Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Because of ” but the cloud ” and explode red, be acquainted 6 days to marry with the husband, fade out of recreational group Work of a lot of classic movie and TV are by what everybody says classical, it is work only not just more exceedingly good look over letting a person is unforgettable, still having one part reason is to meet the in affecting a lot of popular feeling idea of exert a subtle influence on, a such teleplay just meets what be weighed by everybody be classical. What act the leading role e.g. Wang Baojiang ” soldier assault ” it is army brigade subject matter in the center classical, and as a result of this drama sow be sent on a diplomatic mission to get a lot of 90 hind after be brought up, report for duty entirely, accept army to be fostered to theirs. And such classical existence also theres is no lack of in circle of inside movie and TV, fine jade for example precious jade a teleplay with the most classical aunt ” love is deep rain is drizzly ” believing this teleplay also is very much 80 hind with 90 hind between collective memory. After 18 years are being lain between when be, take again watch also won’t any antiquated feel, still can allow a few strange things that before you experience, say to did not notice, a such teleplay also gets at that time of a lot of youths love, a few main actors in drama produced a few not little change nowadays, small today make up take everybody to understand in the personate in drama ” but the cloud ” Xu Lou.

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Xu Lou goes out not only had acted ” love is deep rain is drizzly ” , once still went out had performed another more classical teleplay ” Home Jin Fenshi ” , believe this teleplay is very much 80 hind with 90 hind also had been watched. Be in ” love is deep rain is drizzly ” in the center Er of Xu Lou personate health first love female cummer, it is one is compared ” insane ” female, a lot of people also are displayed for him at that time had gone up a lot of tear. There are many stars to still imitate her to be performed mediumly in drama painstakingly between a few subsequently version, the acting that this shows Xu shows also is exceedingly masterly.

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Xu Lou not only on the career exceedingly outstanding, also be to make a person big be one Jing on feeling, with the time that currently holds the post ofthis world of husband Jiang Kai to be known merely 6 days allegedly two people undertook shining marriage, such speed is mixed than Xu Xiyuan simply Wang Xiaofei is even rapid, bark at that time small humble and Xu Xiyuan also were to get along after all the time of 3 months just decides the knot is husband and wife. Nevertheless present Xu is shown after marry also gradually faded out of recreation to encircle, godchild of husband of the photograph in choosing to be in the home, also greeted a new domestic member before long after two people marry.

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And the special happiness that Xu Lou lives nowadays, also made a lot of lone women those who want to marry is experience, be basked in in her can see in the picture that give, xu is shown or be like in those days the change that that kind of about does not have a bit, be like an audience old, and he still is like in those days that kind of blueness is acerbity moving about.

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