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Original title: ” lens twin city ” Su Ma’s final final result, it is purpose of tear making a person! Article of # of Su Mo of twin city of lens of # plum easy peak / for Luo Xiaoke whole, couplet of Li Yifeng, Chenyu fine jade sleeves ancient costume drama of the main actor ” lens twin city ” very be able to bear or endure look, homonymic novel adapts month of dark blue of this drama basis, related the love story that gas ileum swings between shark person Su Ma and the wife of a prince of empty mulberry prince. Appearance of Chenyu fine jade is melting, there is no lack of however heroic spirit is beautiful, will white cherry is big female advocate attitude is taken hold properly, that figure in heart of pink of origianl work of special be identical. And of Li Yifeng of ancient costume male god deduce give a group again, hero Su Ma from the shark person with acerbity blueness final decay becomes new Ren Haihuang, grow in twist all the way and assume, precipitate slowly after many flounder hind, harvested career and love at the same time. The young associate that has seen origianl work people witting, this soul part takes Su Ma oneself full encourage annals breath, it is mature that he arrives from muddled, picture extremely each are in what struggle on the road to work person, final final result makes a person however lachrymal eye!

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Regard shark person dummy as division, su Ma’s childhood is great twist and hardships, he is become to do slave to be trafficced the eye still is pricked later blind, view the ways of the world hot and cold with favor changes in temperature, carry the snow of rain of hardships of a journey or of one’s life of next lives alone. Although live to do not have pair of his tenderness in order to wait for, but Su Ma is mixed with warmth however tough save atone for oneself heart, he and meet by chance of Bai Ying of the wife of a prince of empty mulberry prince. In Su Ma heart, bai Ying is the good existence like Bai Yueguang, she certainly kind-hearted, smile is beautiful, yong Youmou has situation, dou Jingyan of frown and smile days.

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Hit by accident after bumping into acquaintance by accident, su Ma fell in love with the Bai Ying with bright and clear laugh gradually, but the those when those engraves Bai Ying to followed true haze knot to issue contract already, this is to came 100000 the custom of the Bai nationality, also be familial honor and chip. Enterprise of true haze of empty mulberry prince is extremely strong, he is essential and inadvertently children condition is chief, the affiance with Bai Ying is to cash familial only long-cherished wish. Accidental opportunity, su Ma destroyed the seal of white cherry of prince the wife of a prince not carefully, set foot on from now on roam about adrift road, left mainland of beloved ground cloud barren, precipitate in searching look for to look for eventually decay.

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Again when meet again, bai Ying is robbing in all previous, and Su Ma however suddenly change one’s identity became new Ren Haihuang, he is that carefree shark person no longer, ability is outstanding, aureola of all over the body is added hold, want to take the interests of the whole into account consider more things, balancing shark hard the enemy of affection love hate between person a group of things with common features and empty Sang Zhi. Left hand green jade falls the sea, sea of right hand love, which ability is best choice? Probably, doing not have the answer just is best answer, heart of a group of things with common features heart is reading aloud shark person to want to answer birthplace green jade to fall the sea, and the hope that Bai Ying is empty mulberry country however and future. Group of difficult of the manners and morals of the time, before the road is boundless, su Ma should be carried emperor having the of great capacity the meaning of these two words!

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Probably, su Ma cannot be realized all the time fully, actually his fate is bound closely with Bai Ying already was in one case, two people face challenge and test jointly, each other honour or disgrace and in all, will big love is placed before little love, stand higher to look further. In big ending, su Ma to save shark person a group of things with common features was paid all, he does not forget first heart, bear mission, will deep love is concealed, save each other with true love white cherry all the way atone for and cure, the balance was achieved in dodder along. Return once birthplace green jade falls after the sea, su Ma’s life drew satisfactory full stop, leave Bai Ying only secretly disconsolate with longing, and this ending makes a person times feeling is regretful. Everybody is close people, you how is look upon Li Yifeng, Chen Yuqi, Zheng Yecheng, bang wide wait for main actor teleplay ” lens twin city ” ? The welcome leaves a message! Author: Luo Xiaoke, one marries the mom of Taiwan, everything what be written in Taiwan, hold fan at a review of a play of of all kinds film review. Do not forget first heart, from beginning to end.

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