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Original title: Zhang Yi is sought new piece ” sharp-shooter ” hit span spatio-temporal one antrum warm blood

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N/arc drafting: Li Jie directs Zhang Yi to seek first ” march ” Spring Festival archives performed ” win by striking only after the enemy had struck ” . He and daughter Zhang Mo are collective hold guide ” sharp-shooter ” discharge in before showing a few days piece meet cold condition, make by right of sincerity reverse inferior position with audience public praise, row piece, box-office, field all person-time is progressively go up raise, become Spring Festival archives to be connected exclusively 3 days of booking office go against add drop film. Especially Zhang Yi is sought hold those who guide after opening ceremony of Beijing Olympic Winter Games won freeboard public praise 2022, ” sharp-shooter ” ” tap water ” initiative for film conduct propaganda is recommended, your relevant topic is ascended again and again shake sound, small gain to heat up search. Up to before distributing news dispatches, ” sharp-shooter ” booking office already defeated 300 million yuan. No less than piece in sharp-shooter ” admonition ” — high-quality goods master piece can be seen by the audience, approbate, recommend, force the market comes true thereby ” win by striking only after the enemy had struck ” . This although with ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” be with circuit start of a race, form each other of perspective, style to be however additional pattern: If say ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” be extensive great, panoramic, so ” sharp-shooter ” be close-up, of focusing. Perspective style is different, the shock like bringing an audience however and touch. Although complete piece not old scene and continuously hassle, the lofty sentiments that also does not have full of power and grandeur is enunciative, but depend on strong play and compact rhythm, enemy the sniper’s shot be locked in a seesaw struggle that my both sides is an unit with maniple of team and group, as before can hold tight is close now the heart of the audience, break up then upsurge more dark patriotic feelings. Numerous ” with small see big ” the feeling seizing the ground that achievement war writes ” with small see big ” , this is not merely with respect to its exert oneself is reductive the subject matter of sniping action of a team and group. From when long for, length of 96 minutes is the shortest in film of archives of Spring Festival of the corresponding period, its compact rhythm makes the audience sighs with emotion ” whole journey is high-energy ” . From the perspective for, complete a focusing is microcosmic the tactical rich of the level weichis. From cinematics character, compared with in recent years war piece film by right of what old scene highlights warlike cruelty, “Sniper’s shot cold artillery piece moves ” movie and TV is changed adapt have certain difficulty. Because,this is, sniper’s shot is the great test of pair of endurance and psychokinesis definitely to. Sheet comes from battle expression say, be locked in a seesaw struggle is used up lack rise and fall to feel with administrative levels dramatically. The firepower that covering comrade-in-arms is on battlefield even squelchs move wanting a province uses cartridge, also lacked the change that the occasion when screen is behaved attempers. However ” sharp-shooter ” pass meticulous and reductive, highlight soldier of people who volunteer to fight in another country ” see action tear open action ” wisdom courage and insight. This makes an audience OK deeper acknowledge arrives, why is Chinese people people who volunteer to fight in another country enemy circumstance of huge of my equipment difference issues hard capturing victory. From character depict for, complete piece have the flashback, idle pen that did not swing to go hardly, but speak by the fragmentary actor’s lines on battlefield, breath with the moment in be at war, establish a mettle the hero of people who volunteer to fight in another country of each different group picture. And look from cast, snipe 5 complete member only Zhang Yu is depended on before this ” I am not medical god ” actual strength is to send in big screen ” familiar face ” , other all be new personality actor. Look seem performance of green acerbity emphatic, of as middleaged as drama however light soldier babyish did not take off, the form with firm and persistent and abundant, persistent affection, formed echo of inside and outside, move finally with true affection audience. Numerous ” with small see big ” , your film appears give a kind of strong sense that seize the ground, give thereby be used to ” big ” the audience of language of seeing and hearing, the view of a kind of smooth fact performs an experience. It is innovation, it is a kind of realistic regression more. This is not the argue between sharp-shooter, however collective force conquer individual hero creed ” sharp-shooter ” the film in close-up focusing is narrative in, reach collective force and individual fictile equilibrium hard. This kind of balance is artistic performance level not merely. Film also tries to go what unlock people people who volunteer to fight in another country wins a victory is essential — the constituent discipline sex of great collective mind and height, this ability is the crucial place that people who volunteer to fight in another country can reverse condition. The story is germinant, it is the ensnare below enemy perspective. In title ” sharp-shooter ” who be? He is English newspaper go up wantonly of apply colours to a drawing ” snipe gun god ” , fight the style is low-key hold a head however have close-up picture. He is research of American sharp-shooter with great concentration several years, of one mind wants to it one relatively the adversary of relative superiority or inferiority. He also is the crucial target that enemy from above to below attempts to hit, hold captive his person can take credit for someone else’s achievements admire please, and the defeat that be weighed by people who volunteer to fight in another country, morale is low confused U.S. Army more covet relies on to capture he promotes Zhen Jun heart, not hesitate for its elaborate design plots. And in people who volunteer to fight in another country at the same time, of this your enemy or become terror-stricken at the news or ready to do sth ” gun god ” , it is the prevailing in myriad soldier however. What young soldier cares in the class is not his marksmanship, however he when can ” laugh ” ; Company commander is handed in to its those who do is not annihilate enemy amount, bring back a scout however; And he himself, the eye sees successional sacrifice of the comrade-in-arms, know perfectly well deep-set ensnare decoy, cast however avenge fury and individual safety, insist upper job to do not waver in the least. Enemy my bilateral perspective, let figure of a sharp-shooter gradually plump. Can spread out as the story, the audience realizes gradually, the leading role of the story is not chapter eaves personate ” him ” , also not be the person that tell about as the story, add is written ” gun god ” young soldier of the miracle, however people who volunteer to fight in another country of two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two people. The compartment there, it is driven machine emphasizes to footing ground ” super hero ” halo, even judge others by oneself, thinking to eliminate embryo of this mortal world of a body is a victory. And it is here, make each engage in hand-to-hand fight from strategic tactics, culminating pointing to is ” we ” . Be adamantine the powerful belief feeling that carry out, just had sacrifice of ground of honor permits no turning back, no sooner has one fallen than another steps into the breach, the final victory of the battle of hard capturing justice. Movie ending, the thematic song that sings in Han Gong ” come home ” in, film sweep anything away is in cave the wounded of people who volunteer to fight in another country of rest and reorganization, greet with this ” on Gan Ling ” in sing ” my motherland ” the classical occasion when. “Wave of a great river is broad, wind blows paddy to spend sweet two sides ” the music that consider country, continue is written, become ” skyline boiling hot, setting sun is golden, of the child care, it is home town forever ” affectionate echo, accuse comfort flower fetch. (reporter Huang Qizhe)

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