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Original title: The palace that 3 0 difference judge fights theatrical work: ” discriminate is passed ” discharge only the 2nd, a list of names posted up on Yu Zheng, the first exceed classical The mind that ancient costume drama is everybody all the time is good, small make up understand, pass nevertheless last year ” if exemplary,pass ” and ” Yan Xi strategy ” later, be worth the ancient costume theatrical work that everybody expects without what it seems that. The everybody in ancient costume drama loves to look most also is heat is highest at ordinary times ought to want to belong to palace to fight theatrical work, because the girl likes generally to see this, after all clue of what was full of trifling and dramatic. Below small make up give everybody check the Gong Dou theatrical work that 3 0 difference review: ” discriminate is passed ” discharge only the 2nd, a list of names posted up on Yu Zheng, the first exceed classical!

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3, ” beauty calculation ” Lin Xinru, Wang Likun, Yang Mi this drama also is the conscience theatrical work that Yu Zhengnan gets, although Lin Xinru is in in this drama in front,have the girl period of a few hot eyes, but get over that paragraph of period is good, when calculation going all out from the back, just be wonderful when. ” beauty calculation ” this drama gut rises and fall proper, without the gut of what dog blood, also be worth everybody to say groovy point without what, lin Xinru, Wang Likun, Yang Mi waits a few actors a moment piece perform the Yan Zhila this drama several taller class, of the palace after Chinese room fine-looking appear one by one with calculation come out.

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2, ” is discriminate passed ” grandson it is red that this one drama says couple, Chen Jianbin, Jiang Xin is alling over great river north and south also had not been? Nevertheless, after seeing play, ability can discover, this drama can fire rises is well-founded really, anuresis of gut whole journey is nodded, compact add climax happen frequently, all conflict are very reasonable, playwrite makes each actor’s lines meticulously, await in those days ” discriminate body ” popular temporarily. This drama everybody is not to like discriminate to leave a paragraph that of king of county of Gong Houhe fruit likely, just divide this paragraph, almost each place is natural and smooth writing kind, look the person is very racily.

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1, ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” this drama calculates Li Zi, She Shiman, Deng Cuiwen, Zhang Keyi to go up really is the first ancestor of Gong Dou drama, the teleplay that Hong Kong TVB gives at that time is high-quality goods more, ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” put to now to look to be touched for the everybody inside as before. The conception of this drama is compared ” discriminate is passed ” should many tall, ” discriminate is passed ” to finally it is fight in a Gong Li, still have lots and lots of the person arrives the lifetime that this comes to him box up in red wall, and ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” it is everybody wants to escape however, inarticulate feels distressed.

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Drama of these 3 Gong Dou should be China the classical surveyor’s pole on TV history, be compared with this trilogy, other theatrical work cannot calculate superiorly really looked, it is these 3 play almost remain. Actually ” discriminate is passed ” the contribution of adapted good write a play is very large, and Lian of origianl work shedding is violet it is borrowed dog, undeserved support.

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