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Original title: ” colorfully decorated lantern ” murderer suspicion is Su Qingyi the first, most version of celiac black ending gives heat! Gut has thunder

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▲ ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” murderer suspicion is Su Qingyi the first. (graph) take 80 time of culture of field of Lu Huan of Lin Sen north ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” , leave from November since sowing before occupying Netflix pop chart firmly 10, homicide case of female cadaver of red shoe of the one picket in drama, lift the whole people to guess murderer motion, ” NOWnews now news ” hold civilian attune to forecast an activity, act the role of the mom mulberry that act by Yang Jin China ” Su Qingyi ” be by elect by ballot murderer person selected the first. The following gut has thunder

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▲ Liu Jing (left) of personate child dimension is worn write Yin Yingwen ” Hannibal ” the dress. (graph) those who take the 3rd is Wu Ziwei (Liu Jing is acted the role of) , with Luo Yunong (Lin Xinru is acted the role of) him what son identity comes on stage, real one’s life experience is the child that after Su Qingyi is invaded by sex of mother male friend, is pregnant accidentally, su Qingyi uses drugs circumvent Luo Yunong, it is to want to take the chance to snatch one’s own son probably child dimension, speculation and love of collect rain you are deep child dimension, not anybody of be patient of harms Luo Yunong, because this heart is unripe,kill machine, the netizen points to to there is one act to be patted in play continuously child the T-shirt that wears on dimension body, yin Youying article ” Hannibal ” (person demon) , allude ending already likely.

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▲ Liu Pinyan (left) in ” go up at the beginning of colorfully decorated lantern ” it is a murderer one of popular person selected. (graph) it is beggar of hotel young lady the 2nd (Liu Pinyan is acted the role of) with gumshoe A Da (Zhang Anchen is acted the role of) , the beggar that suffers sex of young tiger elder brother invades black path old, be evicted by Su Qingyi ” smooth ” hotel, in end of the 2nd season, jiang Han (Feng Xiaoyue acts the role of) discover hank tape records schoolgirl sound to say asply: “I am not intended, did she die? ” catching Jiang Han is driven to bump by A Da fly, a lot of people think that is the sound of beggar, it is to be in the process that negotiates with Su Qingyi probably, the other side of manslaughter of wrong hand of mood out of control, look for A Da to handle a body together.

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▲ Yang Jin is braw act ” Su Qingyi ” shrewdness is extremely deep. (graph) the murderer championship that wins 35.3% netizens elect by ballot, shake in the 2nd season the body becomes namely ” the abdomen is black big Prince of the Devils ” Su Qingyi, her of mother love of growing process lack disposition is self-abased, feel oneself are not taken seriously, the most important to her 2 men Jiang Han, child dimension, the heart is on Luo Yunong body, she what be utterly disheartened is before be murdered, did a lot of exasperate beside the person’s incident, share of hotel of the love letter that sends A Ji, open Jiang Han to write actress like the ring that is a gentleman of the village in fiance, move isolates Luo Yunong is waited a moment, probably of Su Qingyi is him skill plan to death, borrow by other the hand lets him leave this world.

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