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Original title: ” with year the love that is an unit ” : Heroine amounts to a person to win the home greatly to life from Pua 2022 He Sui archives, mao Xiaotong / poplar the film that acts the leading role ” with year the love that is an unit ” , it is two people afterwards ” 30 just ” after teleplay, again group Cp. This piece described an IT male, how by oneself girlfriend, adopt a variety of Pua measures, complete domestication is become, assume command of her come as soon as called go namely ” high grade male friend ” romantic love story.

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Ending looks be like very satisfactory, men and women advocate after be being compelled to part company by heroine, do poineering work eventually successful, individual development software had about a hundred 10 thousand users, say home of on 100 million bodies less, more yearn for to air by right of oneself full a year, elaborative true love spirit, the true love that suffers from with heart fine is idiosyncratic, touched a sweetheart eventually, to it compound. Heroine also was harvested from ” Pu Xinnan ” promote is ” Gao Fushuai ” high quality fiance one. Heroine will let she and hero be in cross encountering of the eve of the lunar New Year, be united in wedlock with respect to lightning that evening, the dog that adopts next names for ” action money ” , final final result, can you be ” does action money enter treasure ” ? Altogether, this is one very accord with instantly ” feminism ” the film of thoughts, everything of heroine makes a day make the ground, willfully make a trouble, special accord with instantly socialization platform is certain ” small fairy ” thinking means and real operation, but if regard the male as the audience, era is entered male advocate the word of the perspective, can say to watch a shadow to be less than 10 minutes only, had begun to get angry… ” it is so good that I am done not have to my Mom, you think oneself who ah you! ” deplorable is, regard 24 filial piety as the hero of very male friend, the Beijing that wants round heroine because of of one mind only buys Fang Meng, dreaming to do poineering work to be able to be offerred successfully very much at an early date on first pay, forget food and sleep busily day and night, temporarily scanty at inquire after sb’s health, scanty show consideration for at attentive caress, and attend pet dog, unexpectedly by female colleague transmit article of date of women’s right public, next deep think like that heroine, rebuke he on all sorts of life bagatelle do not care need not heart, censure wantonly ” do you love me again far from ” ” are you for me then? You are for your face at all! ” , be troubled by next part company, disregard hero to press one’s suit persuade to stay, decisive part company! Still drop a logion incidentally: [best predecessor is about to resembled dying same, the life that does not disturb each other again forever] ? ? And after a year, if not be to yield hero poineering success, home of on 100 million bodies, the heroine that has upgraded to be in charge of high for the hotel, can you consider really and is he compound? — ah. Had been become by heroine Pua such hero, it is achieve what one wishes walk into marital hall, the career that his exert one’s utmost effort struggles, what for who work be again after all? The word says again, right, heroine is already enough ” self-improvement is free-standing ” , respect property hard aspirant, a string of 1 without kite already triumphant child raise spare wheel, also begging forcing hero buys room Fu Shoufu to her, also be for little family really exert oneself a lot of… prep let alone: The Yan Zhishen material of level of wool dawn red, laugh at ~ to believe completely, as long as heroine is glad, be willing to go up those who driving is high grade male, from different areas is great are caught, can be turn for hero such, made up why in the film namely, — after all this year, the second line daughter of identical Yanzhi figure stars, the remuneration that takes a sport casually is 1000 much. Refer to relevant news: [in May 2021, mao Xiaotong films teleplay ” undesirable person ” 12.5 million remuneration is defaulted, the other side already did not have belongings executable] calculate however such, the market is loved in current marriage, had calculated on ” absolutely and high grade cummer ” rare accomplishment actors or actress, be still same must willfully make a trouble of make trouble out of nothing? — this film makes a person so acedia namely. Altogether, character and anyhow, if be male sister, cross the eve of the lunar New Year to consider cautiously with respect to ten million, with cummer / wife goes seeing this kind of movie that pleases female impressions purely, meet likely otherwise by side side talk about again and again daylong ” you see a someone ” …

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Say from another respect of course, the male brethren of very much pure straight male thought, become aware oneself are honest and tolerant simple minded is reliable, to the spouse / conjugal care takes care of care, what she can read aloud you when sincerity is good, give identical get one’s own back, accompany you to hit spell a career to build a family… see this movie also just as well, the bosom friend tells the other, understanding is very much now ” small fairy ” people thinking means and behavior logic, can understand probably: Why they regard all these as of of course ” bottom line of fundamental male moral character ” , still must be apt to make trouble out of nothing of willfully make a trouble, actually spoken parts in an opera it is Pua palm controls a partner nevertheless / small step of the spouse, before blast another female to the film ” manslaughter ” , open even ” drink hot water more ” regard as ” male ana of famous broken bits ” . Of course, in all fairness, as the love that the last day showed 2021 piece, spend those who be the same as a type compared with of the same age ” will not ended in August ” (Zhong Chuxi / Tan Songyun / Luo Jin, fabaceous valve 3.3 minutes) ; ” your wedding ” (Xu Guanghan / Zhang Renan, fabaceous valve 4.7 minutes) ; ” a bit his mind disturbed ” (Yan Chengxu / Ren Suxi, fabaceous valve 4.1 minutes) ; ” the sky that lights wild teenager ” (Peng Yu free / Xu Enyi, fabaceous valve 4.5 minutes) ; ” adieu, teenager ” (Zhang Zifeng / Zhang You grand, fabaceous valve 4.3 minutes) ; … quality is certain on a lot of stronger, need not suspect completely at this o’clock. If mix ” I want us to be together ” (bend Chu Xiao / Zhang Jing appearance, fabaceous valve 6 minutes) ; ” midsummer future ” (Zhang Zifeng / Wu Lei, fabaceous valve 7.1 minutes) photograph comparing, can say probably, not be under its, can saying is each has his strong point, laugh. The biggest advantage of this film: Do not have afore-mentioned congener film namely in, those are too bizarre, too the clue of dog blood, leading role of male and female from love, live together, brawl, part company… compound, it is common north bleachs a men and women really, the daily bagatelle that happens completely likely, do not calculate besides too satisfactory final result. — him lofty aspirations and great ideals does poineering IT male, 100 said 99 less to fail, or conscientiously should lay a worker. In the last day 2021, after the surrealism movie that saw grotesque in shape and gaudy in color of above so much, can see a relatively realistic love eventually piece, the author feels oneself also very not easy… — also accordingly, take the place of a little the perspective footing of this hero, reborn gas.

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