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Original title: Deficient is disrelished to love wealthy woman in ancient costume drama, luo Xia leaves all the way hang, good shop sign of skill of plum the wife of a prince is hit completely mashed From ancient up to now, no matter be male,still be female, have the person with wealthy love ill will deficient, some expression are on friendship, has money to play with who, some expression are on love, has money to be together with who, we see ancient costume together today deficient is disrelished to love wealthy woman what to have in drama.

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” legend imagines Yan Shang ” in La Yan is acted violet happy, she is a dance in philharmonic society person, with presiding musician Ha Lun is friend of male and female, of one mind is loving Ha Lun violet happy, to fool her happy, always expend oneself show cent to give a half to give her, but be breathed out no matter human relations how to try hard, violet happy not happy, the Qian Shi that because two people are in philharmonic society,earns is too little. Become so violet happy when be being gone after by a wealthy person, she loves another person immediately abandoned Ha Lun, but wedding day has been done not have how long, violet happy discovery has money person this is not ordinary mortal, however one does not have emotive half animal person, he is adjacent violet happy contain a purpose, final violet happy in the hand that dies in him.

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” inapproachable county makes ” middle forest is static act plum the wife of a prince, she is very ambitious person, although beside a green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse is loving her all the time, the other side also has actual strength to let her cross jacket to feed the life that does not have care, but her of one mind thinks Gong Weifei only, then a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of her beg green plum sends her into palace. Plum the wife of a prince does not lose popular confidence as expected, got before long into palace of the emperor favorite, but she once by hook and crook achievement also discloses one by one, get an end that does not get die a natural death finally. Plum the wife of a prince is a skill really good shop sign lays the person that gets completely mashed, if follow green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse at the outset, she or license are fed all one’s life with jade of bright and beautiful garment, but she unluckily the life of cling to palace, the result joins a fate most likely.

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” the new drunk branch that make gold ” in Liu Tingyu acts Luo Xia, she is male advocate the first love that Guo dims, guo dimming of one mind wants assemble money her the ground atone for from firework comes out, but money is enough without assemble still, home Guo Aiyi makes finish sth be sent to match. Actually Luo Xia still likes Guo to dim very much at the beginning, but her heart very the land that expects to leave firework, after having an accident when Guo Aijia so, she can be broken off only be contacted with what Guo dims and other of go and seek refuge with sb. Although Luo Xia’s one’s life experience is held out miserable, but her life resembled hanging however same, have all the way the person is her be dead set, male at the beginning advocate be like to her bead like treasure, after entering palace later, the emperor bestows favor on her to bestow favor on the daughter fall out with oneself more, it is the have no way to back down of a castle that Luo Xia had become negative character at that time only, feed evil consequence finally oneself. Above 3 women think she met true love later, but they do not know to accompany that talented person beside oneself at the beginning is him love of genuinely and sincerely, love oneself person really to higher position was lost with more fortune, very undeserved really, do you feel?

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