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Original title: ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” fire gives horizon, who will be benefited If you ask film of this Spring Festival the market most igneous film is which, fine long hair chooses without accidentally metropolis ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” , this just does not show motion picture of 3 days, booking office had exceeded six hundred million and ten, the backside of film conflagration, its are evaluated also is to rise all the way, compare at the first ” long ferry lake ” , this continuation is full-court is lighted more explode, none messy, masterstroke is narrated more Anacreontic, detail depict blame often reachs the designated position, in Wu Qian, wu Moli, mei Sheng, yu Congrong, everybody has his distinguishing feature, mei Sheng wears the emotional line that have that piece with the daughter’s photograph, two when Yu Congrong falls to be designed for oneself in frozen environment are hanged in the drivel on the face, to the little brother Wumoli holds the face of steamed stuffed bun that go out in Wu Qian, especially Wumoli from teenager of a muddled, grow for a soldier of absolutely people who volunteer to fight in another country, its final report is to urge a tear more, report company commander, 7 should arrive repeatedly 157 people, solid to 1 person, this word tells us 7 even only one person survives, the others sacrifices entirely, the teenager that stay has been total snivel no longer, play that girl that water bleachs, he nowadays will be carried case 7 Lian Daqi, inheritance 7 join drive, continue to fight!

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So to already fire gives horizon, have the continuation that surmounts the first greatly ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” for, who can be the biggest person that be benefited? I think the first is Wu Jing certainly, from ” long ferry lake ” arrive ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” two play, be not decline to shoulder a responsibility is male, from government-owned announce advertisement, ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” manufacture square in we are OK also see a familiar company — Beijing ascends peak international culture to transmit limited company, its fact charges a person is Wu Jing.

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Share this work next, platoon of government-owned announce advertisement manufactures in first square — limited company of group of trade of movie of Beijing rich accept. Of course besides industry of rich accept movie, other manufacture to just be like a the Chinese People’s Liberation Army film of 81 film studioes, an ancient name for China distributes film of finite liability company, Shanghai (group) limited company, Alibaba movie industry (Beijing) industry of movie of limited company, flower emperor limited company, shake phonic culture (. In ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” manufacture square in, one appears on the market the company is worth us to pay close attention to, that is Chinese film, participate in manufactured ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” , ” miraculous · stupid child ” , ” bear appears and disappear · return earth ” 3 film, the amount is maximum; 10 thousand amount to the film to be participated in directly manufacture ” miraculous · stupid child ” , participate in secondhand through industry of movie of share gain accept manufacture ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” , ” the four seas ” , adding up to also is 3 film. Time is returned 2021 Spring Festival archives, a medium board piece got investor is chased after hold in both hands. In light of performance of 2 class market, 2021 participate in manufacture ” hello, li Huanying ” the corresponding period of share price of ST north article goes up panel height is amounted to 35.01% , around trades 5 times day, medium (explain 10 thousand) exponential accumulative total goes up 6.49% . Eliminate afore-mentioned appear on the market twice when participated in 3 films this year for the company, at present movie and TV of Chinese film, Shanghai film, Hengdian, 10 thousand amount to profit of film annual net all premonitory all be to be added beforehand, even hopeful is achieved turn over times. The stock market has a risk, investment wants discretion, experience of the place in article a place that serves as an analysis only with, nonfeasance business level, operate accordingly, conceit of profit and loss.

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