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Original title: ” the city of time ” 3 women side Rong Jia the upper part of the body, it is the world regains consciousness, he is too difficult ” the city of time ” on the Rong Jia of Xu Weizhou personate, he is the brilliant and uncommon heir that allow the home, he still has annals young person, the person sets him perfect, it is undoubtedly marriage the best selling goods that loves the market to go up.

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Nevertheless, high grade explicit condition did not give bring on Rong Jia lucky, his emotional way is not great, beside his 3 women, first love object, fiancee, true love is the world regains consciousness, he is too difficult! One, Feng Shizhen lets him experience true love, he cannot give up this feeling Feng Shizhen (Jing Tian is acted the role of) it is the first woman that walks into his heart world truly, he cherishs the feeling between them, then, even if he knows she enters look home is not coincidence, he also does not have debunk she.

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Feng Shizhen with ” true love ” for bait, she wants to run away from home for her on Rong Jia, rong Dingkun lost heir, the Nuo big family property that his give a lot of care manages, also lost a sense. Feng Shizhen’s wishful thinking is very brillant, regrettablly, she also paid sincerity in this paragraph of feeling, so that, the way of her vengeance is even more hard. To make oneself sober, feng Shizhen asked demit actively to leave the lair of look home, do not be willing to unlock her hand on Rong Jia, his acceptance can give her future. This, feng Shizhen is done not have however by him unbroken lovers’ prattle moves, she says frankly can continue to go forth, is not to stay in place to wait for him.

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General girl can be gone up to touch by Rong Jia probably, but, feng Shizhen is 7 father is prentice, she won’t abandon ego for love easily, also accordingly, on Rong Jia seeking wife way is rugged very. 2, the mirror that Du Lanxin is him, the hard Du Lanxin that lets him understand love way (Hai Ling is acted the role of) be ” the city of time ” accepted ” the world is sober ” , she is acted in the home good gracious female part, outer game world, her life is satisfied very. The fiance that parents appoints to her is on Rong Jia, she does not love him, but, she does not mind marry him. Because, increases of such her ability implementation are the only biggest change.

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Nevertheless, du Lanxin is a few more avaricious after all, her heart knows to cannot get the love on Rong Jia, she cannot sit reliable home advocate the mother’s position, then, she stands by Yang Xiucheng, in order to get his support. Du Lanxin consolidate step by step, ignored oneself heart however, result she one situation is bad step by step wrong, because Yangxiu was lost into her,bring think everything what be proud. Du Lanxin’s miserable final result was witnessed on Rong Jia, also make him more careful to the manner of love.

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3, the first love that this poem knits the bridge is him, but this love is not deep however this poem knits the bridge at first sight is woman of a hurtless, there always is genial smile on her face, her the ways one gets along with others also is natural and graceful. On Rong Jia once by the outside becloud of her Qing Chun, he thinks this is the love that he wants, until encounter Feng Shizhen, he ability recognize oneself heart.

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This poem knits the bridge not to know his identity at the beginning, she did not accept his feeling, nowadays, she is attracted by his identity, she strives for the v/arc a person’s status of his wife by hook and crook. She is with Jin Qilin trade, she is bait with the fortune of bridge a member of the same clan, the entree of this treat sb with the way he has devised against others, she charges duration control very well. She thinks the meeting on Rong Jia is in ” interest ” before lower one’s head, little imagine, they are not congener, her mechanism calculates the heart that also cannot get him.

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This poem knits the bridge that puts the profit in the first, she is Du Lanxin upgrade edition, she lives more fully, she won’t seek far and neglect what lies close at hand shows good Yangxiu to become such unimportant person, she can use total energy in only advocate on, face so formidable rival, it is more difficult to want to guard true love on Rong Jia!

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