Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Chen Zhe art is new piece ” light a winter ” kill battle array of Qing Guanxuan’s main actor Xiao Lianmei of Qu Chu of Hao Ran of Zhou Dongyu Liu acts the leading role

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Film of main actor of the Hao Ran of Zhou Dongyu, Liu, desolate that bend Hunan ” light a winter ” announce to save Yan Ji to kill blueness in Jilin, at the same time battle array of formal official announce reachs first placard. What film tells about personate of week winter rain is graceful the Han Xiao San of the grand abundant of personate of Hao Ran of graceful, Liu and personate of the desolate that bend Hunan the person is northeastern come across of borderland small town, in snow accompany travels together, develop the old practice a paragraph winter from this.

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” pa Mom is not in the home ” direct Chen Zhe art to be made up oneself guide oneself, this is full-length film of first his inland, also be afterwards of Hao Ran of Zhou Dongyu, Liu ” the blaze on Campagna ” hind cooperate the 2nd times, expect to decide archives at an early date.

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