Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Ever acted because of going out ” ugly female ” famous, a great beauty is truly in reality, legitimate child showing a form already ceased shadow ” ugly female inapproachable ” once was small make up a teleplay that likes most, not one of. In drama forest inapproachable although ugly cannot orthoptic, but she is stupefied is the effort that depends on his, finished arrive from Cinderella luxuriant decay of the white swan.

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Small today make up will to everybody gather up the Li Xin with personate inapproachable forest you. With teleplay in forest inapproachable different, the Li Xin in reality you are a great beauty, ” pass before treasure lotus lamp ” the goddess in the moon in is Li Xin of your personate. And she still has attended ” red building dreamboat ” trials, still once decided for black jade for a time outfit. Do not cross a likelihood or lacked some of lot, you return Li Xin finally to the part that is He Daiyu brushs a shoulder and pass. You saw the Li Xin later again ” ugly female inapproachable ” choose announcement, li Xin you are a person that likes a challenge very much, forest inapproachable this part very special, before mixing, she gives all belle figure that act different. To take this next parts, li Xin you bask every day, do not have the issue is large big mouth ground to chew black chocolate, emperor day does not lose an observant and conscientious person, weightening finish 20 jins hind, li Xin you were taken a fancy to by the director.

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As ” ugly female inapproachable ” heat is sowed, you also walked into Li Xin the line of sight of the audience. But good times don’t last long, because forest inapproachable this part is to have a characteristic too really, so the audience can remember Li Xin only the appearance of an actor of Ru Chou daughter, give the work of drama of movie and TV that perform later to her however not show respect for. Know Li Xin your personate after a few belles, the reaction of the audience also is blurt out says only ” oh, she is not so ugly ah ” . This lets Li Xin you very self-distrust. Nevertheless you have Li Xin very much self-knowledge, know him enterprise develops not to rise, also did not encircle good bad news to wear in recreation, how do you wear Li Xin to also be a beautiful actress, marry rich 2 generation should be not difficult. You also looked for the Li Xin later really rich 2 acting husband, went up too not only the life that back and belly does not have care, still turned tenderness into fatherly hot Mom, present Li Xin you, had had two lovely daughters.

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The audience is right also nevertheless Li Xin your retired express dissatisfaction, after all she also is us love most forest inapproachable ah, how can be you exited so?

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