation: But very thin now. Deng Chao: OK? Sohu recreation: Can, very OK. Deng Chao: Everyday she checks mound. Sohu recreation: Experience involute, be? Deng Chao: Actually I know she is good for me, she says so main arena, prepare so much second, you should have a good spiritual outlook, show great master. Really she is common namely such, she need not say, she also need not lash I, she is put over, it is a vivid example. She with respect to a such people, so this 27 years old (body condition) , also not be billow gets undeserved reputation. Sohu recreation: Yes, just wanted to talk about this topic, what did she teach you method of preserve one’s health? Deng Chao: I still am held out at the beginning defy, let you taste this a little while, do you become me small white rat? Because of me Jiangxi person, I am very heavy taste, hot, salty, hot now slowly not very ate. She is a requirement of your nutrition balanced, it is actually namely (offer) the thing that you need inside true body, with you this all organizations skinning texture, blood type (harmonious) , it is very important also to still have work and rest. Include 5 breath out that (transcribe) , do check-up suddenly, I am not Chang Kang refus. The balance on one station, height shrank, you think, at least shrank 3 centimeters two, is this able? Sohu recreation: Where is weight? Weight are you satisfactory? Deng Chao: The weight that you go to weighing that hospital plan, dare say not quite? Sohu recreation: Of course. Deng Chao: Particularly heavy, ? Was in the nude. Sohu recreation: Wished to be in the nude to say. Deng Chao: Yes, with respect to the feeling, turn over healthy atmosphere to be spat, how is the meeting heavy so much? Sohu recreation: That result, are you satisfactory? Deng Chao: Respecting 27 when, I am very satisfactory. All angst, in that flashy vanish completely, first-rate. Sohu recreation: This moment was about to thank a madam. Deng Chao: Thank a madam, and thank an audience, acknowledgment so include I.

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